‘Mass Effect 3′ Fans Petition For New Game Ending

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Dissapointed Mass Effect 3 fans petition for new DLC ending.

While Mass Effect 3 is garnering well-deserved critical acclaim from all fronts (read our Mass Effect 3 review here), one thing a lot of fans seem to have reached consensus upon is their unhappiness with the ending of Commander Shepard’s story. With fans already upset about the ‘From Ashes’ day one DLC, the Tali Face issue and PS3 players reportedly having framerate problems, BioWare already had enough on their plate before players began to complete the game.

Mass Effect forums around the world are filled with heated discussion, with the general opinion being that the entire series is fantastic up until the last 15 minutes, leaving fans garnering for an alternative ending DLC to give Shepard, his team and the rest of the galaxy the ending they feel a series like Mass Effect deserves.

A recent poll on the BioWare website shows that only 2% the voting gamers, which total around 22,000 at the time of this posting, thought the ending was satisfactory and 88% are entirely unhappy with the current ending and would like a brand new one. The online petition is gathering signatures as an active campaign is being fought on both Facebook and Twitter. BioWare have yet to comment on the issue, though producer Michael Gamble tweeted that he was aware of gamer frustration:

“By the way… I am reading all of your thoughts. Just not ready to comment yet.”

Mass Effect 3 Ending Poll

While it’s one thing to say you dislike the direction a game went, it’s another to ask the developers to completely change an ending because you were unhappy with it. However, with such an overwhelming consensus voting in disapproval at the ending, it may be in BioWare’s best interest to pull a Fallout 3 and work on some Closure DLC – something may fans would be willing to shell out cash for to see the ending they feel the galaxy deserves.

Obviously, spoilers will follow as we detail why gamers are unhappy with the original ending. Do not continue if you haven’t finished single player for Mass Effect 3!

Most are upset for a simple reason – the Mass Effect 3 ending as it stands provides no details on what ultimately happens to the characters players have bonded with in the series, and Shepard himself seems oddly out of character when he accepts that there are only 3 choices to deal with the fate of the galaxy. While the other two games emphasized that the player’s choices made a huge impact in the galaxy, the ending of the third game takes nothing into account but your war assets – a simple numerical number.

Shepard, for whatever reason, simply accepts that he has three choices, instead of going into an expected ‘Shepard Speech’ to save everything he fought so hard for. It didn’t matter if you’d saved the Rachni, procured peace between Geth and Quarians,or had Turians and Krogan fighting side-by-side – none of it mattered. You had three choices. None of them provided closure to what happened to the galaxy, anyone in it, or your squad. As many gamers put it, the endings all show essentially the same video, but the beam that shoots from the Crucible is a different color. Of course, there are other endings if you really tanked the war assets, but it ends just about the same and the majority of gamers are feeling like none of the endings are too different, and even so, fail to offer a good sendoff for the story and character based trilogy.

With a current Metacritic user score of 3.5, it’s clear that gamers are unhappy about the ending, even after they raided the game rating website in response to DLC.

What do you think about the ending of Mass Effect 3? Were you satisfied with the conclusion, or would you like DLC to extend upon or change what happened?

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  • kailen

    Well you could take away the message of hopelessness that they unintentionally or intentionally sent. No matter how prepared you are, no matter what you do, no matter what promises you make, bad things happen and you die. I loved the series and the current 3 endings would be ok IF it was one of several ending. There should have been a way for Shepard to live, There should have been a way for Galactic civilization to continue.

    I do feel cheated, all or at least some of my actions should have been reflected in the final push of the war. There should have been cut scenes showing some of the various war assets Shepard brought to bear during the final fight.

    Finally, I don’t know how EA or Bioware could believe that ending this series in such a way that no squeal could ever be made could be a profitable decision. As for prequels why play in a world where everything is doomed.
    I do hope for a new ending but I still love this series this ending or no. I accept it as a sad ending you would see in a movie or book.

