BioWare’s Casey Hudson Wants Fans’ Suggestions for ‘Mass Effect 4′

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BioWare Fan Suggestions Next Mass Effect

After receiving a considerable tongue-lashing over the ending to Mass Effect 3 developer BioWare is turning to their harshest critics for advice on where to take the Mass Effect franchise in the future. Borrowing a page from the Dragon Age 3 development team, BioWare’s Casey Hudson is looking to fans to provide some guidance on what they’d like to see in the next Mass Effect.

While Mass Effect 3 concluded the Commander Shepard trilogy of the franchise, BioWare had earlier this year revealed they still had plenty more stories to tell, and are now sticking to that claim. Though it’s unclear if this next game will be called Mass Effect 4, we do know for sure it will represent the Mass Effect brand.

The first confirmation of a development on a new Mass Effect comes courtesy of Casey Hudson, who served as Creative Director on Mass Effect 3, and has suffered a large portion of that game’s backlash. But, since it is N7 day — a chance for fans to reflect on the Mass Effect franchise, and prepare for the launch of some new DLC — Hudson thought he would clue fans into what his team is working on next.

Perhaps it’s a peace offering, or maybe it is a way to show that BioWare is listening, but Hudson took to Twitter to post this message:

Some of the many suggestions coming in from Hudson’s followers include completely reinventing the Mass Effect concept or further exploring some outside characters included in the fiction (for example in the Mass Effect novels).On second thought, probably best to avoid the most recent novel — that one didn’t go over so well.

One of the most intriguing suggestions was to make a Wing Commander-style game that is set in the ME universe. Zipping through the Mass Relays has only been something experienced in cutscenes, but could you imagine what they would feel like from the cockpit of a ship like the Normandy.

Whether or not BioWare will accept fan suggestions whole cloth is yet to be determined, but the fact that they are being more receptive in the pre-development phase hints that they have learned from past mistakes. There was a major disconnect between what fans hoped for out of Mass Effect 3 and what the game eventually delivered — even after they released a set of Extended Endings — but from here on out we hope BioWare checks in for some fan feedback from time to time.

What do you hope to see out of a new Mass Effect game? Do you think BioWare is trying to build a more collaborative relationship with their fans?

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  • Emissary of Death

    Take us back to the Protheans, we still don’t know much about their race since in Mass Effect 3 the Prothean we had was just a normal soldier. We can find out more about their intelligences and also find out about the Asari being weak and unintelligent. If not then just let the series end where its at no need to go further in the future because that wouldn’t make any since you can only go back. You can even take it back to the point where the humans haven’t met any alien race. We can fight in that Taurian war. You can take this game in any direction it isn’t hard. Just like they could of made at ten different endings to Mass Effect 3. They need to talk to the gaming community.

  • Mass Disappointment

    This was my tweet to Casey and all of the fans of Mass Effect

    @CaseyDHudson U turned TheReapers into GiantHusks that takes orders from a higher AI.WhoCaresWhatYouDo in theUniverseThere’s NO more mystery

    im a huge fan of ME, but I just can’t get past the ending of mass effect 3. To make such a complicated story and then just pull the rug out from under every fan of the series is just too much. The sad part is they still don’t think they didnt do anything wrong. Their arrogance/Ego was the death of mass effect. They could have fixed it, if they wanted to. but Casey would half to alter his and only his ending. If he would’ve made Drew Karpyshyn Ending, 90% of the fans would’ve been extremely satisfied with the ending. Even when Shepherd gets shot by harbinger you could still of edited in Drew Karpyshyn ending but Casey ego got in the way and now he has to live with that. I personally think it’s pathetic to ask the fans of which direction a high production Game or movie goes.

    there’s an old saying in sports for Coaches
    “you start listening to fans you’ll end up sitting with him.”

