The ‘Mass Effect 2′ DLC You Should Play Before ‘Mass Effect 3′



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  1. Fair article about the Mass Effect DLC…although I would disagree about Kasumi Goto…she’s not that great an addition to the squad…there are always better characters to select for each mission.

    That said, her DLC mission is pretty slick!

    • “I would disagree about Kasumi Goto…she’s not that great an addition to the squad”

      What if Kasumi is a key character in a part of the next game to unlock a great moment or mission?

      • That, I don’t disagree with. She may very well be in ME3. My point, is that she is a weak character in ME2.

        • Trudat. But her mission was cool, she could be more interesting in ME3, and she’s totally buff in ME2 (shadow strike and overload FTW). She was probably my favorite character to have on my side in combat. Especially on insane, she seemed a lot better at staying alive than any other squad member.

      • Why would BioWare directly punish people who didn’t buy DLC for ME2? That’s a backhand to the fanbase.

        Having Kasumi may add something really cool to the game, but it WON’T subtract from it.

        • Perhaps she isn’t a huge character, but she can do some really cool stuff. o.o She’s been pretty useful when I take her for the right missions.

  2. So, the bottom line is, if you didn’t play the paid DLC from ME2 (that didn’t come with the game), you’re missing on things from ME3, right?

    • The only one that seems to directly affect the main storyline of ME3 would be Arrival (and possibly Shadow Broker… we’ll have to see) and the developers have said that playing that won’t be necessary to understanding ME3, so really, I don’t think you’ll find yourself at any kind of disadvantage if you don’t play any of the DLC, you’ll just get a richer experience all round if you do. ;)

    • Some of these things happened regardless, so for example, if you didn’t play ‘Arrival’ – that thing still happened and Mass Effect 3 still starts the same – you just didn’t experience it yourself.

      Kasumi I think will be in Mass Effect 3 even if you didn’t get that DLC, perhaps something may change in conversation or something like that.

      It sucks that this stuff is still paid DLC but for hardcore ME fans who have some dollars to spare on DLC, a lot of this comes highly recommended.


        The Arrival DLC is kinda pointless but it does provide context for the start of ME3. You can’t just drop a bomb like, “Oh, yeah, remember when you blew up that Collector Base in the suicide mission? You then decided to go in a killing spree and murdered 300,000 batarians. Cheers.”

        Concerning the Kasumi DLC, it was too thin for me to care. Instead of trying to find out what exactly is it that would compromise the Alliance, it’s simply left there screaming, “to be continued in ME3!!”

        As for the Shadow Broker DLC, this one’s also pretty important. My Shepard in ME3 would be mightily surprised if Liara just told him, “Hey, Shep, I’m the new Shadow Broker. Want to be pals again?” Still, it’s more acceptable than Arrival since it doesn’t necessarily have to involve Shepard. The events of Arrival, however, must involve Shepard, our character.

  3. Yes

  4. I’m actually hoping that when it’s all done and settled, Bioware release a one-off package with all 3 games and all DLC’s connected to those games in one massive bundle. Think of it as a TV series coming out on Blueray. One nice boxset on my shelf ready for revisiting any time I want.

    • I’m sure they will. That seems to be all the rage these days, and they did it with Dragon Age and the PS3 version of ME2.

  5. A very good article and I agree with everything. I beat the game for 360 a long time ago and just purchased it for PS3 back in December after getting rid of 360. I’m just hoping looking to restart the game with the character that I beat the game with will not mean that I cannot transfere over for ME3.

  6. Well, I guess it wasn’t terribly relevant in the grand scheme of things, but I thought Overlord was f’ing AMAZING! Perhaps not quite as good as Shadow Broker, on account of having less Liaras in it, but really awesome anyway. The crashed Geth ship and the virtual reality part were epic.

    • It was fun and I enjoyed it but it wasn’t as important as the other ones I highlight – I do hope that decision at the end affects something in ME3.

      That DLC was party terrifying at times when the VI is talking but you can’t understand it – it’s loud and creepy, lol, so it was definitely well constructed.

      • Yeah! The whole thing had a very creepy sort of eeriness and unpredictability that totally gripped me, because it was cool in itself, and also because it was a very different sort of atmosphere from most everything else in the game.

        But yeah, not really important in terms of story. It would be cool if the autistic guy turned up in ME3, but it probably was a totally standalone story. So I suppose “skip if necessary” is good advice; but I would’ve probably said “if absolutely necessary,” haha.

      • I liked how creepy it could get with the sudden noises and visuals, that disembodied computer voice that you can almost make out what it’s saying but not quite… definitely a plus on construction. That said though, I’m curious. What makes you say it wasn’t as important story wise? The way I see it, if you left David with Archer and decided to destroy the Geth base in legion’s loyalty mission, the heretic remnant might stand a chance of coming to your aid in ME3, or a choice might erupt where Shepard has to choose between enlisting the Geth as allies at the expense of David,or the diminished heretic forces under David’s control at the expense of the Geth. There are just so many different ways I can imagine the Overlord pack fitting into ME3. As a side note, I’ll say also: LotSB was awesome.

  7. I don’t think I even finished Overlord. At least I can’t remember. But I agree, The Lair of the Shadow Broker was pretty intense. The revelations/implications of that DLC are fantastic.

  8. Skip Overlord? But it carries the choices that deal with a human-geth interface! In terms of actually beating the Reapers, this should be one of the most essential DLC choices for gamers going into ME3.

  9. If you like story, Don’t skip Overlord. It really is entertaining. And try out Firewalker. The M44 hovercraft is way more entertaining to use than the Mako was.

    • I dunno, I thought the Mako could take more damage personally.

    • The Firewalker missions suck ass. Bugged and boring, and why the HELL did they not even bother adding a bar for vehicle health/armor? Jesus they just threw that together in a heartbeat.

  10. how come Zaeeds dlc isn’t apart of this?

    • That’s… a very good question.

  11. Thankfully I only had to pay for “Arrival” since I had the ps3 version. Arrival was short but it was the second strongest dlc next to “shadow broker”. Overlord was creepy as hell and kasumi’s mission was excellent, she’s my go to gal on missions >.>b

  12. Best way to prepare? Don’t buy ME3… trust me, just leave the game alone and be happy with the first two.

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