Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC Review

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Mass Effect 3‘s main story line may have been concluded, but that doesn’t mean players have experienced all the game is looking to offer. While BioWare may be hard at work on their next Mass Effect adventure, Commander Shepard has one more battle to fight thanks to the newly released “Omega” DLC for Mass Effect 3.

It’s difficult to gauge the fan base’s desire to play as Commander Shepard once again – at the highest price of admission for singleplayer DLC we’ve seen from the series – but BioWare is promising the biggest expansion to date, and one that shouldn’t disappoint. Have the developers succeeded?

The details leading up to the launch of “Omega” promised many things fans had long hoped for: a female Turian squadmate, a return to Omega – the galaxy’s worst hive of scum and villainy – and as was implied in the DLC’s launch trailer, a chance to incite rebellion. And for the most part, they follow through. BioWare may not be attempting to reinvent the wheel with new mechanics or challenges but they do offer a large dose of gameplay along with a higher level of difficulty.

Unlike the previously released “Leviathan” DLC which delivered little to fans beside another dive into the mythology behind the mysterious Reapers, “Omega” is structured around a much clearer mission progression. It isn’t often that Aria T’Loak, the Queen of organized crime aboard Omega takes a partner, but Shepard has proven that there’s no problem that can’t be solved with gunfire and conversation. Your mission: take Omega back from Cerberus control, whatever the cost.

Mass Effect 3 Omega Aria

Carrie-Anne Moss reprises her role as the no-nonsense crimelord, although the conversations with Shepard are not as lengthy or impactful as some might hope. By joining forces with Aria and the much talked about Nyreen Kandros – and assuming most players will be taking a battle-hardened Shepard into the DLC – the player wields control of a truly potent fighting force, highlighted by a few well-needed additional attacks. As a result even the most challenging enemy types stand little chance on Normal difficulty, so don’t expect a truly grueling battle.

While details from earlier in development teased a mission through the Omega Relay, aboard Omega and the ships surrounding, the finished product is much more straightforward. The mission structure rarely strays from moving from objective to objective, and while that might be a bit disappointing for those with high hopes, it largely succeeds where “Leviathan” failed.

Few skirmishes are ‘easy’ thanks to Cerberus’ apparent wealth of Rampart Mechs, and as one encounter leads into another, the three hours of combat and traversal offer more entertainment and varied pacing than “Leviathan” ever dreamed. That being said, there is no denying the fact that at every turn, “Omega” can’t help but feel like ‘extra’ content, or a chapter developed to stand apart from the campaign.

Mass Effect 3 Omega Cerberus Combat

Since none of the existing crew or squad members appear, Shepard amounts to little more than a hired gun for the entirety of the mission – just as Aria wants it. With the overwhelming emphasis on story and character development that Mass Effect fans tend to enjoy, playing Aria’s enforcer (regardless of how many ‘moral’ choices are injected into the narrative) demands little investment.

In many ways, “Omega” balances out the strengths and weaknesses of the exposition-heavy “Leviathan.” For those who are hungry for some action over lengthy cutscenes and greater drama, “Omega” offers it in completely new settings, and against some new enemies. It’s hard to say that paying a quarter of the game’s overall price for three hours of shooting – as strong and entertaining as it is – is worth the price. As it stands, BioWare has some serious ground to make up if they hope to deliver on their promise of “really good” DLC plans.

“Omega” is an enjoyable and visually inspired trek into the bowels of everyone’s favorite criminal underworld, with a few surprising doses of horror, suspense, and frantic combat. Before long, it becomes evident that BioWare’s plans for the moment seem to give players not necessarily an improved or new twist, but simply more of the ME3 experience, and at a premium.

“Omega” is available for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 version of the game for $15 USD. The Wii U may be the home of the Mass Effect 3 Special Edition, but there are currently no plans for a Wii U “Omega” release.

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The Mass Effect 3 “Omega” DLC will be available for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 version of the game for $15.

Our Rating:

3 out of 5

  • Shalkowski

    Bioware really needs to turn things around. They have good ideas but they just cant quite excute them properly.

  • Red

    How can you say that Leviathan failed? That is only a matter of what you believe. I, on the other hand, liked Leviathan. True, their were a few things that should have been add here and there, but none the less, it was pretty good.