  • Jecn

    I think it should be post reaper war so you can see the decisions you made shape the galaxy as we know it…now I like someone else’s idea of an extra galactic war with new(no super machine Intelliegence)…and make it personal…what I loved about me3 was the emotion and how well they showed it In the game( thanes death scene with his son,mordin,grunts almost dying etc..) maybe a lil interaction with shepards former teammates set into the future like 200 years or so(example liara,grunt,wrex) so you can hear little anecdotes of shepards story from your previous saves…but with the complaints that mass effect strayed from its rpg roots and turn into a cover based shooter? Can you tell me a shooter game trilogy that comes anywhere close to mass effect?between the story,gunplay, and emotional impact of your choices and thier repercussions?…I don’t think many please BW make more mass effect and keep me here in this unit eras for a lil longer

  • Panama

    Q: Why do you call these stories “The Final Hours”? A: The name describes the “Final Hours” of development on a game, which I document during the opening pages of each story with a fly-on-the-wall perspective. The name doesn’t refer to DLC for the game or the “lost” ending of Mass Effect 3 as some fans have speculated.

  • Jecn

    Damn autocorrect…races* and keep me in this universe a little longer* I f-inh hate apple’s auto correct*

  • Daniel Williams

    I think they will do whatever they want because in the end I think Bioware are no longer the company they once were.

    They flat out lied about ME3 in their advertising and the EC was so pathetic and lazy it seemed like they just wanted to hush us up and be done with it (sad thing about that is that it mostly worked).

    So yeah. They will do as they please, ignore fans, give us the finger and tell us to just enjoy what they make.

    Wow. I used to hail Bioware like a God among men. The ME3 crisis has really turned me bitter.

    • dan

      I think it was more DA2 that killed Bioware’s credibility. ME3 just cast it in doubt, the final nail in the coffin

      • dan

        Let me rephrase… it is the plethora of mediocre games coming out of Bioware that killed Bioware’s credibility. Mostly ME3 was a good game, except for the ending.

  • Dexter

    I would like to choose my own race. I realize this would make voice acting very difficult and while Shepherd’s voice acting was outstanding, it would be far more enjoyable if everyone could play the race they wanted. I would like the scope of danger toned down. I’m tired of saving the world/galaxy. I would like it to remain a 3rd person shooter. Halo 4 did a great job incorporating vehicles into their campaign I’m sure Mass Effect could incorporate something better than the tank that jumps.

  • GarrusRullz

    The best outcome, in my oppinion, for ME4 would be the appearance of a new hero character – more specific: Commander Sheppard’s son/daughter (depends on romance option). Lots of action, drama and romance could be formed from this point. Reminiscence of his late father, following in his footsteps, saving colonies, search and destroy a new race of aliens who seek nothing but destruction and death. Whatever the case, i hope new game will be awesome. Cheers! and thank you Bioware for such a great ME gaming experience so far.

  • Adam Maxe

    Take us to the post-story after the trilogy, as Shepard! There are still so many questions about what happens! If you played the game right, Shepard survives, myself i got the scene where S/he “Breaths”. And i dont want her/his story to end like that!! For all that is holy, i put my heart and soul into my relation with Liara T´soni! I dont want it to just simply end like that!

    All i am saying is that a lot of people here spend there hearts and souls into refining their characters personality and fought trough the game not only simply to finish it, we wanted a good conclusion to the game, and the conclusions given (even after the DLC´s) dosent give the conclusion most fans wanted, sure the ending i chose (Destroying the reapers) was indeed the most epic ending of gaming history, no doubt about that!
    *Speaks with an overly epic voice* But i want Love to flourish, not sadness! If i am to take full control of of Shepard then i would do anything, and i mean ANYTHING to get back to my love, Liara. They where ripped away from each other too many times already!
    Let them have love for once! I did gave Liara a promise to help raise some blue bavies after all, and i intend to keep that promise!!

  • Commander Shepard fan

    I think it should be about Shepard during the blitz and how he got his ” street cred.”

