‘LEGO The Hobbit’ Gets Its First Trailer

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With Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy only two-thirds of the way through its box office run, there seems no better time to dive into J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy world in LEGO form. Warner Bros. clearly agrees, as the first trailer for LEGO The Hobbit has now been released.

The trailer comes just weeks after the game’s existence was leaked online, and shows how the developers at Traveller’s Tales have adapted much of the action from the first two films into a lighter, brickier form.

Fans of both Middle-earth and the LEGO series of video games have plenty to look forward to in the coming years, as both franchises have more installments incoming. A game based on the LEGO movie is already a go, and Monolith is hard at work on Shadow of Mordor, the game once thought to be tied to The Hobbit trilogy.

The video game clearly takes a more lighthearted approach to the material than director Peter Jackson, with the first two chapters of Bilbo Baggins’ journey already populated by Necromancers, killer spiders, and one of the most terrifying movie dragons in recent memory. Unfortunately, the legendary Smaug doesn’t make an appearance in the trailer, but the less said about the creature the better; this is a game targeted at younger audiences, after all.

The trailer also stays focused on the game’s cinematics as opposed to gameplay, meaning it’s too early to tell if LEGO The Hobbit will be an open world experience along the lines of LEGO Lord of the Rings or a more directed one.

Given the movie’s relatively smaller scale (at least in terms of battle scenes), we’d bet that massive battles may not be in the cards. After playing our way through the more streamlined LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, we’re not sure that’s a bad thing either.

Will you Tolkien fans be picking up the game for your preferred console or handheld? Or are there a few other properties you’d rather see adapted into the LEGO brand first? Share your thoughts on the trailer in the comments.


LEGO The Hobbit will be released in Spring 2014 for 3DS, PC, Mac, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U.

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  • dethfuse


  • jwalka

    wish they would mix the formula up a little, f you’ve played one lego game you’ve pretty much played them all. i started lego marvel 2 weeks ago and am almost done, and it feels exactly like lego indiana (the last lego game i played) but with marvel characters and an open world.

    dont get me wrong, the games are fun, just nothing super special.

    • Aaron

      What else can they do? That is the style of the Lego games.

      I also have thr Marvel game, but habr only played the first two missions. I like it thus far.

      • jwalka

        it’s one helluva long game, not to mention there are a few really cheap races… which doesn’t make sense since the target market for this game would be kids… overall though, it’s a really fun story, with quite a lot of characters (even if most of them follow certain templates).

  • misfit666

    looks pretty good, haven’t gotten around to playing a lot of the lego games yet, pretty much since the pirates of the Caribbean game, the only thing I wish they would stop doing is the voice acting for every single game, I get what they are trying to convey that the voice acting getting the story across easier and not every story can be told easily through pantomime, but I always saw the pantomiming as a better medium for story telling with the lego games since personally I think its a lot funnier which to me adds a lot to the enjoyment of these games