LulzSec Suspect Arrested [Update]

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Member of LulzSec Arrested

If you haven’t heard of LulzSec before, here’s the skinny: They’re the guys hacking every big name they can, just in an attempt to prove that they can. Everyone from the big gaming companies, most notably Sony, to TV channel websites like PBS have been targeted by this group. But if you’re sick of the group’s antics, you’ll be happy to know that they may have got some comeuppance, as a man suspected to be part of the group was arrested today.

The 19-year old Essex man, named Ryan Cleary, was arrested by Scotland Yard in suspicion of violating the Computer Misuse Act and Fraud Act. He was believed to have been involved in an attack on the Serious Organized Crime Agency website, and purportedly stole the 2011 census database. A post believed to have been made by LulzSec followed this same story, hence the man’s suspicion of being involved with the group.

Scotland Yard confirmed this suspicion, and later searched the man’s computer for any data regarding the April attack on PSN, or any information from Sony in general. They later found “a significant amount of material,” though whether or not there is any connection to any of the Sony attacks is currently unknown.

Though all signs point to LulzSec being in serious trouble, they themselves are playing it cool. They recently denied any link to Ryan Cleary on their Twitter account, saying that they’re still here and that they aren’t finished yet. They also joked that they hacked into every website in the world, though they did deny hacking into the census database, saying it was a rumor started by people “stupider than you or I.”

It can certainly be said that LulzSec appears to be backtracking now that one of their own could be in custody. Still, until more information surfaces, we can’t be completely sure that this Ryan Cleary is part of the group. It wouldn’t be unlikely that he is just an unconnected hacker, looking for some attention by claiming to be a part of a bigger group.

Do you think Cleary is part of LulzSec? If so, will this mean trouble for the group?

Stay tuned for more information as it surfaces.

UPDATE: LulzSec further explained their point, saying that Cleary is, at best, loosely associated with them. They explained that they use one of his IRC servers for chats, but they use many servers and aren’t associated with them. They also mocked the UK police for arresting someone like Cleary, saying it’s a sign of how desperate they are to catch them.

It was revealed, however, that despite not being part of LulzSec, Cleary is a noted hacker, and was originally part of Anonymous. Anonymous has yet to respond.

Source: Develop Online, Telegraph


  • ATG

    Man they need to stop hacking off and get a girlfriend!!

    • Ken J

      LOL, thank you.

    • Rob Keyes


  • DarthMalnu

    These guys are the hacker equivalent of smacking you in the face and then running near the principals office so you can’t retaliate. We get it guys, you’re Anonymous’ little brother and mommy public doesn’t pay enough attention to you. Try doing something constructive. Post the name of that cop who beats his kids, or infiltrate the KKK or something… cause other than hating you, nobody really cares about you or what you have to say.


    Waste of talent if u ask me make use of it for something helpful instead of hurting others

  • William Case

    Interesting thing about that is at times, that’s how some hackers get off once caught. We hear about companies like Microsoft using them for security updating and protection. It is a shame that they don’t use their abilities for the greater good in the beginning, yet ultimately it comes down what is more fun. Causing havoc and making people frustrated is more fun than helping find child molesters or helping the authorities.

  • JD

    Now they claim they kicked two members out and posted their personal information because they rated out Mr. Ryan Cleary.

    If Ryan Cleary was such a minor member, they wouldn’t be kicking out people and posting their information over it.

    Either that or they are lieing again to make people believe something.

    • Ken J

      Ooh, so what does it mean when nerds “kick you out” of their group? What, the “unfriend you” from their facebook page or what?? LOL!!! It’s not like they killed them or something, these nerds crack me up, they think they are so serious and tough, but all they know how to do is sit behind a keyboard and type away… I wonder if their legs can even move…

      • Jago

        Of course they do… Who do you think heats up the “Hot Pockets” when their Mom…er I mean “Roomate” is away lol.

        • ATG

          Lol I agree! These guys aren’t even making a name for themselves, just getting made fun of. Let one of these pencil dick a-holes knock on my door.

