New ‘Mass Effect 3′ Trailer Will Feature Female Commander Shepard

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New Mass Effect 3 Trailer Feature Female Shepard

Ever since the first piece of marketing was revealed for Mass Effect, most gamers have come to associate the persona of Commander Shepard with his male representation. While not meant to be sexist in nature, this marketing choice unified gamers’ vision of Commander Shepard despite the opportunity to select either a female or male Shepard in the game.

Now, as gamers near the big push to support Mass Effect 3, BioWare has revealed that they will soon be releasing a new trailer for the game that features a female version of Commander Shepard.

To sweeten the pot even further for fans of female Shepards, BioWare has also announced that the Collector’s Edition of the game will include a collectible Mass Effect 3 tin featuring both a male and a female Shepard.

Though it has taken three iterations for this change to take place, it is good to see female versions of Commander Shepard share the limelight. Obviously BioWare’s intentions were pure when representing Shepard in their trailers, but many began to wonder why it was only one specific, male Shepard that appeared.

BioWare’s David Silverman even took to Twitter for suggestions as to how this female Commander Shepard should look — making sure fans get exactly what they have deserved all along. The overwhelming response to Silverman’s call for entries has proved that there is a large population of Mass Effect fans who have been clamoring for this opportunity, and are glad BioWare has finally listened.

When this trailer featuring the new female Shepard will release, or what this collectible tin looks like, have not yet been revealed, but, post-E3, expect at least a month for all the new promotional material to be put together.

So, as always, stick tuned to Game Rant for all things Mass Effect 3, including the first look at the new female Shepard.

Why do you think it has taken this long for promotional materials to appear featuring a female Shepard? Which Shepard do you prefer to control: a female or male version?

Mass Effect 3 releases March 6, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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  • insane12

    i always prefer male shepherd have nothing against Jennifer Hale infact female shephard is splended. There both are. it just male shepherd feels more fitting to the series for me.

  • AIDY

    Now that is what I’m talking about! #gamerchicks rule guys–don’t be hatin’ :)

  • Perry de Havilland

    For me Shepard has always been a hard edged chick 😀

  • Daniel Kopeck

    I kinda understand wut he’s saying for people who view shepherd as a woman. For me all the demos and vids always look weird cause the shepherd I made looks more like me and looks nothing like the standard guy.

  • Jago

    I always made a pale redhead because redheads are awesome lol…

    • Katrina

      Heck yeah I’m a red head chick that LOVES video games.

  • Dan-O

    It’s a hard thing to balance — gender equality in gaming. I applaud Bioware for throwing their female fans a bone. Am I excited? Not particularly, unless this trailer gives new info about Mass Effect 3. But no, I rarely play as female protagonists because it just doesn’t fit. But go ahead, female gamers. Live your dream and celebrate your victory.

  • DarthMalnu

    Gotta wonder what Fox News will have to say about this… Cool idea, though somewhat an odd introduction for the third installment (especially considering this apparently is Shepards last game). I feel like the fans of Mass Effect wouldn’t really care because they are aware that characters can be male or female and the Shepard on the cover of the game is just kind of a placeholder… and people who aren’t so familiar with the game might be confused by there suddenly being a lady in the N7 armor, thinking that Commander Shepard has “gone Janeway”. So, not a bad idea.. though it seems unnecessary at this point.

    Also, nothing against lady gamers. My wife plays girl Shepard, and I’m pretty sure she’s way more brutal than the dude version.

  • Darlarosa

    All I can say is about time honestly. For a series and company that almost boasts of giving various options you would think they would at least show a generic female version of their leads.

    Honestly I never cared for the look of male Shepard. His face ya know, I never found him that appealing.

    For me I know most generic forms of main characters won’t look like me or my character. I’m a black female so typically no, but hey at least our parts match now and it’s easier to picture my Lady Shep kicking tail and taking names.

  • Christopher Poole

    I don’t see the big deal about this. Sure, it’s great that female gamers get to see a female version of Shepard, but the original male Shepard has always been used for advertising. They obviously haven’t done it to be sexist, as there is a possibility to be female Shepard ingame. As for the issue of other games lacking female counterparts, it is unfortunate, but that just happens to be how the game designers felt the game should be, although I do understand that I would definitely have problems with playing as a female in games. It kind of ruins the immersion for me. As a guy, I’ve always played as a guy.

    • Katrina

      I agree and I’m a girl gamer. I LOVE Jennifer Hale but male Shepard is well just tradintional, when we see male Shepard’s face we know right away it’s Mass Effect but with a female, it may take us awhile to recgonize her as Shepard(close up). I love playing a guy partly because the rommances are better as a male Shepard.

  • Commander Shepard

    Ya i really think they should make him have his helmet on and like that tin they made for the collectors edition even has his face on it i mean come on people!

  • Commander Shepard

    i mean in the commercials

  • Brorschachinstein

    About damn time.

  • Girl

    Now i can play as a girl

    • Perry de Havilland

      Er, yeah… just like you could in ME1 and ME2

  • Alba

    renegade femshep —-> male anytime anywhere,but maleshep paragon —-> femshep.

  • Sinex1983

    I’m a guy, so I play male characters in games. Don’t really understand the impetus to play as a female (when the player is male) in a role-playing game; not so much into having my male crew-mates hit on me. It’s kind of like going to a gay bar when you could just as easily go to a straight bar.

    But hey. To each their own, right?