BioWare ‘Listening’ to Mass Effect 3 Ending Complaints

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BioWare Listening to Mass Effect 3 Feedback

For over week the hottest topics on our site and across the gaming community have focused on Mass Effect 3, for better or worse. It’s good to see BioWare’s latest game, and the one we chose as Game Rant’s most anticipated game of the year, earning the attention it deserves, we just didn’t expect it to do so for all the wrong reasons.

While it seems critics and fans have enjoyed Mass Effect 3 for its improved gameplay, recent polls, fan movements and forum conversations indicate that a large portion of the Mass Effect fanbase are not impressed by how ME3 ends the Commander Shepard storyline and the trilogy as a whole. In fact, a lot of people flat out hate it and its created a movement of sorts. While a few key members involved with the game have begun addressing the issue, BioWare has now posted an official statement on their forums.

Mass Effect series director Casey Hudson responded to to fan frustrations with Mass Effect 3’s ending by stating it was their goal to make something unforgettable, something that lends itself to a bit of mystery. Understandably, that doesn’t address the issues players have, knowing that choices they’ve made through a 5-year journey and countless hours of gameplay don’t really have an impact on the game’s ending, an ending that many find somewhat confusing, certainly disappointing and arguably, slightly out of place for the series.

So far, fans have petitioned for a new Mass Effect 3 ending through an update or DLC, something we’ve never seen from the industry, and others have started a ‘Retake Mass Effect’ charity drive for Child’s Play, which as already raised over $50 thousand. When Hudson addressed the situation, he also said they are of course listening to the fans and that their responses will help shape their DLC plans. Yesterday, on the official forums, BioWare Community Manager Chris Priestly reiterated that idea, promising that they’ll respond to the feedback soon, beginning a forum thread which now sits with over 150 pages.

We appreciate everyone’s feedback about Mass Effect 3 and want you to know that we are listening. Active discussions about the ending are more than welcome here, and the team will be reviewing it for feedback and responding when we can. Please note, we want to give people time to experience the game so while we can’t get into specifics right now, we will be able to address some of your questions once more people have had time to complete the game. In the meantime, we’d like to ask that you keep the non-spoiler areas of our forums and our social media channels spoiler free.

We understand there is a lot of debate on the Mass Effect 3 ending and we will be more than happy to engage in healthy discussions once more people get to experience the game. We are listening to all of your feedback.

How does a developer respond to fans demanding a game to have a different outcome? It’s a shame what otherwise is one of greatest video game trilogies and video game stories, took such a misstep at the end, and fans are jumping on the opportunity to rage against the little things EA and BioWare are doing wrong in their eyes, from how they handled Tali’s face, to Mass Effect 3 having a broken save import system, to a multiplayer mode, albeit fun, feeling totally tacked on. It’s not good for BioWare’s reputation after Dragon Age 2 dropped the ball on that series.

For Game Rant’s thoughts on the game and to see why despite the hate, it’s still awesome, read our Mass Effect 3 review.

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  • blazing hellion

    Well I’m somewhat ok with the “perfect” ending as it stands, if it were actually one of MANY options. As an ending its actually pretty good, depending on the choices you made. But after having spend so many hours my MAIN profile all the way back from ME did the best I could, keeping everyone live(minues kaiden), everyone surviving me2, and even in ME3 having every race helping you(!) I would like the ending to be more happy.
    If you screwed things up, had races killed, not getting their support etc, I can see the curret ending actually fitting. But again every race helping and working, we darn better see a better ending. I just wanna see Liaras and shepars little blue child(ren) =^_^=

  • Pharaoh

    Lol I don’t know where all the “hooplah” about the ending comes from, I mean It was rather obvious if you ask me. Or is that what the problem is?

  • Lost Merrit

    My problem was that the end didn’t make sense with the rest of the game. Squad members suddenly being on the Normandy even though they weren’t. The fact your choices didn’t really affect anything. You got the three stock choices at the end. It was just such a profound screw up in an otherwise beautiful game. The biggest thing out of everything was the continuity of the ending, the fact that it seemed to be so out of place that it didn’t even feel like you were playing the same game anymore.

  • Alestia

    ok ive played ME3 three times through and the renagade ending is the best ending. i like it becouse shepard lives and its like it was all in sheps mind. how ever my frist time through i chose synthis couse it was the best options of the three at the time and i was good with the selfless act. the paragon option was never an option to me. it feels like there trying to milk out a triligy in to a longer run series or clean it up like they did with arival and fan fixes like fire walker…i hope they get it together and soon.

  • Vincent

    Honestly the game was great I think browser did a beyond awesome job that said the endings were horrible. Playing through I just got deport and deeper into the story some parts were saddening like a few deaths here and there but they were done so epically that you could be mad the ending was just a shotgun to the face hate how you couldn’t have a good paragon ending the only good one was the renegade because you live but that was ruined for me to because spend all this time buildings alliances and becoming friends with everyone even the geth and Legion who is just awesome sacrifices for nothing because if I want to live I have to be a dick and kill all the geth with the reapers which sucked since they helped to fight also poor Joker would have to go without EDI and even if you do live with the relays gone your stuck on the citadel anyway and everyone is separated from one another if I got a bad ending in ME2 I would be motivated to play again and try for a better one trying so many scenarios with different files you don’t get that motivation in ME3 because the endings suck no matter what you do had they just been possible endings that would be awesome granted that there were better and even worse endings available but those endings standing alone are just a huge disappointment especially since the premise of the endings was proven wrong the geth and EDI more than prove we can get along with synthetics so it was irritating to have this glowing twerp come out of nowhere and say “synthetics will destroy their creators so it only makes sense to send other synthetics to wipe you all out” mind you this is to “save” you I laughed at first and though “come on show me the real ending” then the credits come and my jaw might as well have snapped off because I was in shock for a good few minutes I just kept thinking what the hell and what’s with destroying the relays that sucked because it would take forever to travel without them so you basically spend all this time making friends (or awesome enemies) just to get separated and make everything kinda pointless although the thought of those krogen being trapped on earth right when their women became fertile was slightly funny it was all just bs

  • Michael Cohn

    Everyone keeps complaining about the ending, and that’s fine. To each their own, right? My question, however, is how anyone even got to the end of the game, what with the need to swap discs every other mission, it seems. In ME2, you switched discs twice, yet within 6 hours of ME3 gameplay, I’ve had to swap discs 5 times. It’s irritating going to do a mission, switching the disc, finishing the mission, and switching back, over and over and so on and so forth.

    • Slyko227

      from Tuchanka and after is on disc 2, all N7 and side missions are on disc 2 as well, until cerberus base which is back on disc 1

  • Kel

    Disc Swapping? Are you serious? are you in the dark ages or something? I didn’t have to swap the disc once. mind you I play on a PC. I don’t understand why you’d have to swap discs once these days being that most consoles have large hard drives with them …

    • Slyko227

      even if installed on the xbox you still need to use the discs