‘Mass Effect 3′ Being Developed To Appeal To ‘Much Larger Market’

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Mass Effect 3 Appeal Much Larger Market

For those who have been keeping up to date on the progression of the Mass Effect series from a hardcore science fiction RPG to a much more marketable shooter, this latest revelation shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. When speaking with investors earlier today, John Riccitiello of Electronic Arts – publisher of the series – was asked about the upcoming end of the trilogy, Mass Effect 3. Riccitiello revealed that the game won’t just be ironing out the kinks seen in previous games, but has been developed this time around to appeal to a broader audience than ever before.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to bring a property you believe in to as large an audience as possible, and the changes in the series have undeniably made the game less intimidating and more welcoming to newcomers.

These are fantastic changes in the eyes of Electronic Arts, whose top priority is making any franchise as profitable as it can be.

Since BioWare may have a greater interest in keeping their fans happy, it falls on the shoulders of the developers to keep Mass Effect 3 a satisfying experience to those who have followed the story of Commander Shepard from the very beginning, while also doing what they can to be inviting to the more casual players.

The game is launching simultaneously across three platforms for the first time, so the pool of possible players has every chance of being the largest to date. That’s certainly CEO Riccitiello’s hope, and according to him, Mass Effect 3 has been developed with that goal in mind:

“One of the things that Ray Muzyuka and the team up in Edmonton have done is essentially step-by-step adjust the gameplay mechanics and some of the features that you’ll see at E3 to put this in a genre equivalent to shooter-meets-RPG… and essentially address a much larger market opportunity than Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 began to approach.

“We’re huge believers in the IP and are purposefully shifting it to address a larger market opportunity.”

The logic here is straightforward enough, basically repeating the feelings expressed by EA over Dead Space 3. If a property gains some success without every possible gamer buying it, the next challenge for a publisher is to win over every other player with the second installment of the series.

What fans of the series may not like is the fact that Riccitiello all but confirmed the fact that the third Mass Effect title will be more of a shooter than an RPG. The changes made to Mass Effect 2 already started the shift, and with ME3‘s weapon customization resembling that of other modern shooters like Call of Duty, a general trend is apparent.

Our interview with Mass Effect 2‘s Gameplay Designer revealed that the first game in the series was nowhere near as competent a shooter as the development team had intended, which is fair enough. But what major publishers these days are failing to realize is that not every game can be Call of Duty. And serious game fans would likely prefer that publishers gave development teams the resources to make the best game possible, not the most widely marketable.

But with Mass Effect 3 delayed into 2012, and even more fans to keep happy on launch day, it’s safe to say that both EA and BioWare have plenty of reasons to deliver a quality title.

Mass Effect 3 will be released – to possibly more fans than ever before – in early 2012 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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  • Filmmaniac

    I believe in Shepard.

  • DarthMalnu

    Ah yes, just like Star Wars before it, apparently Mass Effect just isn’t appealing enough… better pour a little more water into the mix. And punch up those action scenes, for god sakes… we don’t want people enjoying themselves with only engaging storytelling in a well defined and immersive universe…they may develop taste, and then they’ll NEVER go see Transformers 3 this summer!

    • Paul

      A good story is much more important than high-octane action scenes.
      This is why games like Black Ops is fail.

    • Screwcerberus

      You said it, i loved me1 yes some tweaks HAD to be made but it was exactly what i look for in an RPG geez we have enough darn shooters to go around this is ridiculous, i loved 2 as well but there are still some elements that i miss from 1 like it being more open, thanks to those idiots complaining about elevators & crap stuff got closed off a bit in 2 i mean come on it has to load i’d rather be entertained listening to funny music or comments while it loads then just watch a loading screen, if they take out to much that make it an awesome rpg i’ll go crazy

    • Mitchell

      Guys, the reason me2 had slot of dumbed down things is that people complained and said how much they hated elevators and stuff, but they didn’t say that they needed to be tweaked instead

  • Perry de Havilland

    Given what an abortion Dragon Age 2 was, I think we can safely say Bioware has completely succumbed to the EA Games Effect and odds are ME3 will suck just as badly for all the same reasons.

  • Yecob Amun Ra

    Except for feeling they lost something with leaving weapon customization out of the second title l really liked all the changes they made from the first. The second sucks you in more than the first but l wish they wouldn’t screw with it anymore because it is perfect.

  • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

    Well, Mass Effect 2 was dumbed down way too much and they want to go even broad with this one (a la disappointing Dragon Age 2) – that sort of hurts my excitement a tad, but they’re probably just referring to the action sequences and greater focus on combat.


    How ridiculous is this? Mass Effect has a pretty large following already. Why, on the last game of all things, would you make if for “everyone?” I don’t even know how many awards Mass Effect 2 won. Why would you try to water it down when all you have to do is incorporate a bit more RPG back into it to be perfect? If Mass Effect 3 blows, I swear I will never buy another EA product. As it stands, I will never touch another Dragon Age game. That game had a Ferrari body with a Hyundai Accent motor. It looks great, but not much else.

    • Perry de Havilland

      “If Mass Effect 3 blows, I swear I will never buy another EA product. As it stands, I will never touch another Dragon Age game. That game had a Ferrari body with a Hyundai Accent motor. It looks great, but not much else.”

      Amen Bro… I think ME2 was *in some ways* superior to ME1 but DA2 was an abortion that turned a well liked RPG into a dismal Mortal Kombat wannabe and so I too will never even consider another Dragon Age game.

      The notion you can make a game for ‘everyone’ is ludicrous. If ME3 blows, that it, Bioware has truly fallen into the bottomless pit that is EA Games and I will not even consider another one of their games. There are plenty of alternatives.

  • Volc19

    Yeah… the last time they tried to make ME for a broader audience they alienated the fanbase of the first game and made it close enough to COD to to appeal to the mainstream shooter audience. If this becomes even more of a gun-metal-grey-gritty shooter with a pinch of RPG tossed in, then I will be returning my copy to the store I bought it from, and then I’ll do another playthrough of ME1.

  • BlightRaven

    I think people are blind and DON’T SEE THE BIG PICTURE HERE, all the games like DA2, ME2, and ME3 are getting hosed downs is because of SWTOR, that’s where all the resources are being dumped into, why do you think it got pushed back, so The Old Republic has its shining glory, over a stand alone games, they want to make money on MMORPG over on Console/PC stand alone action RPG’s, so that’s why EA is kinda F’n things up, and Bioware is going to take the blame for it. But like Joker says “That’s just my Opinion, no need to spread the news”