Angry Gamers Call BioWare ‘Lazy’ for ‘Mass Effect 3′ Tali Spoiler Image

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Tali Mass Effect 3

Following news that frustrated (or maybe just anti-BioWare) Mass Effect 3 gamers bombarded the user review section of Metacritic – effectively dropping the user scores for the game to abysmal 2.5 (PC), 4.7 (Xbox 360), and 3.2 (PS3), respectively – we’re now getting word of another controversy that’s brewing.

According to reports, Mass Effect 3 “fans” are outraged at a particular in-game image that’s used in conjunction with fan-favorite character, and love interest, Tali’Zorah nar Rayya (aka Tali).

NOTE: It goes without saying that the rest of this post will contain what could be considered SPOILERS for Tali’Zorah in Mass Effect 3 (including an in-game image). As a result, if you’re trying to avoid Mass Effect 3 spoilers altogether – or, at least, spoilers pertaining to the fan-favorite quarian – come back after you’ve completed the main game.

Begin (mild) Tali SPOILERS for Mass Effect 3

Kotaku was the first outlet to catch wind of the brewing controversy – as several readers sent in comparison images of an in-game shot of Tali unmasked. Most Mass Effect faithfuls will recall that the quarian warrior has been hidden behind a mask for the prior two installments in the series – and, despite a brief off-screen unmasking in Mass Effect 2, the character’s face has never been revealed… until now.

However, the reveal (depicted as a static photo of the character in Shepard’s quarters) has come under heavy-fire from gamers – since, instead of auditioning models for a unique image, the Tali photograph is actually just an imported “stock” shot from Getty Images (from photographer Matthew Leete) with a few minor tweaks to make “Tali” appear less “human.”

You can check out the comparison screen grab below:

Tali Unmasked Mass Effect 3

While the amount of hatred that’s bubbling up with regard to BioWare‘s handling of Tali’s unmasking might be a bit of an over-reaction (given the overall quality of the game itself), it’s certainly a strange move for the developer – especially after they hired loads of well-known and lesser-known performers for Mass Effect 3 service.  As a result, it’s easy to understand why some Tali-lovers might feel cheated.

That said, we are talking about a static image that’s just sitting on a desk in Shepard’s quarters – and it’s unlikely that BioWare expected fans to get this worked up. As least someone took the time to search the internet for pictures of pretty girls – instead of just copying/pasting an in-costume capture of Tali into the picture frame.

Either way, despite mostly positive responses from the critical community and gamers alike, the photo controversy will no doubt unite angry Tali fans with frustrated gamers that have been affected by the recent save data import problems.

Mass Effect 3 is out now for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

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Source: Kotaku

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  • Poop

    You underestimate how anal nerds can get on the internet.

  • Jaeson

    I personally was very quite happy with the way this was handled. Although, it did make me wonder how Tali got this photo when she hadn’t ever been on her homeworld when it was in a livable condition… Where was this picture taken? And how? She’s not in a suit? hmmm

    • Fiachra

      It is funny how Tali’s big moment was to remove her mask on her home world, then apparently forgot about her immune system enough to remove her suit, and pose for a glamour shot on a lush world. She even got all dolled up and put on nail polish.

      • Synchro

        I’m sure Tali would say “It was all worth it!” 😀

    • Lmxar

      Rannoch has an environment which is suited for quarians. They don’t react too badly to the planet’s native flora/fauna.

      • digimass

        No there Immune systems are crap since being on their ship for their whole lifes. Tali even said it would take a few years before their immune systems are normal again

    • Sasuke

      well i say its better then nothing, but they did 1 mistake, photo is taken out side in they’r planet & she is with out protection suit, she wold not do something as dangerous as this, taking full suit off is death sentence

  • ArmedBull

    That does seem a little lazy, but I’ll just pretend that they don’t look like that (if they even DO look like that) and erase this article from my memory.

    What am I typing about again?

  • Matman

    Dam nerds, the picture of Tali is one my favorite moment in that game!

    • Mwat

      Except Quarians DON’T HAVE HAIR, which means this image not only is terribly photoshopped, it also breaks the lore. This was really lazy, and disappointing. Not going to wield a pitchfork, but call a spade a spade.

      • KV

        Source on them not having hair? I’m not positive that they do, but I don’t remember anywhere mentioning specifically that they don’t.

      • Nova

        According to the wiki, she would have hair, because Quarians share similarities with humans..

        Quarians are generally shorter and of slighter build than humans. Quarians have an endoskeleton, lips, teeth, and two eyes with eyelids and tear ducts; they also have three thick fingers on both hands which include a thumb, an index finger, and a long finger, similar to the middle fingers for humans, as well as three toes on each foot. Quarian facial structure and hair actually makes them the most similar to humans in physical appearance. Their lower legs are bowed backwards significantly, compared to asari or humans. Aside from hands and legs, their general body shape and sexual dimorphism is similar to humans. Their ears or ear analogues differ in a noticeable fashion from those of humans, with references made to “what [passes] for the quarian version of an ear”.

  • Cori

    Flachra, question: Is Alex Ross a ‘good artist’? Is George Perez? Norman Rockwell? They all use or have used photo reference.

