‘Mass Effect 3: Reckoning’ DLC News Coming Late Next Week

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Mass Effect 3 Reckoning Details Next Week

With only one more piece of Mass Effect 3 DLC with which to ingratiate themselves (apologize?) to fans, BioWare needs to go out with a bang. Thankfully, the developer is calling all hands on deck, and bringing all of their most prestigious writers on board to send Commander Shepard out in style.

This final piece of DLC, supposedly titled Reckoning, is said to feature some form of cooperative element, and will factor singleplayer decisions into the multiplayer. It could be argued that single player decisions weren’t even factored into the single player story, but let’s not open that can of worms.

According to BioWare’s Chris Priestly, Mass Effect 3 fans can expect more news about the DLC some time next week. At the moment, the team is still not ready to talk about it.


Obviously, Reckoning needs to be done right, especially if BioWare plans to continue the Mass Effect series. Casey Hudson has already alluded to development on a Mass Effect 4, but, at the same time, it won’t be easy for fans to shake the sting of that botched ending.

However, if BioWare can pull off this co-op effectively, this might give gamers a hint of what they can expect in Mass Effect 4. The inclusion of multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 seemed like BioWare was giving gamers a chance to chart the stars with a group of friends, but instead it was more of a horde mode. A fun horde mode, mind you, but still something we had seen before.

That real question is what gamers can expect from this announcement; whether it will be new images or a trailer or just a press release detailing the DLC package. An image has already been revealed for the pack (seen above), but unfortunately it doesn’t reveal anything accept a lot of color.

It appears as if the co-op might take place on the Citadel based on rumors and the image, but it’s hard to know for sure. As well, we’d like to know pricing and a release date for Reckoning.

What would you like to see BioWare announce next week? How do you think the cooperative element should factor into Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer?

Source: Chris Priestly – Twitter

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  • Jose

    I’ll pay any price as long as I get to beat the shit out of Harbinger, hate rape him with the Normandy and get the Renegade option to say “I know you feel this”.

    • Rusty Shackleford III

      “this hurts you”

      I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite way to kill you, Normandy, fire the Thanix canon!

  • Jecn

    Lmao…that was funny as hell

  • AlexMech

    I gotta admit, that made me laugh too!

  • deplorable

    hopefully iy won’t concerntrate too much on co-op… that kinda thing especially “Online co-op” really does my head in as half the optional missions on dead space are co-op.

    Which means my usual single player fun was hampered by “You can’t go in here”.

    even in an MMO i can go where i please.

  • Liz

    So, am I to understand that the upcoming DLC won’t be for the single player campaign then? I’m not sure I’m reading this right, but if that’s true, I won’t be buying it.

    • Kryik

      Fear not, tis a SP and MP DLC supposedly, both different.

  • Coco

    I don’t really care much about Shepard, As long as I see a Asari in the next Mass Effect. I would buy it hands down.

  • albodibran

    wait all the articles surrounding this shit are f***ing confusing. is this a singleplayer dlc or mp? will we expect any single player content that adds to the story? I am so damn confused. I aint coughing up for a mp dlc. if i wanted to do that i would go play COD

  • RedJohn

    Mother of GOD!, you are giving a terrible information here.

    The leak was fake and Gamble said it on twitter, so no co-op mode or stuff like that, we will have 2 DLC’s, one for SP and another for MP.

    Reckoning is MP and the teaser of this is the krogan with the hammer.

    The SP dlc remains nameless yet, and its teaser is that image on the citadel.

    Please, check before give info, because it could be very very wrong like in this case.

  • Yukon

    Considering how they ripped out the dialogue wheel, made the game as linear as possible, and genuinely put as little effort as possible into it, BioWare can just go ahead and stop making games altogether if its so much of a bother to them.

  • nnnnn11

    Stop harming the internet Anthony Taormina with your sub-mediocre ramblings.