  • http://gamerant.com Matt Rowland

    I didn’t feel cheated in the slightest. It was the ending(s) people didn’t expect and desire because we’re conditioned by movies and books that there are happy endings and everything will be all right in the end.

    Think about Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Say what you want about the acting and whatnot, but think about the setup: Mostow designed the movie to be a fairly stereotypical summer movie, with the “heroes” racing against time to stop Skynet, again. Only this time, the ending was not expected based on the previous buildup in the movie, and the only thing John Connor was supposed to do was hide in the shelter and survive the nuclear onslaught.

    The entire Mass Effect series was designed in a similar fashion: let’s blow up the reapers! We’ll be the first to do it! And then I’ll settle down on a beach and have little blue children with Liara! WOOT WOOT!!

    Expect, it doesn’t happen. Your actions are futile for the most part, but when you honestly think about it, they SHOULD be futile. You were fighting for a slightly different cause than what you thought.

    There are some parallels to the Matrix trilogy as well, and while not exactly the same here, The Reapers were designed because the created always rebelled and would eventually destroy themselves. By preserving some organic life each cycle however, they were making sure that organic life would never become extinct. This was the original plan of the first civilization.

    I’m sort of rambling here now, and I’m going to put together a more in-depth discussion on this eventually, but to sum it up, I liked the various endings, especially the one where Shepard, who is not corrupted/indoctrinated, takes control of the reapers and tells them to basically leave everyone alone. It spares everyone’s technology but at the cost of isolation. Now the civilizations will need to figure out how to construct the mass relays again if they want to see people again. Judging by the post-credit scene in this ending, that’s not happening for awhile. But in my opinion, it is a very logical and thought-provoking ending.


    • digimass

      No you dont see the point, all the endings were the same stupid, no matter the choices. In the beginning it was promised that are choices would matter and carry over but Bioware just took a dump on it and gave us crap in the end.

      By all means all the games are amazing and Mass Effect 3 is about the best of them all until the ending. Our choices should have factored into the end. Also we need closure on what happens to the rest of the races, galaxy and our squadmates

      • http://biaclan360.enjin.com Vorazan

        I’m sorry, but the fact that you have not played the game(s) makes your entire comment irrelevant.

        • http://biaclan360.enjin.com Vorazan

          Sorry, digimass, that was not directed at your comment at all. I messed up.

    • Clayton Berry

      I liked the ending to Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Maybe this is the only terminator film you seen because the other two films let me know what happens in the future.

      Mass Effect 3 doesn’t let me know anything about the future accept some old guy and kid, joker and your team landing on some planet, the reapers being controlled, synthesized or destroyed and the mass relays blowing up.

      If any movie should be used as example, how about Armageddon. I was totally alright with Bruce Willis making that sacrifice at the end, but I would never watch the movie again if they never showed any closure after he hit the detonator. This is the problem with Mass Effect 3, I don’t want to replay the game because I have no idea if Sheperd’s sacrifice is worth it. To tell you the truth, if there is no Mass Effect 4 or DLC ending then I will videotape myself burning ME3 and I will post that on youtube.

    • Clayton Berry

      You know whats even crazier. Bioware publicly stated their ending wouldn’t leave fans wondering like the TV show “LOST” did.

    • Cariannis

      I guess that whole ‘make the game your own’ thing was the cake and we all know that the cake is a lie.

