Mass Effect 3 Game Informer Cover

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Mass Effect 3 Preview Cover

News about a Mass Effect novel and anime movie is good and fine, but what everyone’s really interested in is the core franchise. You know, the games that make our most anticipated lists and win our game of the year awards.

We’ve waited quite some time since BioWare’s official announcement at the Spike VGAs and now the first real look into the story, characters and gameplay of Mass Effect 3 comes later this month. And as such, our hero Commander Shepard is gracing the cover of the latest issue of Game Informer.

One of several promised “first looks” this month for major game sequels, Mass Effect 3 is set to end the Commander Shepard story arc and the first of hopefully many Mass Effect trilogies.

This issue of Game Informer includes 12-page exclusive preview of Mass Effect 3, including screenshots and information we haven’t year heard. Would any of that involve the introduction of Mass Effect multiplayer I wonder?

Take a look at the one and only Commander Shepard standing, ready for battle. Actually, your Shepard may look nothing like this guy [Click to enlarge]:

Mass Effect 3 Commander Shepard Preview Cover

Shepard is sporting his standard N7 armor from the series. Remember the days when you could pick up and upgrade a variety of armor sets for you and your team? Mass Effect 2 destroyed that RPG element so here’s hope for more details like that brought back for the third go.

We don’t know what information this preview will unveil, but we do know that like Mass Effect 2 (for the Xbox 360 players, anyway), it will draw from your previous actions and decisions using your save files, making use of at least 1000 different variables. We also know that Mass Effect 3 is scored by Clint Mansell (Black Swan, Requiem For A Dream).

If you’re a fan eager for this game, read our guide on everything we know about Mass Effect 3 and share your thoughts, desires and expectations. [Update: New information from this Game Informer preview is available – see below]

Mass Effect 3 releases Q4 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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  • mike

    UGH, just a tease eh…..and no more DLC, BAH….hopefully it gets released just after thanksgiving!

    • Ace

      It’s coming out the 8th of November

  • Arklay13

    SERIOUSLY Does every game HAVE to get multiplayer, its an epic story in a great rpg form. There is noo need to extend the development of the game and fork money not worth it for this kind of game.

    • xibx

      Seriously agree!

  • Trung Bui

    I’m glad the series will be finishing out it’s story. I wasn’t entirely burnt on the idea of not being able to customize my teammates’ armor, mostly because I would get new armor, do a mission, and then immediately get something else that was way better than the one I had just put onto someone. If ME3 does something like Dragon Age 2 that allows for upgrading the armor, I might be alright with that. The answers will come when the article hits, though.