‘Mass Effect 3′ Omega DLC Confirmed, BioWare Working on New ‘Mass Effect’ Game

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Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC Confirmed

It’s certainly a hectic day at BioWare: co-founders  Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk have decided to retire from the games industry and pursue new challenges. Their sudden departure will no doubt worry some fans, but Aaron Flynn, General Manager of BioWare Edmonton & Montreal, brought out some news that should make Mass Effect players happy: not only is the studio working on a new, post-Shepard trilogy Mass Effect title, but single-player ME3 DLC featuring Omega is coming to consoles and Origin this fall.

Savvy gamers have actually been predicting the Omega DLC since August, when it was discovered that coding in the Extended Cut seemed to imply a visit to the fan-favorite location was on the table. Omega was a popular setting for fans, one that left the typical shiny metallic feel of most other levels behind in exchange for a rusted, decrepit atmosphere filled with hostile vagrants and mercenary gangs. Omega made our  list of Most Wanted Locations for Mass Effect 3, and we’re glad to see that BioWare hasn’t let the opportunity to head back slip under the radar.

While the plot for the Omega-based DLC hasn’t been revealed, it’s likely that Shepard will be forced to perform some assignments for Aria T’Loak, the vengeful Asari who is the de facto ruler of Omega. While she’s left stranded on the Citadel, there’s undoubtedly going to be much business to take care of in her name – and perhaps some stolen technology that will aid in the fight against the Reapers. Flynn stated that the DLC is being scheduled for release this Fall, so a November window is likely for the first single-player Mass Effect 3 DLC since Leviathan.

Mass Effect Sequel Confirmed

With the Reaper plotline seemingly concluded, what’s next for the franchise?

It wasn’t just news of the Omega DLC that Flynn let loose on the world today, though. In his open letter to followers of BioWare, he also let slip that the studio is working on a follow-up (or prequel) to the Mass Effect trilogy itself.

“The Mass Effect universe is vast, and Casey and our teams have plans for another full game.”

The game is still in the planning stages right now, and may even be a prequel to Shepard’s timeline. While the official word is that the first-person shooter idea is still cancelled, the series may yet branch from its traditional third-person perspective. At this stage, the new title may as well be a kart racer – only time will reveal more about the project, though we have a few of our own suggestions for the studio.

Working on a sequel to the events of Mass Effect 3 would be a hectic task for the studio, which would have to deal with multiple endings that have gigantic ramifications for the universe of the franchise. Whether the next game will have a concurrent timeline, or perhaps even detail historical events like humanity’s infamous first contact with intelligent life (The First Contact War), is yet to be discovered. Now that the word is out that Casey is already in the conceptual phase of the project, he may have a few things to say in the near future.

What do you think, Ranters? Are you excited to head back criminally-controlled husk of an asteroid? Are you excited for the Mass Effect franchise to continue?

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  • Jeremy Ward

    Excellent. A fourth game would work wonders, especially in a post Reapers setting. The First Contact war doesn’t have much to mine, given that it was a short battle, and the Council stepped in rather quickly to bring humanity in. It’s too bad Casey Hudson is still on the project, but a new chronicle such as Shepard’s son in a PA version of the ME universe would rock. For example, the mass effect relays are destroyed, but you start off with a ship to find a way to duplicate the effects and reconstruct the relays. As you explore various sectors around the system, you gain more effective range for your ship and stop a new rising intelligence that wishes the technology is never recovered.

    • bio

      But first contact war is to mass effect what Reach is to halo…

      • dan

        Nooo, Reach is to Halo what Shanxi is to Mass Effect. Both take place on one world, both turned out to be hopeless battles for humanity, both have very unconventional campaigns, and both showcase the unfathomable degree of threat posed to humanity by the Covenant/Turian fleets. In addition, both also show some level of ancestry between past and present characters, with the main PC in Reach an earlier generation of Spartan and with Admiral Williams as the ancestor of Ashley Williams. And both are among the earliest initial prolonged hostile encounters with an alien race for humanity in their respective universes. The entire First Contact War would be more closely compared to all of the Halo games combined, except for three important characteristics. The first differing characteristic would be the time frame of the wars; Halo’s was much longer if I remember correctly. The second is the reasons for battle; the covenant waged a religious crusade against humanity whereas Turians and humans fought because of perceived hostilities on either side. The third is the limiting factions in either story the covenant was an unbridled empire going to religious war without any oversight whatsoever, whereas the turians had the Citadel Council to answer to.

        All that being said, I don’t think pitting the First Contact War and Reach against each other is a truly adequate comparison.

        • bio

          I am not talking about the out come I am talking about when it comes to Halo Reach is what jump started the halo story line with master chief. And lets face it with out the first contact war and there discovery relays humans would not be where they are by time ME 1 takes place.