        • Ken J


          Come on, that’s what they make chairs with wheels on them for… *rolls eyes* You’re so stupid…

          (j/k dude) πŸ˜€

          • ATG

            LOL! Good one

          • Jago

            @ken j

            Lol, but what about stairs… Lots of times their room (Command Center lol) might be in the basement or attic. Then again they may have watched “misery” one too many times and learned how to move throughout the house without using their legs lol.

            I wonder if any of these guys ever went outside and played tag when they were younger? Knew what fresh air felt like? Knew what the touch of the opposite sex (depending which way they swung) felt like instead of giving themselves strangers when their “roomate” wasn’t around ? Did they all swallow the red pill and know something we don’t know ? lol…

          • Ken J


            Oh no, be careful, one of these “tough guys” might be reading this and will come to your home and beat… no wait, they will sit in their “command center” and hack your computer… Ooohhhh, so manly!!! πŸ˜€

          • Jago

            @ken j

            Very manly indeed lol… But i have thought of that before and if they want to hack my ipod (since i never use my comp for screenrant or gamerant) then oh well lol. It was a gift and its still insured so i could probably get a new one or one for “cheap”. But then i started thinking: what if they access my personal data and upload evidence into my permanent record indicating that i was the one who shot JFK, that i was the one who unleashed Miley Cyrus onto the world, that i started the bio-chemical warfare movement by giving the world the biggest fever ever… Bieber Fever, that i caused wars between tweens because i forced them to choose sides between team edward and team Jacob, that i mated with Donald Trumps hair piece and somehow created the atrocity that is Snooki, that i participated in all of the axis of evil mentioned above and now all i could do is hope that Doc drives by in the deloreon (not sure if its spelled that way) giving me the opportunity to go back in time to stop my past self from ever making those comments. Oh well lol…

            Just out of curiousity: If someone with a life (me) liked to scr@w with those that don’t (hackers) is that considered Necrophilia as well? Lol.

          • Ken J


            Whoa, if snookie is the result of you, then you’re really screwed up dude…

            I wish I can meet one of these hackers in real life just so I can use the line “Hack your way out of this!” as I punch him in his pimply face… Because I can’t think of any other situation where that line would work…

          • ATG

            @ken j, “hack your way out of this” LOL! best line ever!

    • Dylan G.

      Hackers are good at lying, that’s why it takes so long to catch them. They lie about where they are, they lie about who they are. It’s hacker mentality, It comes natural.

  • Miko

    Im with everyone else, they really aren’t proving a whole lot with all these attacks.. nobody is impressed with their ability. Most people just see it as a bunch of dorks who think they’re badass.

    This whole thing makes me wonder though.. even if the guy they got wasn’t really connected with them, does anyone really think they’d admit it truthfully either way? Not like their twitter is gonna be like ” OHNO they got one of us..were goin down ! ”

    of course they’re gonna downplay it

  • D

    Seems to me it’s the hackers who are getting desperate!
    How long before they start attacking individuals for “lulz”?
    They need to just confess their crimes and get a life.

  • Dylan G.

    You all do realize hackers have no life because that is the hackers code right? In training to be a hacker it literally tells you to forget the rest of your life and be dedicated to what you do. So really, they won’t get a girlfriend on purpose, if you are as dedicated to what you do as they are then you would do the same. Now you all think these guys are going to be caught and put in jail for a long time, that’s not the case at all. As hackers you pretty much have a “Get-out-of-jail-free” card, the government will literally buy you out and you will work for them serving no jail time and getting paid millions a year. Have fun. :) LulzSec for life.

    • Ken J

      LOL, hackers keep telling themselves that. Some exceptional hackers might end up working for the government. Like some exceptional counterfeit artists also do. Does that mean every counterfeiter ends up getting out of prison and work for the government?? LOL, I’m sure every counterfeiter tells themselves that to make themselves have the balls to keep doing it. And I’m sorry, no job is worth me not having a girlfriend or a life. So if you think you’re cool sitting in your basement talking to your girlfriend aka your right hand (or left hand when you’re feeling like an affair…), then alright, kudos to you… πŸ˜€