      • dan

        HAHAHAHAHAHA that cracked me up

    • Undoingthemythos

      Here is the problem with the T3 analogy and the problem with the ME3 ending, it undoes the mythos. At the end of T2 history is changed, it is left ambiguous but not unhappy, as opposed to the happy ending that they did film but cut (John with a daughter, Sarah giving notes on the future no will ever know). The dark road at night is not a happy ending but it is hopeful. T3 says judgement day is inevitable and undoes that ending…even though it happened. T3 is an example of a money grab, not a good story in the canon, even though I enjoyed it. ME3 undoes the major themes of the first 2 and majority of the 3rd. If my choices affect the outcome, and keep in mind that is what the games were about and what Reese says to Sarah (No fate but what we make for ourselves) then Bioware failed. Babylon 5 had flaws but not in story telling, the entire story of ME is close to the B5 universe (with other elements added in) and the writer of B5 JMS gave us and ending where his Shepard SPOILER HERE…. has only 20 years to live and in the finale he dies. It makes the entire fourth and fifth seasons of the show sad, but you still watch, and I still cry when I watch the series finale, because of the universe JMS built. For me B5 is the greatest SciFi series ever, and the writers of ME should have taken a page from JMS and allowed for endings that are bittersweet. Happy endings are not necessary, consistent endings are.
      Shepard always rejected the choices given and made his own world, shaped the universe to his image, everyone constantly says that, and then we are told that he can no longer do that? Well renegade interrupt on that. Sacrifice for others is the highest good, but the three options do not make the universe better, they make it worse. They say the cycle cannot be broken, I say why listen to the mad man who tells you that there are only two (or three) options when clearly you rejected that long ago. In the Lord of the Rings, the appendices, there is the full love story of Aragorn and Arwen and as they pledge their lives to one another they reject both the shadow and the light (meaning that future is uncertain, again not happy but able to shape their future). Lloyd Alexander does a similar thing with his Chronicle of Prydain when the main character rejects certain bliss of the Summer Lands for the uncertain future and unfinished business in the real world. I am running on a bit but all of this is to say that good story telling (especially if the player is the story teller) should allow for the character to reject the choices (i.e. we can be in really bad circumstances but still be happy or in great circumstances but suffer from depression). The end came out of character for the series, that is the problem, not that it is unhappy, but that no matter how hard you work the machine always will get you. Plus the synthetics will kill you so I am creating synthetics to kill you so synthetics will not kill you logic is circular…don’t end a series on a logical fallacy, it also begs the question of who programmed the machines with the faulty logic program. Sorry I ran so long. Cheers.

  • digimass

    I think to make up for the ending, Bioware needs to do dlc that changes the ending so your choices actually matter plus then have one or a few more mission to discover the true origins of the Reapers and to make sure they never happen again. During these final missions, people could get the final closure they need from their party memebers

    Plus bring Wrex back as a squadmate for this new Dlc, that’d make fans really happy.

    • Clayton Berry

      yeah right on man, not once the entire game did I have a Krogan in my party. Krogans are badass. I had a Krogan in multiplayer and they rock!!!

  • DonQ

    Gamers have every right to be upset about this; its not whining. Say someone has been selling you beautiful paintings for the last few years, each time requesting that you buy them before you see them. You took a chance the first time, but it paid off because it turned out to be an amazing piece of art, worth every penny. The artist assures you that his following paintings will be just as good, and for the most part they are. He then tells you he’s got one last painting ready, similar to the prior ones but even better, so you eagely plop your hard earned money down for it only to discover that its nothing at all like the prior ones, and is totally devoid of talent – like some little kids stick figure family holding hands next to a stick figure house with a yellow circle above them all. Wouldn’t you feel cheated?

  • Biggians


    /end rant and capslock.

  • Cariannis

    What I’d like from DLC for Mass Effect 3.

    1. A new ending with my decisions from ME1/ME2 really making a difference.
    2. I felt jiped not seeing Tali’s face, this needs to be fixed.
    3. Why can’t my female Shepard romance Ash? Male Shepard can romance Kaidan.

    Those are really my main problems with the game (besides why a certain bartender thinks I’m in a romance with Liara which I wasn’t) not counting bug my only problems with the game.

    • Clayton Berry

      Exactly, Im guessing they ran out of space on the disk for Tali’s face.
      They were able to make a brand new character called “Diane Allers” but no Tali face.
      I would be happy to trade Diane Allers for Tali’s face anyday.