    Omega on the other hand, much better. Few glitches here and there, but over all, Great. I personally would give it 4.5 stars out of 5

    • Levi

      I personally did find Leviathan to be very poor DLC. It cost 800 ms points and all we got for it was the same enemies, no interesting new characters and the hyped up water mission which was nowhere near the hype it had been given in the trailers. The story was good, but I think something that important should have been included in the game from the beginnig

      • Andrew Dyce

        I will maintain that Leviathan failed to deliver both strong story elements and comeplling and satisfying gameplay. Despite the short length, running from point A to B (and back again), and straight out combat, not to mention a final chapter which asked Shepard to slowly walk from here to there, the Leviathan DLC did provide a cool bit of MA fiction.

        But I think fans deserve more than just a straightforward combat mission to get some mysteries revealed.

  • TaboriHK

    Fifteen dollars better buy me a time machine and changed ending. They must be out of their minds.

  • Bunnionion

    Wow, I have to disagree with you. *possible spoilers*

    A repetetive shooting gallery through linear corridors, dull stand alone story, and no new hub in the end? It was a gigantic waste of time. At least Leviathan was somewhat varied and interesting. And for all that they introduced a Turian female squadmate, you barely get an opportunity to use her and in the end her existence is short and pointless.

    And after its all said and done? You can’t get back to Omega and Aria is back on her couch in the Citadel like nothing happened.

    Enough is enough. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I’m a gullible idiot.

  • Cariannis

    Youtube can save you money these days. Like the fact that this DLC had more auto dialogue than the last DLC.

    • Andrew Dyce

      Definitely true, and Leviathan was a sure sign of that coming.

  • Zxeo

    I liked it but it felt abit light for 15 bucks though. You should have got to keep the turian at least. All the action was great but the story arc needed abit of work and to be quite honest it took longer for me to get through leviathan. 3 out of 5 from me on this one because still no new toons and you took out the entire me 3 cast and turned shep into a plain old merc for hire and they charged 15 bucks for it should have been only 10 for what we got.

    • Andrew Dyce

      Yeah, the overall price is a bit hard to swallow. If Nyreen was a permanent member to your team it might be more worth it, but at this point, it’s hard to think anyone has yet to finish the game if they plan to.

      • Ghostryderflyby

        Agreed. It was a good DLC and an enjoyable jaunt with Aria, (although it left me wondering what happened to Nyreen) but sure not worth the price of admission as is. When I saw how much it was, I figured it had to include a new squad mate. Heck, Kasumi’s DLC was close to as long, you got to keep Kasumi as a squad mate and it cost a lot less than Omega. They can still, and really should, make Nyreen a permanent squad mate. There is perfect motive for Nyreen to leave Omega too, since there is an obvious power struggle between she and Aria.

        As it stands, I don’t know if I could recommend Omega at it’s current price point. If you are an avid ME fan and must consume everything Mass Effect now now NOW, then have at it. Otherwise, wait for it to drop in price, or until they edit it and make Nyreen a permanent squad mate.

        • Chatterbox


  • Logan Snider

    I will be honest that I watched the youtube play-through on this one. After suffering such a let down from the generic ending to ME3, only to have it be clarified but not fully satisfactory with Extended Cut, I decided to bypass all the Bioware DLC for for ME3. I watched them no youtube and thus far have seen no reason to purchase them, and here’s why.

    1) We are starting a new trilogy so any DLC content for ME3 will not affect your next to be purchased Mass Effect game. You therefore have no reason to purchase the DLCs in order to unlock game content for the next games.

    2) Why would I buy game content for a game that I know how its going to end, and whose ending(s) I hate?

    3)Even if I did like the endings, why would I purchase a DLC that I can easily watch on youtube in order to see all the options played out? I can then avoid paying for it with the reward of having enjoyed the DLC.

    4) Assuming the defensive reaction to #3 is, “for the joy of playing something you own,” or something similar. A) I don’t enjoy the games anymore. B) Feel free to waste your money because I have logical arguments on #1, #2, #3, and now #4.

    5) Assuming defensive reaction to #4, “Quit being a whiny fan-boy who didn’t get his way,” or something similar. A) Once more, totally logical reasoning on #1, #2, #3, now #4 and #5. I really don’t care if you liked the game, and I know that you really don’t care if I liked the game. If you intend to dispute my logic then use logic of your own. I refuse to acknowledge or accept any argument which is not an argument but an emotional response.

