10 Characters That Should Be in ‘Mario Kart 8′



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  1. False. Not the final roster. At least three more characters are confirmed due to a leaked image, one of them being diddy kong

    • Those characters that were teased with filler question marks (which is what I assume you’re referring to) have since been confirmed to belong to Baby Rosalina, Pink Gold Peach, and Mii. No Diddy Kong.

  2. How are Geno and Mallow not on this list?!

    • Maaaaaaan, if they weren’t partially owned by Square Enix they’d be on this list without question. As it stands, however, Square needs to give its consent for Nintendo to utilize the characters. Maybe one day…

  3. Not really liking the choice of roster they went with a whole lot. Too many princesses and koopas. Not much Diversity it seems like.

  4. if the characters had their own unique abilities then i would make suggestions, but as it stands they’re only there for cosmetic and minor stat reasons.

  5. also, possible DLC…

  6. Goomba!

  7. I completely agree. This game seems awesome except for the roster… And balloon battle. But no Birdo or Diddy is baffling, and E. Gadd would be a great addition.

  8. NABBIT!!!

  9. The current roster seems pretty bland indeed. I was sooooooo hoping for Pauline to be a playable character… sigh. I suppose she might show up as a DLC character, but I am not optimistic at this point :(


  11. Dry Bowser indeed (I found him to be very cool, this “want” is only because I think he is badass). And I kind of missed Bowser JR (not that I miss him per se).The babies should never have been added to any game. The only relevant game they were in where Mario & Luigi Partners in Time. The babies that were added to Yoshi’s Island felt they should not be included in there to begin with (at least in my eyes).

    Somehow I did not miss Birdo, Dry Bones or King Boo, but now that you mention it I am surprised they are not in. I am glad only DK is in out of all the Kongs, they were not relevant to any Mario title and thusly should be left out. DK is the only relevant Kong and as such deserves in.

    I frankly do not care for Fawful and Kamek much (as karting characters) in the Yoshi Island or M&L games I would sorely miss them if they were not in though.

    Metal Mario, meh I liked him but in the end he is just an alternate skin (they should just go with “costumes” next time) and Pink colored Peach??? She is so freaking random and not wanted in my eyes. I like Rosalina but a baby version? Well see my above paragraphs for that…

    Well there is always hoping for free additional characters… As for Geno and Mellow, I would love them back in an RPG Mario game but not this or any other spinoff unless it is a cameo

    • What does relevance have to do with a spinoff? That’s the exact opposite of what happens in spinoffs.

  12. Very nice list. Best I’ve seen

  13. I would love to see Peaty Piranha appear again in a Mario Kart installment but I feel as the lack of Peaty games could easily not allow him to make the cut for DLC or the next installment.

  14. Good ideas but 2 i didn’t even know and i play the Nintendo games non stop Wart ( no one really knows him only adults) and Fawful (not a good now )

  15. DRY BONES!!! All they need to do is put him on and I’ll be happy.

  16. How did baby Rosalina make the cut, but not baby Yoshi? And yes, Dry Bones and Diddy definitely belong.

  17. So sad not to see Birdo, Bowser Jr., King Boo, Diddy Kong or Dry Bones.

    Dixie Kong would be nice.

    Not Dry Bowser, Funky Kong or Fawful. NEVER!

    As for Wart, well maybe, if they plan on bringing him back in another game first.

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