LucasArts Promises Authentic, ‘High Quality’ Star Wars Games

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New LucasArts Star Wars Games

Remember when Star Wars was awesome and universally loved? The prequel trilogy started to change that, made worse by the push towards the kids-centric Clone Wars movie, animated TV series and video games. The latest video game offerings didn’t do much to help, with the Star Wars: Galaxies MMO taking a dive after an unwelcome revamp and the Force Unleashed series quickly meeting its end with its second installment.

The two big Star Wars games LucasArts will be showing off at E3 this year, The Old Republic and Star Wars Kinect, were both at the event last year in some capacity and neither were developed in-house. That would mean they have nothing new to show on the Star Wars frontand nothing developed themselves, unless of course, there is a surprise Star Wars game announcement… Star Wars: Battlefront III anyone?

LucasArts President Paul Meegan chatted with MCV briefly about the Star Wars brand in gaming and how the general perception of LucasArts isn’t too hot.

“LucasArts is a company with tremendous potential. I think people look at it and wonder why it hasn’t done better in recent years… Lucasfilm has some of the most beloved and powerful brands in entertainment, we have a loyal community of fans, and talented people in every discipline. We’re surrounded by staggeringly bright and creative people at the top of their games.”

Where are the games, Paul?

“In recent years, LucasArts hasn’t always done a good job of making games. We should be making games that define our medium, that are competitive with the best of our industry, but we’re not. That has to change… Our priority is to create authentic, immersive, high quality Star Wars games.”

After the failure of the Force Unleashed franchise, what will LucasArts do to bring Star Wars to the forefront of gaming? Star Wars: The Old Republic is poised to offer a legitimate competitor for World of Warcraft but outside of the MMO market, what do they have that can compete with the triple-A games of each genre?

Give us a new Rogue Squadron for Nintendo’s new console (not a remake), another X-Wing/Tie Fighter game for PC and the consoles, maybe even another Jedi Knight title. And yes, the long-rumored Star Wars: Battlefront 3 that can do what Battlefield 3 can do visually.

No more LEGO or Clone Wars games for the time being, please.

What Star Wars game would you love to play?

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  • andrew

    battlefront 3, this game if it would come out, has potential to be a better and more played game than halo, and maybe even call of duty. itd be soo much better, playing different planets, the online play would be soo much more fun with more to do and command posts, and ground to space maps would just knock me out lol. also i cant imagine how visually stunning bf3 would be. flying through coruscant through the sunset, cloud city, naboo, omg. lol. they could even have podracing, and more jedis, idk but i love star wars

  • Drekkin

    Star Wars Galaxies endures and evolves, though at a pace that’s too slow to get a decent groundswell and capitalize on the interest of the returnees and new visitors. With more dev resources, the game could have a second heyday with it’s current eagerness to amend errors and respond to a passionate fanbase. It’s all to easy to dismiss the sandbox due to age or past mistakes but with 8 years approaching and it’s ability to persist despite bitterness and economic pressures, it’s about time Lucasarts and SOE gave all they could to support and improve what has been a flagship for the loyal set of mature fans that have been enjoying it for an approaching decade.

    • Homerg

      It was announced that Star Wars Galaxies is being shutdown on Dec. 15th. You will be unable to buy or reactivate SWG after September 15th. RIP SWG!

  • trooper45

    republic commmandos 2 ALL THE WAY!!!

    • Midnight

      Yes Yes YES!

    • trooper45

      the problem with lucas arts is that they always end something when its going great and is amazing. ex, star wars battlefront, republic commandos, kotor, rogue squadron, star wars galaxies

    • humza277

      Awww hell yeah, you read my mind man!!!

  • diarmaid malone

    if STAR WARS BATTLEFIELD III came out i woudnt bother getting mw3 or bf3 (not swbf 3 bf3) and im extremely looking forward to both these game star wars battlefield 3 would be the best game ever made for online gameplay

  • lucastart

    I’d like a gritty new battlefront for consoles, like they said on par with battlefield 3 (and i mean gritty like battlefield 3, and with slicing & dicing lightsaber action if they were to be included in gameplay). I’d also love a republic commando 2 for consoles, also gritty. And a true kotor 3 for consoles, swtor is an mmo, not an rpg, and it has cartoony graphics, not my cup of tea, many others feel the same way. And yeah a new jedi knight title would be sweet. These games should have been made a long time ago and there is no excuse for lucasarts not doing so, they (well the guy interviewed at least) admit to not doing there best (finally), but will they admit to why they haven’t made the sequels etc mentioned above? Force unleashed could have been great if the lightsabers weren’t just lit up bats and the main character wasn’t so corny, he needed to be darker and sith like. I never even bothered playing the second one…

  • Chase

    Battlefront 3 would be EPIC plus Republic Commando 2.

  • Adrian

    Give us Star Wars Battlefront 3!!!!!!!

  • Matt

    I’d love to see a new Dark Forces, or some fps in that vein. I know jedi are cool and all that, but to me star wars was always more about Han Solo than Luke Skywalker. I find the current Jedi-centricity of recent star wars games to be frustrating. Even with a game like battlefront, its like somebody at the top (can’t think of who) took a look at it and said, “needs more Jedi.” Like I said, jedi are cool and all, but they are just a tiny part of a huge and fascinating universe. I’m more interested in smugglers and bounty hunters and hives of scum and villainy. I’d love to see a new star wars game with straightforward fps action in exciting environments, minus the force powers.

  • Mag

    Star Wars Battlefront 3!
    Include XL-battles on every map! (XL-battle is a game-mode like Capture The Flag and operates just like conquest, but with 100 players on each team. Only available on PC-version of Battlefront 2 as far as I know)
    Jet-pack option for all Clone and Imperial classes.

    • Mag

      Bring back Cloud City

  • XxJJxX

    Commando 2 would be awesome! Squad based conflict, while Battlefront 3 would be more like battlefront games in the sense of bigger battles. I am not sure about how well it would work, but I think I would rather play in the future, after episode 6, bringing something new, and fresh. Maybe more advanced weapons and vehicles would do the games well.

  • dan

    Yet here we are, practically a year later. And still mired with disappointment.