Marcus Fenix in ‘Mortal Kombat’?

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Marcus Fenix in MK

In the lead-up to the release of Mortal Kombat (aka Mortal Kombat 9) the internet was buzzing with questions for Ed Boon. Following the reveal of Kratos as the exclusive character for the PS3, everyone wanted to know who and what the Xbox 360 players would be getting as an exclusive.

For a while a rumor persisted that Green Lantern would be the exclusive Xbox 360 character, but that myth was later debunked (and the YouTube account associated with the video was subsequently deleted). Further rumors regarding the Xbox 360 versions of the game were revealed closer to the launch of the game and suggested that a unique Pit stage and even Puzzle Kombat would be included. From the rumored list of features, only avatar support for King of the Hill mode made it into the game.

While this was all happening, Boon remained silent regarding NetherRealm Studios‘s plans for the Xbox 360 version of the game. Once MK released, fans began to ask Boon if he would ever reveal the exclusive Xbox 360 character and yesterday on Twitter, Ed Boon, while replying to a fan’s question, finally stated publicly that if he had a choice in the matter he would have chosen everyone’s favorite COG, Marcus Fenix. What Boon probably wasn’t expecting was a reply from Epic Games‘s Cliff Bleszinski encouraging Boon to get in touch with him about it.

Of course a conversation via Twitter between two industry giants isn’t necessarily indicative of anything. In fact, Boon has already stated that more MK9 DLC could be on the way and that MK10 is already in development at NetherRealm Studios. So it’s entirely possible that we could see Marcus Fenix come to the Xbox 360 as an exclusive character for this game.

But would we want Marcus Fenix? If NetherRealm Studios can do as good as job with him as they did with Kratos then sure why not? However, as much as this may anger the fanboys (or as I shall now refer to them ‘fanimals’), Kratos just fits MK. Sure he always fights with weapons out, but other than that, he works within the context of the game. You need only switch up Zeus with Raiden and you can put Kratos into the game with minimal shoehorning. Fenix on the other hand is trickier, and could be viewed as redundant given how Jax is already part of the game. Plus, would he fight Lancer out or only bust it out for Fatalities and specials?

Since we don’t have the answer to any of these questions, let us know in the comments below what you think. Go ahead and comment… we’ll keep an eye on Ed and Cliffy’s Twitter feeds and let you know if anything else happens.

Mortal Kombat is currently available for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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Source: Ed Boon’s Tweet, Cliff Bleszinski’s Response

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  • Riley Little

    That would be one of the coolest roster additions ever.
    Does that mean Scorpion could make an appearance as a Gears 3 multiplayer character?! I wouldn’t be upset if that were the case.

    • Vivas Kaul

      Only if the Scorpion skin comes with an added voice pack for the game. Shouting “Get over here!” during Horde mode would be pretty tight. Also there has to be a new gun added called the Scorpion Stinger that has a spear attached to like a Lancer or something. So you reel ’em in and then chainsaw ’em.

      • Riley Little

        Did you just come up with the best idea ever? Yup.

        • Vivas Kaul

          Once again…if anyone from NRS is listening you can have these for free!

        • Vivas Kaul

          Despite the awesomeness of my idea Riley there is one small problem. The Scorpion Skin DLC pack will cost you $700. In cash.

          • Riley Little

            But if you buy it with all of the skins that are already included on-disc for an additional $45, then I heard you could save up to 33%!

      • Rabbit93

        I would rather have jax or sonya in gears. It makes more sense.

        • Vivas Kaul

          You just described Coltrane and Anya. :-p

          • Rabbit93

            Yea I guess that is. I do like the scorpion idea. Maybe put him as a downloadable locust character and have sub zero as a cog character just to keep the rivalry going. :)

  • Dom

    The only things I can truly picture fitting properly into the game for Fenix are the various weapon executions. They would be great, but I’m not sure what they would do about his movements

    • Vivas Kaul

      Marcus has a charge move like Kratos called the ‘Roadie Run’…boom…done. You can have that one for free NetherRealm Studios!

  • nuk60

    He can’t be in the game because the guy always carry guns…plus what would be his excuse for being in the MK universe anyway???

