‘Mass Effect 3′ Extended Cut Release Times, More Details

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Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Release Times

By now you’ve probably already read our discussions on whether Mass Effect 3 does or does not need a new ending, but regardless of that you’re interested to see what extended conclusion BioWare has crafted in the form of the Extended Cut DLC. Though the DLC doesn’t officially release until tomorrow, Mass Effect Producer Michael Gamble has taken to Twitter to explain when exactly gamers might be able to get their hands on the hotly anticipated DLC.

For Xbox 360 gamers, the DLC should be available around 5 AM EST, the usual release window for Xbox Live products. For PS3 players, the DLC should become available some time in the afternoon — the PSN update times tend to fluctuate based on server stress and demand. And for PC players, Gamble says they are trying to get the DLC up by about noon MST on Origin.

Along with revealing these release times for the expanded Mass Effect 3 ending Gamble also delivered some hints as to what type of impact the DLC will have on the game’s missions. Essentially he recommends that players begin the game from the attack on Cerberus base (the save point created once Mass Effect 3 is completed) in order to see all the additional scenes.

Further expanding on that point, Gamble explains that about 3100 war assets are necessary for the “perfect” ending in the game — just to make sure gamers don’t continue to feel like they missed out on something. One of the most convenient ways to max out one’s War Assets, besides simply completing every side mission or promoting multiplayer characters, is through the Mass Effect Datapad app. It’s a bit time consuming, but for gamers who want to roll through the game from start to finish with the intent of gaining new perspective, it’s a handy way of accumulating extra galactic readiness to then maximize the usefulness of your war assets.

By this time tomorrow gamers will either be singing the praises of BioWare for the expanded conclusion they have provided, or once again lamenting their inability to satisfyingly conclude one of this generation’s biggest trilogies. Creative Director Casey Hudson has already said it won’t satisfy everyone, but if it at least provides some extra context post-decision that could be enough.

Are you planning on playing through the Extended Cut DLC as soon as it releases? Will you be starting from the very beginning or only from the recommended start?

Mass Effect 3‘s Extended Cut DLC releases tomorrow June 26, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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  • Tay

    Probably from the recommended save point or I will just watch it on YouTube.

    • Greg

      I’ve been trying to find it on youtube and most are either fake or people babbling about the old ending.

  • Shsron

    With Dawnguard coming out, I’m putting the ME3 DLC on ignore. I pulled an Adam from Mythbusters, thought up my own coherent ending in line with my Shepard’s efforts , rejected Bioware’s reality and substituted my own. I’m finished with Mass Effect AND Bioware. Remember when Bethesda released Broken Steel to repair their crap ending to Fallout 3? Turns out their original Vault Dweller gets fried to save everyone else was a masterpiece compared to what was inflicted on ME3. Damned if Grunt didn’t get to selflessly face overwhelming odds alone to become the hero Shepard should have been. I’ll be back on Shadowmere killing stuff with a new Dragonbone crossbow or new shouts. Y’all let me know what Casey did on YouTube, ok?

    • KR

      Yup, this is what I did too. I totally agree with you – I’m done with Bioware and playing Skyrim/Dawnguard all day every day.

  • Andrew

    Casey saying it won’t satisfy everyone: Yep, I’m out. If you don’t have any confidence in your product how do you expect me to feel? I’ll play it once and that’s that. Thanks EA for ruining videogames for me and thanks Bioware for sucking that dick.

    • Varteras

      It’s not about confidence. It’s about reality. If they come out and say it will satisfy everyone you and I both know there will be a tidal wave of negative press surrounding it because people will cry that it didn’t satisfy them. There are people who quite literally want an entirely different ending and series of events leading to the ending. This isn’t for those people because that compromises the vision that Bioware has for the series. This DLC is about giving a better explanation about what the currently existing endings represent and a better idea of what their effects are. Seriously, quit acting like a brat.

    • Cody

      You are delusional if you think the Extended Cut is going to please every single person that complained about the ending. That would be impossible, and you know it. He doesn’t have a lack of confidence, he is accepting the reality of the situation. People WILL still bitch and people WILL still do most of the moaning.

      BioWare was humble enough to accept that their ending wasn’t worthy in the eyes of the gaming community that has been emotionally invested in a story for nearly half a decade now. That’s already a plus in my book.

  • Will

    All they needed to do was to tell us exactly what happened at the end… a simple explanation.. a sentence a few words.. instead we get this artistic ingegrity rubbish.. unless theres some major twist a spoiler were not aware of why the silence the unanswered questions its all so odd…

  • Ajeno

    Like the comment above, I’ll youtube it. Uninstalled ME3. If I like what I see, maybe I’ll go back but I have a load of games to play if not. Shame. What was once compulsive is now nothing but a footnote. That may be Bioware’s biggest crime of all.

  • http://www.the-voices.net Shane

    I didn’t mind the original ending. If I get this DLC then I’ll play it.

  • Slyko227

    originally for the “best” ending didn’t you need ~5000???

  • Nate

    Awesome!!!! I started replaying through it the other day and i am just now on the attack on Horizon, so this works out wonderfully!! as soon as i wake up, i am downloading it and finishing this!! i’ve got 4763 War Assets, so im good on that front!!! i can not wait!!

  • Jeremy

    Can we give Bioware a little slack here. Honestly they didn’t have to give any type of closure. How many times have you played a good game and you and a lot of other people had a problem with but the company didn’t do anything to fix it? And not everyone is gonna be satisfied with this new expansion, it would be unrealistic to think so.

    • Cody

      You’re absolutely correct. Like I said in my reply to someone else here, I cannot thank BioWare enough for already doing this. They were humble, and they accepted that their creation that millions of people have been emotionally invested, didn’t sit well with them. And now they’re going out of their way to fix it.

  • Red

    I’ll say it again, **** Bioware for realeasing Datapad only to iOS. Android has the larger market share. This is just insulting to fans.

    • Cody

      Get. Over. It. They said in the article that the application was one of the more ‘convenient’ ways to get the most complete game, not the only way.

  • sam

    Am I the only one who thinks the endings were already fine?

    • Burt

      Nope, you’re not. I actually really liked the ending. I’ll still check out this DLC, though I was absolutely fine without it.

      And I really don’t get the people angry that Shepard dies (or doesn’t, depending on which choice you pick). Back in ME1 I felt the only way his story could end was with his death, it was the way it had to end really.

    • DrSamBeckett

      I think the issue is more than all the endings were basically the same and offered very little closure for invested players.

  • Ace

    I liked certain elements of the last 20 minutes, I really liked the tone, and the fact there was no lackluster Boss Battle, but they lost me with the catalyst and the (badically) same three endings….hopefully the Extended Cut really beefs that whole thing up…which it sounds like it will.

  • andrew

    Of course all the endings are going to be the same! The reap technology had to be destroyed. People who bitched abt this ending really need to man up and get out more. It’s just a video game stop being a bunch of immature brats. Shit happens. You think I was happy how they ended MegaMan X? No. Suikoden 6? Not happening. But life goes on get over it, it wasn’t that bad.