          I am not talking about what happens in both of them but talking about with out these two events there whould be no HALO 1 2 and 3 and there would be no Mass effect 1 2 and 3.

          • dan

            Ah, I see. I wouldn’t contest that. What you say is true. But I can’t see how to turn it into a game. The formula for Halo was actually kind of simple, and the plot was very linear. Mass Effect, however, emphasizes things like meaningful choice, open exploration, and progressive customization as Bioware-esque selling points. That style, however, just doesn’t bode well in any direct prequel, especially insofar as canon is concerned.

  • Austin

    Who wouldn’t be!!!

  • Sam

    OMG!!!!!!! THIS IS THE GREATEST NEWS ALL YEAR!!!! Absolutely Epic!!!!!!Mass Effect is one of if not the most important piece of sci fi since Star Trek and Star Wars. I LOVE THE CHANGE IN MANAGEMENT!!!!!!!! Mass Effect effected my life in so many ways.

  • Sam

    Hmm. I’m glad that more DLC is coming. Not overly ecstatic, but certainly glad. Anything to extend the duration of good feels i have until the endings show up. Yes, I am in that boat, deal with it.
    That being said, a new ME game is rather ambitious. I mean, like the article said, the endings have to be dealt with… all I can think is ‘giant crap storm’.

    • Neon Panther

      Actually the ending really isn’t that bad if you have Extended Cut DLC.

    • NeonPanther

      Actually the ending really isn’t that bad if you have the Extended Cut DLC.

  • Jeff

    “Working on a sequel to the events of Mass Effect 3 would be a hectic task for the studio, which would have to deal with multiple endings that have gigantic ramifications for the universe of the franchise.”

    This is a joke right? What multiple endings?

  • John

    Once again I have predicted Mass Effect DLC correctly! (I made all my guesses before Extended Cut was announced…which I predicted :3 ) I would love to head back to Omega. Not sure what kind of war asset you could get from there, but it should be a fun set of missions. As for the new Mass Effect game, Bioware, DO NOT F*CK UP ANOTHER Mass Effect GAME, PLEEEASE! It would be interesting, however, to have a post-reaper Mass Effect, and possibly have the *SPOOOOOIIIILLLLEEEEEEER ALLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEERT* Apex (organic reaper guys) as the antagonists. As for further predictions, this will probably be the last story DLC from Bioware, but there will be more multiplayer DLC. I still wuv wu Bio. :3

  • Joe

    As Harbinger said at the end of Mass Effect 2
    “This Changes Nothing”

  • Brent

    They could theoretically make it follow Shepard’s story post Reaper-war.

    Depending on the choices the player made in MA3, the storyline could assume the ending with best results (ie, assuming you finished 3 with 7200 strength or whatever is considered the perfect ending)

    Destroy: Shepard is seen taking a breath while laying in some rubble

    Synthesis: Since Shepard’s energy caused synthesis across the galaxy, Shepard could perhaps be reconstructed from a leftover code that was left from the galactic DNA restructure, like he accidentally left his own DNA in the code

    Control: Shepard’s personality/memories/essence is part of the Reaper fleet – its possible with Reaper tech that Shepard could make a clone of himself. Though in this state he would essentially be a walking god, unless for some reason he severed his connection with the Reapers. Heck, if Cerberus can bring him back, its easy for the Reapers.

    It would be interesting to see a post Reaper galaxy. Unfortunately for a storyline, war with any species who fought the Reapers would be unlikely, as the galaxy is united/etc. Unless the Batarians try to capture Reaper tech and take over. I’d love to destroy their home planet, personally

    • Brent

      Unless you chose the fourth ending and gave up. then you’re screwed.

  • Jecn

    me and my brother have talked about this so ill throw it out there…outside of whatever number you need to hit for the war assets to garner the perfect ending the war assets are essentially meaningless correct? now that being said we have a theory that once all the dlc is out esp in light of Leviathan (reaper killers)what if they r setting this all up for if you hit 10k war assets with all the dlc and choose the refuse option you actually beat the reapers with out the pretty lights of the crucible? i would assume almost everyone dies doing it but the reapers end up being defeated? also maybe a harbinger boss battle? just our thoughts…as far as me4 goes…i would love it to be post reaper war and see all the stuff i have done effect the universe as i know it in game…i have faith in BW to come up with a compelling story to do this…also food for thought if they made 1 more dlc i think you becoming garrus or some other party member and search for sheps remains?..so say if the destroy ending ends up being canon you end up finding shep alive or if he is dead you bury him with the whole galaxy paying respects to the man ( or woman) just throwing it out there

  • Dan-O

    If anything, this news screams to me that Bioware is scrambling by trying to patch the bleeding loss of its fanbase. Here’s a thought, ditch Electronic Arts.