      • Cariannis

        I have to also add…

        4. The game doesn’t answer why Anderson isn’t Councilor even though some picked him in ME1.

        to this list.

        • Souzuken

          Simple enough has you read the codex. There are some stuff in there worth listening/reading.

        • yannismak

          It is mentioned in the narrative codex.

    • O-Dog

      Ummm tali can’t take off her helmet without getting very sick. sure she did it on rannoch thats her natural environment and hiding it is a big teaser which is love/hate. if you romance tali you do see a picture of her which is very detailed so its kinda that same thing.

      also f*ck you bioware for ruining my expectations for a great ending, please fix it!

      • Ant

        Hey, don’t loose it man, so the ending isn’t satisfying…most of us want a new one but Bioware still just made one of the finest gaming experiences in history. Don’t tell them “F*ck You” !

    • Anakin316

      To be honest Ash isn’t a devote Christian/ Catholic?? i’m sure same sex relationship would be against her religon so that is probably why a Femshep can’t romance her

      • Cariannis

        The lines for a femshep/Ash romance are still coded into ME1 you can do some moding to play around with them.

      • dan

        Bioware did establish a bisexual Ashley in ME1. But then, if I recall correctly they scrapped its presence because there was no MShep-Kaidan coded in. Although the bisexual code is still accessible in PC

  • Michael

    I love mass effect, my friends called me obsessed, but whatever. i really really liked this series and my mind was thoroughly blown on multiple occasions. but, at the ending or the third game… i just sat there staring at the screen like… seriously? so much buildup, so much game play, so many decisions to come down to 3 endings? The same endings no matter what happened before that. if felt so… incomplete at the end. i just hope Bioware listens to their followers and makes some kind of amendment to the ending. as i said before, i love everything about this series except the overly depressing ending.

  • Chris

    The Ending Choices in Mass Effect 3 and the epilogue should be in different discussions. Don’t get me wrong, I hated the choices, but I can tolerate them. The problem is the epilogue and that’s where Bioware should direct their focus, if a DLC is even in their minds at all.
    My point is, (1)what happens to your crew? You don’t see all of them exit the normandy on that remote planet, (2) Why/What was the Normandy running from that Joker had the ship right in harms way of the beam? Space is 3-Dimensional, you don’t have to outrun something that’s traveling in a straight line. Just pull up, right?(3)If you started a relationship, there’s no continuance, no Shepard, Jr., persay, (4) Who survived the space battle/ground battle? (5) There’s no memorial, no ceremony, no funeral, not anything, (6) and last, regardless of your choice of endings, the mass relays are all but cosmic dust and you’ve just sent every species back to their perspective stone-ages, also, whoever helped you on/at Earth are basically stuck there.
    What? Is that better?

    • O-Dog

      just like at the end of halo 3. sure they said it was going to be the ‘end’ but at the end of the funeral someone had scratched down masterchiefs spartan number. a f*cking fantastic way to end it even if you were sad masterchief died

      BIOWARE WHY!!!!!!!

    • Ant

      Normandy wasn’t running from a beam it was travelling through a mass relay. That why Joker couldn’t pull up…It would tear the ship apart.

  • XBioWareFAN

    I blame it on EA,At the last minute of finishing EA suits bust in and said
    “Screw the fans!,We don’t care how they gonna feel!”

  • Proletariate

    *Spoilers I think*

    Making sure that I didn’t spoil the game by going online and glimpsing into the future of Shepard was a difficult proposition for me. As a nerd of Mass Effect, I love to read the lore, the storyline. The various exchanges on theories as to where it’s all headed. Who lives, who dies. Happily, I must say that I did not ruin any such surprises.

    When I first beat the game, the feel of it all led me to believe that perhaps I had messed up some critical piece of information. Perhaps “Son of Reaper” mentioned some minutia I obviously discounted. Something… Anything that would allow me to abstain from destroying everything that was Mass Effect. To my dismay, I found out that each ending accomplished the same instilling of malaise.