  • Dmitriy

    I’d suggest making mass effect 4 happening some not too long a time after 3rd. Imagine there’s a planet filled with several thousand Prothean life pods, active, which automatically thaw out Protheans when reapers are defeated. They create an army, breed actively, probably add up some clones for infantry to speed up the process, and after some time set out to conquer all other races and re-establish Prothean dominance. It’s also possible to say some Protheans fled the Galaxy when reapers came, had been growing and now, after 50 thousand years, return back here. This would allow game to happen mere years after Mass Effect 3.
    It’s also VERY important to see how those relationships in Shepard’s team evolved. Tali-Shepard love touched me deeply, and I’d be very happy to see them (or any other couple combination, depends on Character Import saves) unfurl. It would be great to finally see John and Tali having kids, probably with 4 fingers and good immune system, living on Rannoch. You can paste “old” heroes on planets that “new” heroes will visit, this way ensuring not a single storyline remained open. Damn, my Shepard survived, and I’d hate to know Tali and him never met again and all the rests of their lives were spent in sorrow.
    What I suggested might let you introduce totally new heroes, with a storyline not less epic than that of Mass Effect 3, and at the same time a possibility to close whatever was misunderstood\un-finished from ME3, like Friendships and Romances.

  • chris

    I thank u should call it me4 where u play as the comander shepard but u are training new recruits like games how he recived a n7 comadation and if u romanced liara or ashley or tali u should make one of them pregnant with the comaders baby and the baby can follow in his parents footsteps who ever u romaced and u should put in the game where the geth helps the quarians live with out there suits and u can import ur mass effect 3 game over to mass effect 4 and u need to also make it where u can climb the ranks as privet all the way up to being a genral and make it where u are a spectre but the comander can make u a specter if u earn it where the comander goes on shake down runs and missions and he reports back to the council to make u one an u can promote ur recruits to privet and all the way up to admiral and u can also be the presidents body guard when he is in trouble and u need to keep the normandy in the game and the comander can rebuild the mass relays and help rebuild the citadale

  • skkc

    All I look for is a good game overall. Anyone who says the M.E. series was blown by the ending should really re-evaluate your standing in the world. Be thankful that the series as a whole was epic. There was alot of firsts done by chance to a poor re-action. The story was awesome, very well written. Of corse I wanted a few things changed, but I do for every game i’ve played. As a fan you need to stop thinking youre entitled to things because we arent. Of the thousands of games that truely suck coming out on a regular basis you should be thankful for what you got. Indeed I was put off by the original ending but what did people want? A happy go lucky everything is all good end? Tat would have made an even more poor ending. Obviously the people that rant about how awful it was had invested time and emotion into the series. That wouldnt have happened if the games sucked. Enjoy the series because it was very good. Stop whining, youre being stupid and educated. And even though people swear its ruined mass effect and bio-ware they still cant stop from talking about it. Get on with your lives, it was a game. Find a significant other and whine to them everytime they do something you dont like. Those people need a dose of real life apprently.

    • Cariannis

      Mass Effect 1 & 2 were good. Mass Effect 3 sucked. Period.

  • http://gamerant dntwrryboutit

    I would like to pick my own race and see scence when u meet old crew members like tali in rannoch or mabye u bump into garrus and do few missions with him or mabye u need info and some1 introduces u to liara cuz u remind her of shepard mabye if u go rogue samara tries to kill ur ass but of course they will all be old or mabye u could meet wrex son and he teaches u how to fight like krogan i also wunna see alot humor but seriousness 2 like some people have need

  • http://gamerant dntwrryboutit

    Like people have said b4 me let us explore a new galaxy

  • RikaDivani

    Personally if we could jump forward a hundred or two hundred years and see how the universe turned out from there, while also having missions that delve into the past, such as what happened to Shepard before ME1, maybe exploring some Prothean history with A still-living (of course) Javik, since you’d assume they’d live to be thousands of years old, and Liara and Grunt, since they’re all long-lived.

    We could meet the descendants of original Mass Effect Characters, see how our actions changed and shaped their ancestors and therefore themselves.

    We could do it all as any race or gender with two voice actors. Male and female, but put the voice through like a filter that puts reverb or a flange for Drell or Turian, so on and so forth.

    Being human in a game is more for immersion I think, and I’d rather be human, unless there was a romance option that was only available to a certain race that I really wanted.

    And the romances. There should be more than a handful for each gender and sexual orientation. You don’t have to make the gay relationship different from the straight one if the romance option is bi.

    Oh, and first contact with a new species would be an amazing premise. Perhaps a species that needs advice, needs to be taught. Maybe we create our own enemies.