    • Levi

      I don’t want to just hands down call you stupid, your opinion is you don’t enjoy the game which is fair enough. What I struggle to understand is why, if you do not enjoy playing the game any more, do you bother watching play throughs of the DLC on youtube? Leviathan had some story related aspects(that should have been included in the original game IMO)but as far as I can tell Omega isn’t going to change the way you see the game

      • Logan Snider

        Ah! A good logical question. I like the franchise, but I don’t love it. That’s why I am investing my time by watching the DLC on youtube rather than actually buying the DLC. However, prior to this debacle I loved the franchise and purchased all the DLC in order to support the Bioware brand. I shifted my stance on Mass Effect after the generic ending, which is the lore ending, since the DLC EC ending was planned and created not to perfect the generic ending out of the studios perceived shortcomings, but rather than to win a losing marketing war. Yes, I am in the group which despises the ending. I feel no shame for that and as such now refuse to support the Bioware brand as a natural response from here on. Prior to this I would have gladly purchased all the DLC without a second thought. Now… I’m a lot more investigative when it comes to exercising my purchasing power.

  • medman

    15 dollars is steep for this dlc, but I loved the trilogy so I was going to buy it regardless. For me, more Mass Effect is never a bad thing. This dlc was about what I expected. I didn’t anticipate it resonating the way Lair of the Shadow Broker did, but how could it? Liara is a character established in the very first game, and fans feel a connection to Liara. Aria never plays a major role in the Shepard story. I liked it for what it was, which was a reason to put ME3 back in the disc tray. Though to be honest, it has never left the tray for all that long. Heh, I love me some Mass Effect.

    • Levi

      I’m mass effect mad, have artbooks, posters and signed pictures so there was never a doubt that I would buy this. As you say, personally more mass effect is always a good thing, I just don’t understand why the person above would bother watching the DLC on youtube if he disliked the game so much

  • yodarlz

    Let me romance Aria, and you have yourself a buyer.

  • digimass

    I feel in love with Mass Effect because of the RPG story elements. Bioware is just going too far with the combat route.

    • fanofgames

      Agreed i loved the story, they have ruined the game by going down the linear combat style.

  • Tom

    They claim this dlc is the longest yet. It sure didn’t feel like it since all you do is run and gun your way through a buch of boring uneventfull hall ways while short lame plot lines TRY to develope along the way. You can’t bring your Normandy pals with you. My farts are better than the ending. I had really high hopes for this dlc since it was so expensive and I loved every dlc the mass effect saga has put out. I think the shadow broker dlc for me2 will always be the best. that had crazy boss fights ,speeder chases, foot races and fun fire fights. Omega was just a huge disappointment and another reason why I think bioware is running out ideas,or they’re just getting lazy and want to make an easy buck. With that said I would still by it just to complete the series lol. Bioware please stop disappointing us!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlieholmes

    Hmm, any creedance to the departure of the two brains of the Bioware operation being the reason Omega seems to be getting a poor reception? I think, maybe. Game’s seem to be getting simply more shallow as game execs try to pump out cookie cutter after cookie cutter to rake in the dough! I don’t like what I’m seeing as a trend over the last couple three years with more means better. Am I right or just jaded by the lack of quality that seems to be coming out nowadays.

  • Michael Miller

    The whole mass effect series offered a chance to branch out in some really interesting and cool dimensions. Bioware has failed to deliver on anything, especially the DLC. I would agree, Bioware needs to stop disappointing the Mass Effect fan base and offer something rich in story that draws the player into the mass effect world and leaves them on the edge of their seat. Also, open the story to more romance options for Shepard. Both RPG and combat systems need to be integrated into a smooth flowing gaming system.

  • JAD8

    Omega was a pretty good dlc…still coulda been better(MAKING NYREEN A PERMANENT SQUAD MATE & AND ANOTHER WEAPON) wish I coulda seen Patriarch kickn ass…But to really regain their fan base should include missions focused on the species that were left out in the “reaper invasion”…Multi part missions like Tuchanka and Rannoch that determine a species’ existence is what Bioware needs to pay attention to…

    Pretty much…WE NEED ELCOR and BATARIANS also Salarians got off too easy after the Dalatrass’ sinister genophage scandal. Feel like their should be a mission where we find out she’s indoctrinated or something.The INTENSITY in this game comes and goes.And that’s what they need to fix…