    The characters we spent so much time interacting with. The nagging unused plot devices. The momentous strives for a new galactic future. All of that culminates into nothingness with the ending as it is. Not only that, but parts of the ending itself took me aback. I found myself questioning the jumps in logic. *Charlie Brown Argh*

    But against my wanton optimism – I don’t imagine we’ll be getting another ending, happy or otherwise. Unless, someone wants to authorize it in the Spectre office… anyone? And if we did, I certainly would not care for it as some 5-10$ DLC. Ha – Wonder if this was planned all along.

  • jared

    Sometimes a game is`nt just a game for some people. I think Nintendo said it best by calling them experiences. We didnt spend 5 years of our lives, getting emotionally invested in these characters, & this amazing universe you created, for u ta just crap where u see fit. We need ta know that the countless hours me & Shepard spent fighting was worth a d**n!! Say what u want about the Lord of the Rings ending, but at least there was charactor clairity. This is one fan that will now Question future Bioware.

  • Anakin316

    Bioware could have made the ending for Mass Effect 3 ABSOLUTLY EPIC but they ‘had’ to do some calibrations on multiplayer instead…..lol seriously though I absolutly loved the mass effect triology until the ending of ME 3 – That was not the ending this top quality game triology deserved and my Shep would never EVER has accepted the bloody ‘God Childs’ options – no chance in hell would he have done.

  • http://biaclan360.enjin.com Vorazan

    In all seriousness, though…

    We all know now about the massive shitstorm brewing on the internet with regards to Mass Effect 3’s ending(s). While the ending to ANY popular trilogy usually causes unhappiness among fans, Mass Effect 3 struck particularly close to home with me because I was a fan of the game since Day 1. I have been playing through ME2 religiously in the months before release to ensure best possible save game.

    And then I bought the game, and it took me roughly 40 hours to get to the end, doing everything you can do, all the tiny sidequests, planet scans and missions, in order to ensure best possible outcome.

    And then I got to the end… and a thousand mouths cried out in pain…

    I will try to address and express a number of issues that I personally have with the endings, and hopefully most of you will feel the same way. Or at least see where I am coming from.

    Naturally, SPOILERS ARE ABOUT TO LAND UP IN HERE! Leave now.

    The Crucible is not deus ex machina, it is a MacGuffin. It’s largely irrelevant except as a plot device. It is the exhaust port on the Death Star.

    The narrative of ME3 is not about finding the Crucible, it is about building the greatest alliance ever seen in the galaxy (which the Crucible, as a plot device, allows to happen).

    Why the Catalyst AI and his Monty Hall spiel of the Adjust Hue/Saturation is a deus ex machina is that it is the resolution to the narrative. The fact that he is also literally a “god from the machine” is irrelevant, albeit ironic. He is a deus ex machina in the literary sense, i.e. a handwaved contrivance that shows up out of the blue to quickly whisk away all the dangling story threads, and to abruptly end the story.

    This is abysmal writing. This is abysmal game design; a Pick Your Own Adventure book where all choices take you to the same final chapter. It is counter to everything this game is. And what is this game?

    In a recent Extra Credits, Portnow discussed core elements of a game. The Mass Effect series is really not a third person shooter. It is also really not a roll-the-dice-and-level-up CRPG. Mass Effect is, at its core, interactive fiction. All the memorable moments in these games take place in cutscenes that play out in myriad ways based on prior choices. You are role-playing in the most literal sense of crafting a character’s personality based on your choices. The climax of Mass Effect 2 was not shooting the Human Reaper in the eye, the climax of Mass Effect 2 were the cutscenes that played and showed the results of your actions. Did you defy TIM? Did your crewmates survive? If your choices were poor enough, you could defeat the final boss, only to make a desperate leap towards the Normandy with no one to catch you.

