LucasArts Trademarks ‘Star Wars First Assault’, Sequel to ‘Rebel Assault’?

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Star Wars Final Assault Trademark

Since the early 90s gamers have been clamoring for sequels to nearly every Star Wars title under the sun. Games like Rebel Assault, X-Wing Alliance, and Battlefront have all been rumored to be getting the reboot or sequel treatment, but alas none of those highly anticipated projects have ever made it out of the “what if” phase.

So it’s with a cautious mind that we bring the news of another trademark registration by LucasFilm (parent company to LucasArts), this one for something called ‘First Assault.’

Fusible broke the news about two trademark applications from LucasFilm, one for First Assault and one for Star Wars: First Assault, which would be used in connection with some form of online service, namely a video game.

The obvious place Star Wars fans’ minds will jump is to Rebel Assault, the 1993 CD Rom game from LucasArts, but that isn’t necessarily a given. Yes, it’s been quite some time since LucasArts has placed gamers in the cockpit of an X-Wing or Tie Fighter, but there must be a good reason those titles exist only in our memory now.

Another theory being tossed around is that First Assault will be a sequel to Star Wars: Republic Commando, the tactical first person shooter from 2005. The popularity of Call of Duty and Battlefield has made the FPS genre as viable as its ever going to be, so if LucasArts wants to strike now there’s no better time.

There are so many different scenarios that could play out with this First Assault trademark, including LucasArts not announcing a game at all. However, the last time they registered such a trademark it ended up being for something called Star Wars 1313, and we all know how that turned out.

Actually, Star Wars 1313s untapped potential makes us hopeful that First Assault will be something completely unexpected — a new IP set within the Star Wars universe. There are tons of titles that we’d like to see reborn for the next-gen, but those games have become a part of our collective nostalgia, and have equal likelihood of being terrible. A new game, on the other hand, has promise, and if it’s bad we can just blame George Lucas.

What do you think Star Wars: First Assault will end up being? Would you prefer it reboot one of LucasArts’ past titles or be a completely new IP?

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  • Matt

    The description of this article is inconsistent with the article itself. Might want to fix that.

    • Rob Keyes

      How so?

  • Adkon

    I remeber playing those in college….man I feal really old now. But a new one with today’s graphics would be awesome. Just please, PPPPLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE!!!! not a Kinnect game. PLEASE

    • Cleanskin

      I played them in high school. How old should I feel?

      In relation to the article:
      Battlefront 2. That is all.

      • Cleanskin

        Oops, Battlefront 3, I mean.

        • Cleanskin

          I just realised that would make you older than me. I feel stupid now. Time to quit the internetz.

  • Rassth

    I hope it’s a sequel to Republic Commando. I loved that game.

    • The Dark Knight


  • G

    Rebel assault wasn’t that great. It was so short from what I remember. Give me a xwing vs tie fighter or dark forces reboot.

  • Byron Rademacher

    The description says final assault where as everything else says first assault

  • James

    Anyone else still waiting for Rouge Squadron 4

  • SV

    Man i would love a new rogue squadron type game or even something similar to Warhawk on PS3 (3rd person shooter with ground and air vehicles). You could have ground troops, AT-AT’s and other ground armaments, and ships flying around duking it out in the air. Unlockable/customizable weapons/characters/vehicles/ships/classes and team based game play (along with a good Star Wars story of course.) The potential to live out the big battles from the original movies… That would be incredible. I would buy that day 1 no question!

    Why do they torture us with Star Wars Kinect when there is so much amazing potential in the Star Wars universe for an incredible game that doesnt feature a dancing han solo??? You can’t tell me that abomination outsells a true Star Wars game that so many gamers and star wars fan want and would be something worth playing. I bought every Star Wars game I could find when I was younger. Man how times have changed.

    • gaygamer22

      *hands you a copy of Battlefront 1 and two and looks at you incredulously wondering how in the hell you didnt know of the existence of those games*

      • SV

        I know of/have played/really enjoyed both of the Battlefronts but that was back in the old days where online multiplayer wasnt nearly as accessible. I want a current/next gen version haha. I had hope for 3 but it was canned even though it was deep in development so there isnt much hope for that series now :(

  • gaygamer22

    first and foremost ROGUE SQUADRON 4!!!!!!!!!! pretty please? been waiting too gawdamn long.

    second a new Republic commando sounds good but i want BATTLEFRONT 3 NOW!

    Lucasarts has just been really stupid here lately, giving us games no one cares about while letting their other franchises seemingly die out.

    • gaygamer22

      oh and when i say batlefront i dont mean that third person garbage from the psp. give us back our fps viewpoint

      • gaygamer22

        hell id even take graphically updated versions of the super star wars, empire strikes back, and return of the jedi games from the snes. i just want a good (emphasis on GOOD) star wars game to play.

        • SV

          agreed. HD remakes of any of the NSES or N64 star wars games would be awesome haha

  • AlexMech

    No X-WIngs or Rebel Assault games please, they don’t feel right without a joystick, and the only company gutsy enough to release a 360 game with a joystick as part of the bundle was BandaiNamco with Ace Combat 6. I still play that, its that much fun! But if its going to be gamepad central I hope that this falls more in the category of 1313, a new IP altogether. Battlefront 3 would have been great if they did not make it a acheivement based gloat fest, I played that for the locations. How about a Jedi Knight reboot? Something fresh, Old Republic Academy or something like that?

  • Lausen

    What I hope this is that I’m surprised wasn’t mentioned in the article is star wars battlefront 3. It says first assult but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a reboot of the battlefront franchise or even a game similar to the battlefronts will make battlefront fans happy such as myself.

    • The Dark Knight

      Battlefront 3 would be awesome the one that was in development that got canceled was looking really good.