‘Marvel LEGO Super Heroes’ Trailer Swoops in from Gamescom

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Despite the childish appearance, the LEGO brand of video games are actually well constructed (pun unintended) and offer a wide demographic countless hours of fun. Several well known franchises (ranging from Star Wars to Batman) have all received their own LEGO-centric games, but the latest game will be taking aim at the Marvel universe and its copious number of popular heroes and antagonists in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Set to deliver a super charged performance later this year on a plethora of platforms, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes has received a brand new trailer, straight from Gamescom no less, to begin getting both LEGO and Marvel aficionados hyped for the title’s impending release. The trailer features a number of recognizable characters from the iconic comic label and it does a great job at giving hopeful players a lay of the blocky chaos that awaits them; although the previously announced Stan Lee is absent from the footage.

Along with a handful of character confirmations — including what can easily be considered the largest inclusion yet featured prominently at the end — the new teaser gives a glimpse at the game’s story. Based on the trailer, the notorious Doctor Doom is at it again, but this time he’s hired nearly every villain there is. It then becomes the job of every available Marvel hero to step up and put the doctor down, all while retaining that trademark humor the LEGO games are so well known for.

Our hands-on time with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes during this year’s Comic-Con proved fruitful, and had us genuinely excited for the final product. There’s still much we don’t know about the game, but with TT Games once again running the show there’s very little cause for concern.

What did you think of the trailer, Ranters? Which Marvel hero or villain are you still hoping makes the cut?

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will be available this Fall for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U, PC, PS Vita, 3DS, and DS.

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  • boogoo

    I gotta say I’m pretty excited for this one. Lego games don’t usually hold my attention for too long but it being Marvel earns it extra points.

  • Dopple

    Game of the year, 2013

  • PAU

    I Hope Spiderwoman Is here, but i cant wait to play as STORM

    • Dopple

      Spiderwoman is a confirmed character!

  • Mr. Nuggets

    I really enjoy the Lego games, very excited for this one. Can’t wait to play as Cyclops, my favorite superhero.

  • bill

    So glad that they have confirmed ghost rider and daredevil!

  • Salamander

    This game looks more fun than Marvel Heroes online. Lol. I’m so glad they decided to go with voice acting for their newer projects. Lego ceases to amaze me.

  • mac

    can’t wait!