  • nuk60

    Marcus can’t be in the game because he always carry guns in his hands…plus what would be his excuse for being in the MK universe anyway.

    • Skyline

      You got a point there…

    • Justinian

      You got a point about the fighting style, but I don’t think many people would care about the story of why he was in and focus more about how awesome it would be to have him. Maybe it’s just me

    • Vivas Kaul

      Well they were able to splice Freddy into the mythos…same thing with Kratos. So you never know…anything is possible with Shao Khan, Quan Chi, and Shang Tsung doing weird mystical things.

  • Zoloft

    They could have him fight with the gun but not just it for firing purposes at all time. He could easily just use the blunt ends or incorporate the chain saw as a slashing weapon. I’m hoping for epic grenade executions.

  • Justinian

    I think they would have to come up with a fighting style for him and then save his lancer and other weapons for specials and fatalities. I would love to see a curb stomp fatality or a chainsaw in half fatality

  • ryan

    Add Marcus Fenix to the mortal kombat world he fits perfectly. screw jax jax sucks and everyone knows it cutting someone in half with a lancer would be one of the best finishing moves in the game there is no one more epic the Marcus Fenix and there is no one else that fits mortal kombat more then him and if thats not enough to convince you then all the money you would make on the dlc and all the fans you will gain should be more then enough reason to add him

  • Jose de mexico

    En mexico nos decepcionante Ed Boon, ahora que vistes que Gear of War 3 a vendido 3 millones en tan solo 5 dias , ahora si quieres a Marcus, no tienes vergüenza, hasta EPIC GAMES a tenido mas consideraciones con nosotros hasta el director del juego nos a tratado mucho mejor, dobla los juegos en latino, no en español de españa, si fuera el te mandaria por un tubo , mejor vete con SONY traidor.

    • Marco

      pero fue el que creo gears el que le ofrecio usar a marcus, no al reves. Aparte que tiene de malo que no haya doblaje? estas en una pagina en ingles asi que supongo que si no te gusta el doblaje lo cambias y ya!

  • Rabbit93

    I could see them just putting him in as a boxer out street fighting type. One of his specials could be a smoke grenade tag that stuns the enemy. You could also use the digger as a ranged weapon attack. Or a mortar shot.

  • Bradd

    Sure let xbox have Fenix as a exclusive character. I would personally just love to see Tanya available on PS3 being that she is already in the game… Skarlet & Tanya were prisoners or Shao Kahn and we got the Skarlet DLC when will we get the Tanya DLC as well?

  • Joel negrete

    I think Marcus fenix should be in MK because look at Striker he kicked 4 best MK characters asses in story mode. Marcus should have retro lancer,normal lancer,frags,boltok and knife for attacks and ham
    Er of dawn and the digger for fatalities. Hell yeah!!!!!!

    • Rabbit93

      I agree with most of that but make the digger a normal attack, and only one of the lancers and give him a shotgun. Just like a normal load out would be, not including the digger. No knife. Theres really only one time that I can think of that a knife has been present in gears of war games. They always had the chainsaw bayonet as a knife.

      Another thing is maybe have mortar, like ive said before, but I think that hammer of dawn would be a good subsitute for that, now that I think about it.

  • Thorn

    Not to burst anyones bubble, but Kratos was in the game for more than the reason that he “just fitted the context”.

    Netherrealm (Midway)has actually done work with the creators of God of War before. Anyone remember Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks?
    Yeah, they were working with them on that, which is why it and God of War were so similar.

    Kratos wasn’t just shoehorned in, and was in there for more reasons than one.

    I may be a multi-platform gamer, but I do prefer the PS3.
    And I’ve played both versions of MK9, and in my opinion, it plays better on the PS3. In fact, just about every MK game has, primarily due to the controller formatting.
    And I think Ed Boon knows this to be honest.
    I’m not saying by any means that the Xbox sucks, but facts are that there was support behind having Kratos in the game… Marcus Fenix…. Ergh.

    I’m not seeing it happening.
    I may be wrong, I may not, but I doubt Marcus will be introduced, and not to insult anyone, but I think its just Xbox fanboys getting hyped up hoping to have a character to rival Kratos.
    I’m not hyping the PS3, I’m just saying, thats what I’m pulling from this situation.