Full ‘Take Earth Back’ Trailer for ‘Mass Effect 3′

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Mass Effect 3 Take Back Earth Trailer

Last week, BioWare released a teaser for its “Take Earth Back” Mass Effect 3 trailer. The slow pacing and quiet reverence shown as a young girl from Earth watched a reaper hover over her farm was downright chilling. One astute reader even correctly pointed out that the teaser was a nod the famous 1964 “Daisy” ad from Lyndon Johnson’s presidential campaign.

This Sunday night, the full cinematic version of the trailer aired on AMC’s The Walking Dead. And while it’s definitely not as subtle as its teaser counterpart, it’s no less titillating. Fans of explosions, tight-roping space battles, mass destruction on a global scale, and oddly enough, 300 — you won’t be disappointed.

Check it out below, and get ready to “Take Earth Back” in Mass Effect 3:

Those who downloaded the Mass Effect 3 demo know all too well what the downfall of our planet looks like: The Reaper fleet invading en masse. The Alliance and their defenses too slow and too unprepared to stop the scourge of Earth’s major cities. Commander Shepard forced to make a split second escape aboard the Normandy SR-2.

The trailer doesn’t tell us anything new in that regard, but it provides an undeniably epic look at how Shepard pulls a Douglas MacArthur, returning for one final ass kicking with the Alliance Fleet in tow. We don’t see any other races coming to the aid of Shepard and his war party, but presumably, that’s because it’s up to you whether or not humanity stands alone.

With the Normandy raining down air support from above, it’s also interesting to see Shepard in full close-quarters-combat mode. The omni-tool knife we saw back during our E3 preview of weapons and combat for Mass Effect 3 inserts itself quite nicely inside a couple of husks, and the big leap Shepard takes during the final shot might be representative of the revamped movement in the game.

We’re only a little more than two weeks (and presumably one more launch trailer) away from the one of the most anticipated game releases this year. If you still need convincing that Mass Effect 3 likely won’t be one to miss out on, see how we fared during our demo impressions for another look.

That, or you could just hope it falls out of the sky.

Mass Effect 3 takes off on March 6, 2012 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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  • Manny

    So badass.

  • d.o.c

    Meh, no Garrus in this one.

  • https://twitter.com/Nerdtzsche Brodie_Bruce

    did blur studios do this ?

    it’s masterful.

    same vain as the Swtor, Marvel ultimate alliance, DCU online, X-men:Legends, & Arkham City Cinematic Trailers.

  • Andrés

    This is not the full trailer actually. The full trailer will be released on February 21st.

    • Bret

      Yep. A trailer for an extended trailer for an extended extended trailer.

    • Anthony Taormina

      This is the full trailer. February 21st will see the release of the Director’s Cut of the trailer.

      • z

        march 15th for the extended edition of the directors cut, and then march 26th for the official v.i.p version of the extended edition of the directors cut but you need to click this link to get your password.

  • ExistencErased

    I am school girl-giddy after seeing this trailer. It gave me tingles! Very epic, Very dark. I can’t wait to decide humanity’s fate here soon!

  • Tay

    This trailer was awesome. Good or bad but with all their doing for ME3, a movie will be made sooner or later.

  • Jasca Ducato

    I’ve never been a fan of ME really, but I do have to admit (after playing the demo) that they’ve managed to pull off a better Earth invasion than Halo 3 did…

  • dan

    Here’s hoping this gets updated with the director’s cut.


    i really do hope there is a mission like that where you fight a bunch of people alondside a buncha ppl 😛

  • http://gamerant.com/author/dyce/ Andrew Dyce

    Can someone explain to me why Cerberus (the pro-human terrorist group) is sending their best soldiers to kill the one person trying to save humanity?

    • Lorenzo

      Well in the demo, Cerberus was trying to kill the krogan. I don’t know if they were specifically trying to kill Shepard.

    • Bret

      They have been indoctrinated by the reapers.

  • Cody

    If anyone wants to know the soundtrack in the back once the Reapers appear, it is called Black Blade, and it’s from Two Steps from Hell.

    • http://gamerant.com Brian Sipple

      Two Steps From Hell produces a lot of music for movie and game trailers. They also did “Heart of Courage” for the Mass Effect 2 launch trailer, which has to be one the better game trailers ever made. It’s makes sense EA/BioWare would come back to them for ME 3.

    • dan

      The track while the girl is playing with the ship is called “After the Fall” and it too is by Two Steps From Hell.

  • dan

    I guess we also found out what happened to the British marine in the reveal trailer as well…

  • Lea

    That is a massive trailer. It looks astonishing and gives a appropriately epic feel to this sequel. Also, it is a handy little trick to start this off with the little, innocent girl playing in the field. So your emotional investment in the two sides is clear from the get-go.