    The desperate leap in Mass Effect 3 is your dash towards the Beam. The only input that matters at all past this point is the encounter with TIM. That encounter is true to Mass Effect, and honors your previous choices, and provides closure for the secondary antagonist.

    But for the main antagonist (Reapers), nothing you did matters. You are given three arbitrary choices to solve a problem that, depending on your actions, may be proven to be a false dilemma in the first place. If you saved both the Quarians and the Geth, witnessed Legion’s messianic sacrifice, and humanized EDI – the Catalyst’s claim of organic/synthetic conflict being unavoidable is patently false.

    The Catalyst AI is completely incongruous with the narrative and the themes of the game. It shows up, provides a complete strawman of a conflict, and then offers three vapid, plot-hole ridden resolutions to this conflict, which abruptly end the narrative in a blinding flash of Space Magic (pick your color!).

    No one is complaining about the preceding 30 hours of gameplay. Choices did seem to matter. Your treatment of the Rachni queen from two games ago ended up gaining you a seemingly valuable ally. Saving Wrex can gain a hopeful future for the Krogan. Your choices regarding Legion and the Migrant Fleet in ME2 have incredibly strong consequences in the seeming conclusion of the Geth/Quarian storyline. This is why we loved the game up to the ending.

    And the ending completely demolished all of it, and made it completely illusory. Who gives a shit if you saved the Rachni? They just end up giving you Space Points and don’t affect your ending at all. Who gives a shit if the Quarians or Geth or both survived? They’re all dead anyway. Who cares if you cured the genophage and saved the one leader who could lead the Krogan into a less brutish, more hopeful future? He’s either trapped on earth or dead, and the radioactive husk that is Tuchanka cannot sustain their race without supplies anyway.

    And even more egregiously, the choices you made in the development of YOUR Shepard don’t matter. She acts EXACTLY the same when facing the ultimate antagonist regardless of whether she’s a Space Racist Renegade or Never Surrender Paragon or whatever your Shepard actually is, and what (insert pronoun) stands for.

    You accept Space Hitler’s premise without argument, and dejectedly pick one of the three Slightly Less Turning Everyone Into Paste final solutions he has to offer.

    How does it matter in the slightest that I’ve done the frickin’ impossible and united the Geth and the Quarians into a hopeful future, shown that we need not fear synthetic life, seen a nascent artificial sentience freely decide to set “Love and compassion” as their main motivation, and fought for the reactionary, bleak idea of “AI will always rebel” to be proven wrong? Space Hitler shows up, says “AI will always rebel, here are drastic fixes to this undeniable problem”. And I go “yessuh”?

    The ending of the story is not actually sad, it’s just anticlimactic, contrived, incongruous, and ridden with plot holes.

    The part that’s sad and what’s tearing me apart is that this is not a case of people writing themselves into a corner. This is not a case of glorified hacks like Ronald D. Moore or Cuse/Lindelof making shit up as they go along, to find themselves at the end with no way to tie all the crap together in a cathartic way.

    This is a beautifully written game, for the majority of the experience. Bioware has bona fide talent within their ranks. And the story, up to the very end, is redeemable in dozens of ways. Even the contrived, out-of-the-blue Star Child could be made into an interesting character by presenting it as a shackled AI who was given a specific, limited goal born of fear (stop AI from wiping out organic life forever), and it arrived at the grotesque solution of Reapers not because AI is evil, but the constraints never allow it to look past the false dilemma it’s attempting to solve.

    Most importantly, this is not a TV show or a movie. This narrative is, by design, told in a unique medium which is NOT doomed to give us a singular ending. Our Shepards can be varied, yes, but there is a finite amount of paradigms that lead you to the end, and they could all have a cathartic, poignant, and persistent ending. Let the Renegades ascend to rule the galaxy. Let the Paragons defeat primitive fear and xenophobia.

