Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Alternate Costumes of Every Marvel Character

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Marvel vs Capcom 3 Alternate Costumes

The much anticipated game Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has had no shortage of news coverage in recent weeks. There’s such an intense excitement for the title that Capcom actually expects it to outsell Street Fighter IV.

Now, the full costume list has been revealed for the Marvel half of the roster, not only showing the wide variety of designs in and of themselves, but also the large history of the Marvel universe being put to use.

We’ve compiled images of all the alternate Marvel character costumes, courtesy of Marvel and IGN, as well as offered a brief description to help our readers understand the reason for the designs. While the Capcom characters will have their own batch of alternate costumes, the designs on the Marvel side take advantage of the rich history of the franchise and offer up some fun surprises as well as a nostalgic look at how the Marvel characters have been interpreted in different story lines.

Check out the all of the of Marvel costume variants below:


Classic Phoenix Marvel VS Capcom 3

First we have the classic version of Phoenix.

White Phoenix Marvel VS Capcom 3
Next, the “White Phoenix” that appeared in the story “Phoenix: Endsong.” I’m wondering why this look hasn’t appeared more often. It’s pretty nice.

New X-Men Phoenix Marvel VS Capcom 3
Next, we have a costume based on Jean Grey’s costume during her run in the New X-Men.

90s Phoenix Marvel VS Capcom 3
And finally, a costume based off of Jean Grey’s look from the 1990s – which anyone who watched the X-Men cartoon should be familiar with.

And yes, like you, I’m wondering where Dark Phoenix is too. I guess they felt she was overplayed or something.

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  1. It’s cool how they’ve put so much research into other costumes they’ve worn in the past. It certainly makes for some much appreciated nostalgia.

  2. This kind of makes up for the lack of characters compared to the other games. Kind of.

  3. Phoenix turns into Dark Phoenix if she dies with a level 5 super bar.

  4. You’re missing some comic history here.

    Deadpool’s orange “alternate universe” costume is his homemade X-Man costume he made when he tried to join them in his regular publication.

    Gray Hulk wasn’t just the original color, it’s homage to the alternate personality of the Hulk, “Joe Fixit”, who he lived as working as a bouncer in Nevada.

    Thor’s “black hair” costume is homage to his lover Sif.

  5. these ‘variants’ are nothing but colour changes, they look nothing like their actual comic counter [arts, for instance beta ray bill doesn’t even have the horse face (in the game).

    • Most of them are just color changes and I’m disappointed by that. Some have actual skin changes like Cap’s Punisher variant.

      • even the ones with skin changes could have been more detialed, for instance the punisher capt one could have actually has the harnesses and stuff across his chest. they’re just lazy and dont really GaS about marvel, its visible in not only the character designs but the roster and the move sets, some of the original characters from MvC2 have the same moves with only a couple of additions, perfect examples magneto and hulk.

        imo if you’re gonna make a sequel to a somewhat popular series do something besides update the graphics and add stupid characters.

        • I wouldn’t so so far to call the characters stupid, since there aren’t many that stray too far from their past choices. Whether or not you’re familiar with Arthur from Ghosts ‘n Goblins or not, that characters is a classic and physically different from standard fighters. I definitely agree that it’s a big disappointment to see the totally different comic artwork above, then see how they only applied the colors and patterns. What’s the point?

          • i wasn’t really talking about the capcom characters, its the marvel ones i’m pissed off about, its as if capcom didn’t even bother, they just got random crap from the marvel universe and shoved them in without looking into the characters background etc. i mean wtf would anyone add trash like modok or domaru (however you spell that PoS’s name) into the game, hardly anyone knows them to begin with.

    • The Capcom guys talked about this at NYCC. It had to do with the fact that variants, other than simply basic color and accessory additions, would have required they redesign the character model for each variant – which would have been a major undertaking.

      Capcom variant costumes have always just been different color variations of the original character. I, personally, think this was a step up – some of the designs are actually pretty detailed and, if nothing else, give a fun nod or two to the fans.

      • i doubt it would have taken them that long to add some belts etc or to change a characters face. its just an excuse to take the lazy route.

  6. I’m really not feelin’ the reduced cast. And not feeling the choices on the marvel side. Lots of untapped potential that was wasted. I could go on all day about characters I wished to see (Black Panther, Moon Knight, Daken, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Black Widow, Lady Death Strike, Domino, Cyclops, Namor, Punisher, etc.) but I did get Task Master, X-23 (love me some Laura Kinney), and Dead Pool. So I suppose that’s worth something.

