Mass Effect 3 First Look & Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Soon

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Mass Effect 3 and Modern Warfare 3 Reveals Next Month

Mass Effect 3 tops the list of Game Rant’s most anticipated games of 2011 even though we’ve barely seen anything from it. Modern Warfare 3, the next installment in the intensely successful Call of Duty franchise, isn’t even on said list because it still hasn’t been announced yet.

Both of these problems are about to change in a matter of weeks. UK magazine PSM3 have been conducting some self-promotion as of late, promising some major features in the April issue of their magazine, including the eagerly anticipated unveiling of Modern Warfare 3 and our first real look into Mass Effect 3.

They’re not the only ones taking part however, and we expect a flood of new material from all facets of the media next month for both of these titles. Game Informer also promises the unveiling of a “highly anticipated sequel” and they’ve only confirmed that it’s not Hitman 5 (some speculation points towards Thief 4 though). So, the Game Informer feature could be a third franchise, but we’ll focus on MW3 and ME3.

If you’ve been following the buzz train stemming from Electronic Arts and DICE’s recent Battlefield 3 marketing, it’s successfully been raising interest and expectations in their franchise, while at the same time downplaying Call of Duty. Many gamers, including us here at Game Rant, have been wondering how long it would take Activision to fire back by releasing something impressive and exciting about their next CoD title and to date, there’s been nadda. This changes very soon.

What significant additions will be added to Modern Warfare 3‘s multiplayer that 1) will make it standout from Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 and 2) will let it offer something different and better than what Battlefield 3 is offering? Will the necessity of having multiple developers rushing to work on the title allow for a complete and issue-free gaming experience?

On the Commander Shepard front, will Mass Effect 3 introduce a legitimate multiplayer feature as wildly rumored a few months ago? Will it be tacked on or could it be a full co-op experience throughout the entire campaign as we would like to see? Let’s save the world together, not alone! And please, let’s not dumb this RPG down.

Share your thoughts and expectations on Modern Warfare 3 and Mass Effect 3 below.

Mass Effect 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will both release Q4 2011 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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  • Muhammad Saleem

    How meta. A post revealing a post about a post revealing reveals soon to be revealed.

  • Cody

    No ME3 multiplayer

  • macready

    No multiplayer. No Co-op please. Just single player.

    Since Bioware spent 90% of ME2 trying to get their shoot mechanics up to a level of other shooters, I think spending most of the time trying to get the balance right this time between shooter and RPG, all the while taking place in a well crafted, expansive gameworld with an interesting story, in-depth character with lots of dialogue and previous choices making an impressive impact is the most important path to take.

    You see, that was quite a mouthful right there.

    And you know what? Tacking on any sort of multiplayer or co-op experience at the final chapter WILL ruin it. Its simple, giving this Mass Effect trilogy the proper conclusion (without falling into the 90% linear TPS game trap ME2 did) will require everything Bioware has got. Chucking in a gimicky multiplayer to try and placate some made up sect of shooter fans who are crying out for it in the game will completely ruin all that effort (if its actually being made).

    People are not worried about ME3 not having co-op or multiplayer. They are worried about if it will even have a semblance of RPG left in it. If the story will deliver at the final hurdle. If their favourite characters will return alongside Shepard as a teammate/romance.

    I think the choice is pretty clear.

    • Rob Keyes

      I totally agree, ME2 dropped the ball on RPG features and details, but being able to play ME1 with friends playing my 2 partymates is something that could only help.

      Playing SP would remain unaffected, at least, if I were designing it…

    • Ace

      Well said sir

  • Kennth

    Bioware has said two things in the past; 1) Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3 are Sheppard’s story and 2) that Mass Effect 3 will not be the last Mass Effect game. I agree ME3 should remain single player because it is Sheppard’s story and your teammates in the game are supporting characters. However what if Bioware’s next ME game was multiplayer? How do you think ME multiplayer would work out? Would you prefer it to be more co-op based or massive like halo or cod multiplayer?

  • ZackJ

    First of all, Modern Warfare 3 I could care less about.

    Now on to the game that will actually be worth my time, I couldn’t agree more that Mass Effect 3 multiplayer is a bad idea. For the first two games Mass Effect has been a one man journey, and a great one too. The reason for that is that all of the developers are working on the same story and same game. If they make it multiplayer that will split up the game makers so some are working on Mass Effect 3 single player and the others are working on making co-op or whatever multiplayer there is work. I don’t want that to happen because it could lead to an inferior product.

    Unlike others I liked Mass Effect 2. The RPG elements were incredibbly dumbed down, but they made a lot of smart choices as well. (Weapon ammo, no more driving around on planets, etc.) Now with this one they need to not only make it more action friendly, but make it more RPG friendly. I hated that they stripped down the customization that you could do to Shepard. With this one they need to revisit those issues and give us a phenomenal last chapter. Not some half baked multiplayer. Leave that to the dumb shooters like Call of Duty.