    • Fiachra

      Question Cori, do you know the difference between a painter using a photo reference, and altering a photo?

      Did any of those artists, take a painting made by someone else, add few minor touches to it, then sell it as their own? Or did they use a photo as a reference when painting something?

  • lostsideproject

    You think Bioware had nothing to do with the leak? Controvery is always good for publicity. Perhaps they didnt, however, expect their metacritic score to plummet as a result. Live and learn.

  • Sinex1983

    The sequel to “Angry Birds” will be called “Angry Nerds”.

    You heard it here first.

  • smh

    All the Angry Nerd comments are obviously from people who don’t understand and or care about whats going on. The reason these game companies get away with shit like this and DLC Locked to a disk you have already bought is because of ppl like you. Great Job guys, your lack of caring is hurting the whole gaming community. Great Job indeed.

    • Zak

      You mad bro? :3

      • Fiachra

        Oh wow, a troll…and with a trollface avatar…and a stale “u mad bro” trolling one liner.

        Are you also wearing an official troll brand t-shirt and reading directly from your copy of Trolling for Dummies, in your trolling clubhouse for boys only? Trolling is so cool! Tololololo! You brolled him tro!

        you’re the trolling equivalent of when white people, first learned about rap music back in the 80’s.

    • Dev

      Seriously? Get a grip. You know what this is? It’s a damn jpg, a thumbnail, and probably a simple oversight. A thumbnail isn’t “hurting the whole gaming community”, it’s zealots who get their panties in a twist to such a degree that they’ll go and deliberately skew metascores and spend months doing nothing but complaining about an astounding game that unfortunately doesn’t meet every single one of their personal expectations in it’s entirety. You know what? Each game in the series is different, distinct, and that is a good thing because although some people might think that having the same thing repeated several times over is just great, it is stagnation, and THAT is what is “harming the whole gaming commnunity”.

      Freakin’ nerds.

      • Jason L

        Hey look, another giant f***ing hypocrite nerd, who got his/her own panties in a twist, over what?
        What is YOUR big problem, you self-righteous c*nt? Oh you’re crying over other peoples’ opinions on a problem you clearly don’t understand or care about.

        The rest of your idiotic post, is so filled with empty, brainless fallacies, and strawman arguments, that I can’t even begin to shove them all back up your ass.

        Shut the f*** up.

        • Zombierex

          That guy has actual thought put into his comment though, it isn’t just mindless ranting like yours is, and he stated his opinion a more politely than your half-minded bullshit, and he had a point

          • Jason L

            Yeah his point was that he’s god damn hypocrite. But you’re right, he was “a more politely” than me. Regardless of how stupid it was. 8 months later and you show up to fan the flame, and provide nothing new to the conversation. Well done.

  • digimass

    yeah, i dont see all that hair fitting into that helmet

  • Dave Swan

    Unfortunately this is just one of the many signs of ME3 being unfinished , I used to work in the games industry and theres so many tell tail signs that ME3 was rushed out in an unfinished state and many things were just fudged over, Like tali’s face.

  • Smitty

    Who cares. I fell in love with her and she ended up being the hot ass chick that I knew she sounded like. Sick.

  • Mar a fades solas an lae, tugann Oíche ghrá.

    This just proves how little people care…. you really have to attack a gaming company for being “lazy” well if you think there lazy then please go ahead and make a game that has nearly any equivalent in popularity to ME3! you will probably get 0 fans by the end xD in all honesty you people need to care about something larger than a face! If you care so much then make a face that fits your liking and install it in to ME3 were this scene is and have fun from there!!!!

    • Fiachra

      “Go make a game yourself” is such a weak, thoughtless, cop out defense.

      Why should I have to “make my own face and insert it” (not even touching on how fundamentally stupid that idea is) after I pay 70 dollars for product made by a multi-million dollar company. Even if I did make a game myself, there is a good chance I wouldn’t want to play it. You’d think after all that work behind the scenes, the fact that I wrote the story myself, I’d be sick of it.
      But I’m giving a cliche fanboy strawman, way more attention than it deserves.

      You give me everything Bioware had, and I guarantee players would love how I presented the same ideas more. You see I wouldn’t waste resources modelling Jessica Chobot at all, and focus on what fans actually want, and I wouldn’t give Tali fans the finger. In my version you’d see all your war assets and fight along side them on Earth. In my version I’d have rendered Tali’s face when she takes off her mask on Rannoch, not ‘phone it in’ like Bioware did.

      Stop deflecting blame away from developers, it’s gamers like you who are gradually reducing this industry to a f***ing joke.

      If YOU care so much about these developers, then your life sucks. These people aren’t friends, or family. They’re a god damn business. Sack up and start acting like a consumer, rather than a cheerleader.

  • jojo

    I dont know whats worst that Bio ware cut a few not to bad corners on that or that someone took time out of their life to search the internet for that photo lol

  • charles

    did you guy ever think that it might be the woman that plays the the voice of Tali,or maybe it might be a joke, just to keep you guessing if that’s what she might look like? i mean know body knows what the master chief looks like from halo.

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  • Jason

    Still loved the unmasking. Wasn’t expecting it at all. Stocked photo and all, that’s Tali’s face and I love it.