    I wish that they’d put more time into the alternate costumes though, cuz while I like that the variants are derived from actual comic costumes all they do is add their colors to the base outfit, which is lame and really lazy considering how much work Capcom puts into actual different costume models in their other games. They had the time to do it, they were just to lazy to do so and I don’t appreciate that.

    Also Why am I paying for Jill/Shuma Gorath? It’s literally two lines of code you’re charging me for, screw you!!! I’m NOT buying them!!!

    And as bad as the marvel selections were I think Capcom’s was even worse!!! The hell is Leon?! Stryder?! Jin?! Captain Commando?! Mega Man?! Zangief?! Sagat?! Bison?! Guile?! I WANT RIVAL SCHOOLS!!!! Power Stone!!! Tech Romancer!!! I don’t get them but I get Spencer…FRAKIN SPENCER?!!!

  7. I really dont understand why people are complaining so much about the roster I think it is great and quite well rounded.

    If it were up to me I would probably get rid of Storm, She hulk and Shuma-Gorath, and perhaps add Green Goblin, Venom and Mandarin. And as much as I LOVE sentinel maybe replace him with nimrod or bastion

    But characters like Cyclops and Daken? talk about extremely boring (in game and as a character)

    In terms of Alternate costume, some do look lazy but 4 alternates per person? thats great. Have a look at Mortal Kombat they are truly lazy alternate costumes and only one per character.

    I have to say I would have preferred Spiderman 2099 in place of Iron Spider, and Dark Phoenix in place of New Xmen. (Sidenote: I have never seen white phoenix before, looks awesome)

    Cant wait to play with MODOK :D

    • that entire comment fails. modok sucks. and so do all of the alternate costumes. lazy and retarded. all of this is wrong. the fact that you like how much it sucks, makes it suck worse.

  8. i like the spider man costumes. But there all good!

  9. OMG I could see this girl’s muffin!!! How can they let her cunny hang out like that???

  10. Good they made a research, and too bad they’re to lazy to even make new models other than just texture swaps.
    It’s a shame when you look to gmes like Tekken where every character has at least two models with color changes and also a lot of extra items to customize the characters.

    • I second this. If an alternate costume is going to be based off a particular comic costume, then the model should resemble it as well. Otherwise, what is the point?

  11. If wee get the Xorn costum IL BE SOOOO HAPPY

  12. Wat is with all the hate i mean cmon these weren’t meant to be Alt. costumes but color schemes two very different things thats why the models are the same. There maybe new costumes from dlc like SSf4 but for now you get different color schemes like every fighter at least this colors have relevance to the characters comic/game.

  13. sorry. but those outfits are just lazy work to rob people of their money. no effort or energy is put into the outfits. its ALL the same just different colours. thats LAZY!!!!! they should be fired for even thinking this!!! in many of them they didn’t even bother to make them look like the other suits. look like female thor? comon it’s exatly the same to 98%!!! lazy work. if you do other suits make them LOOK like other suits don’t just change some colours and claim it is “based on this and that”
    I was laughing at many of them for even CLAIMING it was another suit.
    sorry, same suit just diffrent random colours. nothing more nothing less, stop pretending it is something that it’s not!!!! Get at grip!!!

  14. If Super Street Fighter 4 can remodel Zangeif to be Mecha Zangeif (which is more than just an alternate color scheme), then they could’ve done the same for the Marvel guys here.

    True that the colors only really serve to tell each other apart if playing as the same character, but in reality, all the juicy stuff will be released 6 at a time at 5 bucks a pop.

    Some look fine, like Spider-Man, as his costumes really are just color changes in the comics, while others are just grasping at straws. Fanservice maybe, but only to those who know their Marvel history. Those that don’t will think they’re even more lazy and half-assed than those that know what they were going for.

    For instance, I thought silver Iron Man was supposed to be War Machine, not based on his first suit. If they would’ve said War Machine I would’ve bought the line, but…his first suit? That’s really…kinda lame.

    Now if these costume packs did things like change Spider-Man to Scarlet Spider or Wesker to his STARS uniform, then perhaps they’ll be worth the money. But if they’re just more color swaps (like possibly MODOK and Sentinel will be), then I’ll wait for the collected pack at half the price.

  15. umm…yeah…the alt costumes are included in the game at no extra charge. So, why the complaints?

  16. How do those alternative costumes….They look like freaking pallet swaps.

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