Why the PC Version of ‘Mass Effect 3′ Does Not Support Gamepads

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Mass Effect 3 Does not support gamepads

Mass Effect 3 has already gone gold, barreling down the stretch, heading towards the finish line to the thunderous applause of millions who are gobbling up every piece of media that has Mass Effect 3 stamped on it – from the recently released ‘Take Earth Back’ trailer to publicity stunts involving launching the game into orbit.

However, in terms of playability support, one aspect that has always differentiated Mass Effect — and not in a good way — from other similar games on the PC is the complete lack of gamepad support.

One aspect of PC gaming that has always separated it from consoles is the keyboard and mouse support, making some genres infinitely more playable on PC’s, such as real-time strategy games and even FPS titles, due to more precise and exact aiming with a mouse as opposed to an analog stick. But some PC gaming enthusiasts still prefer the feel of an analog controller in their hands.

Hoping that Mass Effect 3 will break this trend? Unfortunately, device support for Shepard’s final ‘hurrah’ will be limited to the keyboard and mouse. In what would appear to many gamers as a simple and easy solution, BioWare has stated that there is no malice in omitting the support — it’s simply a matter of the BioWare development team’s being overworked and stretched too thin to provide adequate implementation of the proper GUI. BioWare senior designer Manveer Heir took to Twitter to respond to frustrated fans.

“There is a development cost in terms of time/effort to get all the graphical user interfaces so 360 buttons show up on PC. It may seem minor, but our GUI team was already stretched thin, and things were coming in at the last minute, so we couldn’t add more work.”

Ensuing comments from frustrated fans painted BioWare as a company that simply did not care about supporting players, saying they had a “we don’t give a damn” attitude. Heir explained further that this isn’t the case.

“Definitely not ‘we don’t give a damn.’ It’s unfortunate and I understand why people are upset, but there are dev (sic) realities, sadly.”

Yours truly has experienced both Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 on both consoles and the PC. Though I was dismayed initially at the lack of gamepad support, I endured and overcame the issue. Considering that those who play the game on the PC have never had gamepad support, there is likely to be very little weeping and gnashing of teeth amongst the PC gaming populace as a whole.

I’ll firmly straddle the fence on this issue while blowing away the Reapers on my PS3 come March 6.

PC Ranters, what is your take on the lack of support again? Indifference or angst?

Mass Effect 3 will be released March 6 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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  • http://www.asilee.com Asilee

    I’ll just wait until a 3rd party developer make it were you can use a controller like they did for ME 1 & 2.

  • Daniyal Mufti

    I used Xpadder for PC to play with the 360 controller on the PC. It is not perfect but it works for both ME1 and ME2. It is definitely annoying Bioware cannot do that for the PC gamers. I don’t know how thin they are stretched but I wouldn’t think it would take so much time. They have had 2 years to make ME3, I am sure they could have found time. Anyhow anyone trying to play with a Gpad, get Xpadder. It does work once you mess around with it a bit. You might need to do the mini games with a mouse but it works well otherwise.

  • http://paladaen.com Paladaen

    C’mon and buy RAZER HYDRA so you can play on PC with game pad… PLEASE, even better than gamepad controller.
    There is always a solution. And HYDRA even has official control buttons there, so there won’t be any bugs or anything. And setup for ME3 will come out on the day when the game will come out.
    So, why cry and bitch around?

    • http://www.karyyk.com Karyyk

      Not everyone wants to pay $105-$140 for a non-traditional controller (which the HYDRA is not).

  • http://www.karyyk.com Karyyk

    Hmmm…sounds like more of a conscience design-choice to me. If it was simply a matter of “too much work, too little time,” they could always just release a patch with gamepad support…if they wanted to. I’m guessing that they really, really don’t.

  • Fiachra

    Despite the words of a few PC elitists, PC gaming has always involved multiple peripherals. Flight sticks, racing wheels, gamepads, etc.

    Anyone who claims PC gaming should be restricted to mouse/keyboard, knows nothing of gaming. Mostly, this the younger PC gamer crowd who wear their PC usage as a badge of honor.

    My theory is, Bioware took the gamepad support OUT for the PC version. They designed these games for consoles first. I have a feeling they did it to give all the PC elitists who show up claiming the game was “dumbed down for console-tards” a false sense of security.

    Looks like it worked too, seeing all the smug PC kids showing up to high five each other indirectly, over their ‘enemies’, not being able to have what they want.

  • Ben

    It’s about time someone shut those damn PC Gamers up “Oh, It’s so adorable that you think you’re a gamer and you own a console” Well now you’ll be controlling commander Shepard in his latest exploits QWERTY Style. Suck on that.

  • Kloe

    I’ve only transitioned to PC gaming in the last year. I’ve been playing games since I was five but always on consoles of one type or another. I feel more comfortable with gamepads (particularly the xbox 360 controller), so I’m dissapointed to read that the game’s dev. team didn’t support them. I’ve been playing Mass Effect 1 with K+M for a while now… I guess I’ll just stick to it. I wonder if Mass Effect 4 will possibly be more controller friendly?