LittleBigPlanet gets boarded by Pirates!

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LittleBigPlanet Pirates of the Caribbean

We have been waiting quite awhile for some new maps to hit LittleBigPlanet and now it appears we finally are getting some. It has been almost a year since we received the Metal Gear Solid Pack and that is simply just too long for us gamers! Looks like Media Molecule is getting ready for their next batch of themed DLC with Pirates of the Caribbean. A leaked trophy list seems to reveal plans to incorporate the highly anticipated water mechanic into Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

The announcement of Disney-themed costumes came to us at this year’s E3, but has not been brought up again until now. I believed the partnership would only bring about costumes, but not an entire level pack! You can check out the leaked list of trophies right after the jump.

Silver Trophies

The Bends
Achieve a score of 7000 in the Diving for Treasure survival challenge

HMS Interceptor
Complete the race in Cursed Bay with at least 4000 points left on the clock

Bronze Trophies
Pirates of the Caribbean Booty Master
Collect all the Pirates of the Caribbean prize bubbles

Beast Slayer
Destroy the Kraken boss

Ace Port Royal
Ace Port Royal

Ace Pirate Town
Ace Pirate Town

Ace The Frigate
Ace The Frigate

Ace Cursed Bay
Ace Cursed Bay

Ace The Kraken!!!
Ace The Kraken!!!

Publish a level containing water

Salty Dog
Complete 20 community levels that contain water

No word on a release date (or even an official confirmation from MM) but Game Rant will let you know as soon as we get word on Media Molecule’s plans.

What do you think of this new level pack? What themed packs do you hope are coming next? (Marvel by any chance?)

Source: Joystiq

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