    I do not care if the Relays have to go down, but don’t do it in such a thoughtless way as to destroy everything meaningful I accomplished. I do not care if my Shepard dies. In fact, I expected her to go down in a blaze of glory, in the greatest battle that shall ever be fought, for the most meaningful (to her) victory a soldier could ever earn. She did not get this. I did not get this.

    TENS OF THOUSANDS of people didn’t get this. We are not asking for a Disney ending. We are not asking for a dance party with Ewoks. We are just asking for our Big Damn Heroes to go out on their own terms, win or lose.

    • Discipleinblack

      That is, profanity or no, the best, most well thought through argument made yet. You just explained in detail what the rest of us have been trying to say in frustration. I wish Casey Hudson could see what you just said. Get him off his soap box.

  • jak frost

    In all honesty it sounds like your people are getting all bent out of shape for nothing. Now Im not going to get the game because I don’t like mass effect but the ending seems all right to me yea they left some of the characters in the dust but that doesn’t mean you should scream for a new ending thats like an insult to bioware. Cause If i were bioware and they spent a lot of time making a game with a HUGE fan base and then every one all started to petition for a new ending. I would be like screw you guy’s. Im not making a new ending.

    • Winter

      I think that you need to play the game, all of the preferably, in order to understand why this is happening. Just watching the ending doesn’t show much and gives people what they have seen in every other linear game. Mass effect has been advertised and promoted around one point: the players choice matters. This flies in the face of what they have created and may even be considered false advertisement.

      Criticising bioware about the ending is exactly what should be happening. noone is saying that the rest of the game is horrible, just the ending. Everything the but the last few minutes is exemplary and should go down as one of the greats alongside chrono trigger and FF6. If we did not say anything then nothing would be done and the devs may end up creating another game with a similar ending – the problem will come up and backlash ensues.

    • http://biaclan360.enjin.com Vorazan

      I’m sorry, but the fact that you have not played the game(s) makes your entire comment irrelevant.

      • jak frost

        Now what I said was I did not like the games that would be implying that I have played all three of them. And I did not like any of them so there for my comment is irrelevant. And not to mention I heard if you biuld up all of your military shepherd will LIVE. please correct me if Im wrong

    • Discipleinblack

      If you haven’t played the games then you obviously haven’t invested the literal hundreds of hours that the rest of us have. You really just can’t understand. So please, for sake of not getting someone to cuss you out, don’t try. Most of the fans here, haven’t just been here through ME, but through KOTOR as well. We know what Bioware is capable of, and this isn’t it. We’re not just mad and pitching a fit, we’re offended because the end of the games goes against what the rest of the game is AND completely discredits everything Casey Hudson and friends promised us for the conclusion. Therefore, we have every right to be upset. Most of us don’t actually mean we want a new ending, we mean we want new endings. Plural. As in more than one.

      • Korena

        Could not have said it better myself.

      • jak frost

        Now thats not what Im trying to do at all. Im just saying it happened so come to peace with ya know. Take the game brink for instance now the guy said there were two story lines but there wasn’t there wasn’t even one.(people lie) Now My bud told me that his ending was that shepherd lived. Now if bioware makes a new ending more power to you the mass effect fan base. And not to mention I beat the first two and thought im not going to wast any more time playing a game that did not interest me any more.

  • Korena

    My thoughts on Mass Effect 3? Well it was a great game though I wish Bioware had put more time into the characters I spent all of Mass Effect 2 getting to know. Now the ending? One word pretty much sums it up: Insulting. I DO know that this game is supposed to be grim with the reaper invasion and all but I still think a happy ending is possible. I think it should be damn near impossible to achieve and you should have to do everything single thing throughout the ENTIRE series perfectly but it should be there. Like Thane said Shepard has built a career on performing the impossible so I don’t see why she can’t do it again. The ending was cheap and gave me no closure whatsoever. I can’t go back to the first two games let alone replay the third because I can’t stand to look at the characters I love. Bioware needs to do something and be quick about it too. A series this beautiful and unique deserves better and so do us fans.