E3 2011: Mass Effect 3 Spoiler-Filled Story Preview

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Mass Effect 3 E3 2011 Story Spoilers

If BioWare is becoming known for one thing, it’s story. Mass Effect 1 & 2 set players off on an epic adventure taking them across the galaxy in an effort to protect humanity from an alien threat. Well, more accurately, had players prepare themselves and their companions for a fight that would some day come. With Mass Effect 3, that fight is taking center stage. We’re all hungry for some clear details on how the final chapter in Commander Shepard’s mission will play out, and thanks to new footage from the game being shown at E3 2011, we’ve finally got some answers.

Read on for details on the mood, setting, missions, opening scenes and characters of Mass Effect 3, but if you want to avoid even the mildest of spoilers, stop reading now.

It’s easy to understand why fans would be so desperate to know more about the way the story of ME3 will be delivered and what kinds of content and mood it will entail.

After all, those who have played the series from the beginning have likely invested close to a hundred hours into Shepard’s journey, and that kind of dedication demands to be rewarded. With Mass Effect 2 taking a sideways direction as opposed to fully addressing the Reapers’ threat to humanity, there may be some who worry that the game won’t fully deliver on the scale and emotion that the narrative demands.

One mission shown from the campaign at the E3 demo takes place on what seems to be a Geth installation, giving Shepard plenty of chances to exercise his totally overhauled weapons and cover system. The crew — Shepard, Mordin, Garrus, Legion and Liara are all on hand to help rescue a Krogan female who appears to be held in a stasis chamber of some kind.

Dialogue exchanged between the characters led us to believe that the Krogan female — who was rather ornately dressed for one of the notoriously gritty creatures — is in need of help that only Mordin can provide. The scientifically-gifted Salarian notes that if he cannot free her and save her life, then the Krogans will be unlikely to aid the Turians. Urdnot Wrex is also mentioned in jest, relating to his inevitable proximity to any fertile Krogan female, but doesn’t appear himself.

Any fan of Mass Effect knows that tensions run deep within the Krogan, Turian and Salarian societies after countless battles and the biological culling known as the genophage. We know that Shepard’s task for Mass Effect 3 will be to round up allies and loyal races to oppose the Reaper invasion of Earth, so one could deduce that this particularly important Krogan female — possibly important due to her fertility or position within Krogan clans — has been captured by the Geth.

The Geth have a history of worshiping the Reapers as deities, so it’s not unlikely that they have taken her hostage at the Reapers’ bidding. Shepard’s rescue of her could be what he needs to get the Krogans on Earth’s side, but the implication that it would also help Turian support implies that the so-called ‘loyalty missions’ could be more dynamic and connected than we may have thought.

This is all speculation off of a few lines of dialogue and knowledge of the game’s universe, but don’t be surprised to see if some of our suspicions turn out to be true. Now exactly how the Geth and Legion storyline will develop as a result is anyone’s guess.

Mass Effect 3 Tali Legion

The Krogan rescue soon goes awry when Cerberus operatives arrive on the scene, hunting Shepard down. Their reasons for hunting the Commander are still unconfirmed, but we think it may have something to do with Shepard walking off with the now-Alliance-branded Normandy that was financed and built by the terrorist group.

From that point on the combat is the star, and while the weapons are undoubtedly one of the sources of the game’s popularity, we’re more concerned with how the third game will bring closure to Shepard’s tale at the moment.

The developers may be sure that the final game will be satisfying, but with backlash over Dragon Age 2 still fresh in people’s minds, blind faith is a lot to ask. What we can definitively say is that if the opening events to the game that we were shown at E3 are indicative of the team’s approach to the brutality of war and the importance of Shepard’s fight, then we’re all in for a treat.

Mass Effect Executive Producer Casey Hudson emphasized that this game would be all about war, and while some may have taken his previous statements to that effect as a sign of intense combat and large-scale warfare, it seems from the story moments that they mean much more.

Hudson introduced one of the sections of gameplay as taking place near the very beginning of the main campaign, when Shepard is facing a military hearing, likely for his affiliation with the anti-alien terrorist group Cerberus. We’ve previously been given details on the massive West coast super-city that falls prey to the Reapers, so we can safely assume that’s the location.

The court proceedings are cut short when the Reapers touch down and immediately begin turning the city to rubble. Captain Anderson breaks Shepard out to help him defend the city and its inhabitants, and players are plunged into the action.

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  • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

    Very cool. Well done, Mr. Dyce

  • Joe

    I thimk his trial is more likely related to the destruction of the Bahak system in the Arrival DLC, if you condier the dialogue between admiral hackett afterwards.

    • Sgt.

      I agree that it’s about what shepherd did in the latest ME2 DLC, since at the end of it he’s directly told the the alliance is going to want him to answer for his actions. Bioware is definately gonna be bringing something big in this one, so it should be interesting to find out how all of the different dicisions of the first two games influence how ME3 plays out.

  • Cris

    It would seriously make me mad if the Alliance took away EDI, and the rest of the crew Shepard has worked hard to build and gain loyalty…

    • Volc19

      EDI was heard in one of the demos, she is staying, at least for now, no knowing what the future will bring.

  • Matt

    I have a bad feeling that Shepard is going to send the crew away to stop the Alliance from prosecuting them for his actions.

  • Jonathan

    BioWare mentioned around the time the Arrival DLC was released that for those who didn’t download it, the prologue of ME3 would inform them. I guess the only difference will be that those who didn’t download Arrival will be slated with the ‘did not attempt to warn the Batarian colony'; sort of how when you start a fresh character on ME2 without any import you get the automatic ‘Kaidan if male/Ash if female’ Virmire Sacrifice and the Council dead. I can’t recall if it allows you to pick Anderson as Councilor with that, but I personally pick Udina nowadays so Anderson doesn’t have to deal with the **** politicians.

    Now all we gotta do is last, what, nine months? That’s a long time….

    GUess I’ll have to do a lot of ME playthroughs to bide my time, with a few intermittent games of LA NOire and GTA IV.

  • Volc19

    The Geth Mission and the Krogan Princess mission are one in the same? Odd, they seemed to be occuring in different areas, the krogan princess mission occuring on the salarian homeworld, and the reaper base in an undisclosed location. Are you positive that they were the same mission?

    • Jonathan

      I agree. It didn’t seem like the two missions were one in the same. I’d wager its actually a Quarian world, with Legion’s involvement. It’d make a sort of sense. It’d be interesting if the Reapers set up a base on Rannoch and one of the loyalty missions is to deal with it.

  • Elizabeth


    Yeah, Legion’s wasn’t on the same world as Mordin & the Krogan princess. Mordin was on the Salarin homeworld that was under attack or something & Cerberus were the sole ones after the princess & hunting Shepard. Hudson confirmed in an interview showing the opening sequence that Cerberus is working for the Reapers; not for some unknown reason. The only unknown “reason” is why Cerberus is working for the Reapers & we’ll discover/learn that as we play the game.

    Legion’s is on some other world on a Reaper base that turns out to be an actual Reaper.

  • Volc19

    >”The Geth have a history of worshiping the Reapers as deities”

    That should only hold true if either
    A.) you gave Legion to Cerberus or
    B.) You didn’t do Legion’s loyalty mission.

    Otherwise, the Geth no longer worship the Reapers. Legions loyalty mission included either destroying the last of the Heretics in a giant explosion, or re-writing thier programming to be more in-line with Legion and the rest of the geth.

    • Nespithe

      It wasen’t all the Geth, was it? I was sure it was only the Geth on that station, though if it was every single Geth that’ll make ME3 a lot easier.