Next ‘Mass Effect 3′ DLC Details Appearing; BioWare Calls for ‘All Hands on Deck’

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Mass Effect 3 Last DLC Details

From Ashes. Leviathan. Omega. It’s been nine months since the release of Mass Effect 3, and so far the search for its definitive single-player DLC remains ongoing. While each expansion introduced some intriguing concepts to the campaign storyline, each (read our reviews for From Ashes, Leviathan, and Omega) has been undermined by a lack of compelling gameplay and — perhaps the most common gripe among fans — any elaboration on the Mass Effect 3 endings.

With the current state of affairs, it hasn’t taken long (only a week after Omega’s release) for the focus to shift towards BioWare’s future plans. Details have begun percolating online for what is confirmed to be the next — and perhaps even the last — Mass Effect 3 story DLC.

While ostensibly the DLC is still a ways out — its name and release date are still a mystery — BioWare appears to be approaching it with a greater sense of gravity, enlisting a wide — and reputable contingent of production talent from throughout the series. Designer Josh Hendricks took to the BioWare forums to reveal that for the script, it’s all hands — well, we’ll allow him:

“It’s all hands on deck for this one. Pretty much every ME3 DLC writer here in Edmonton is involved. (which would include both Patrick Weekes AND John Dombrow).”

All in all, according to Hendricks, a team of about eight writers are collaborating on the DLC’s script — though whether or not “all hands” extends to writers of the core game, like lead writer Mac Walters, remains unclear. (Given the limited locus of narrative scope that came with From Ashes, Leviathan, and Omega, that might be the only way BioWare would consider pushing beyond the already extended endings.) The soundtrack, however, is being produced by a Mass Effect mainstay: trilogy composer Sam Hulick, who won awards for his work on Mass Effects 13 but was conspicuously absent from From Ashes and Omega:

And what can we expect from the acoustic accompaniment? Hulick suggested a stirring, but likely somber tone for one of his upcoming pieces:

The insight on the future expansion’s writing and musical direction arrives just weeks after the voice-acting call sheet began filling up. Seth Green, the affable voice behind Normandy pilot Joker, was revealed as another DLC participant when Caroline Livingstone, BioWare producer and voice director, complimented him last week on Twitter for “yet another fantastic session” (and for being kind). Kaiden Alenko voice actor Raphael Sbarge announced his return to the Mass Effect recording studio further back in October, and with Shepard excising his squadmates in the recent Omega quest line, it’s safe to assume his work, as well, is centered around the upcoming project.

Mass Effect 3 DLC Joker Final

Not unlike the future of Mass Effect itself, Mass Effect 3’s story DLC possesses a wealth of opportunity, with the right decisions and right talent and enough investment, to create something worthwhile for the franchise. It’s proven that in premise — a Prothean squadmate, a fabled Reaper-slaying race; the retaking of Omega — but ultimately reaction to each addition has been decidedly mixed.

Do you think BioWare, bringing “all hands on deck,” will deliver on what may well be a final salute to Mass Effect 3?

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Sources: BioWare forums, Sam Hulick Twitter, Caroline Livingstone Twitter, Raphael Sbarge Twitter — via IGN

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  • SeabeeGR

    Well, how long it has finally took Bioware to realized that it need changes we we’re hoping to see before they release the lasts of the DLCs? its a miracle they approach this point of view and calling ALL HANDS.

  • Cariannis

    More auto dialogue? At least I have youtube as a means to find out if its worth anything.

  • Emissary of Death

    They should of had Jack Wall as the composer for this, his music was epic on Mass Effect 2, especially that song called suicide mission it had no boundaries just gave you that feeling that this is your final stand.

  • Slowstarter

    Why bother with another DLC, other than in game play which has been pedestrian at best, it will not change the ending or the story. Time to move on to Mass Effect 4 make a story and build it. They seem to like the Vega character but I would like to see a Garrus story including the Prothean fighting Pirates and Cerberus remnants throughout the Galaxy.

  • Felix

    Any news if this will be in the GOTY ?

    • dan

      Yes. It’s a contender, by most parties.

  • AlexMech

    All right, there could be an opportunity here to finsh the series really well, I liked the endings to ME3, but seeing how people had issues with “closure” I think they ought to do a Aftermath DLC. 1 month after the End, and you are one of the team members. Someone who survived both ME2 and ME3 in the the gamer files. They are peicing the galaxy back togeather, and its in anticipation of what we will find in ME4 (which I still feel misgivings about) and they are facing the concequences of Shepards choices. Good, bad, indifferent, does not matter, its their mess to sort out.

    • Slowstarter

      That would be cool. Survivor DLC.

  • WatchMeRage


  • dan

    I’m actually really excited for this dlc. I hope it comes out soon. I also hope it isn’t the last, was hoping for five+ story dlc’s. Hopefully this is a stronger blend of story and gameplay than what has already been released.