‘LEGO Marvel Super Heroes’ Review

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Review

After Traveller’s Tales delivered two very successful titles in LEGO Batman and LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, it seemed a forgone conclusion that the developer might soon tackle Marvel’s heroes and villains. But, there loomed a major conflict over whether DC owner Warner Bros. would be able to secure the rights to their biggest competitor, Marvel.

Thankfully, the licensing rights gods have smiled upon us and helped make LEGO Marvel Super Heroes a reality. And thank TT Games, because they have delivered yet another successful LEGO adaptation, one that does justice to its massive cast of Marvel characters.

The set-up in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is fairly straightforward: a group of villains, led by Doctor Doom, set out to steal Cosmic Bricks that have been inadvertently scattered around the universe after the Silver Surfer has a run in with Galactus. But, while Doom’s henchman (Loki, Doctor Octopus, Magneto, etc.) work to collect the Bricks, various members of The Avengers…the true Avengers…try their best to stop them in a sprawling adventure befit of the Marvel universe. Not to mention, the game boasts the type of team-ups and battles that, due to rights issues, we will never see on in a feature film.

At the same time, while LEGO Marvel absolutely understands these characters and what makes them appealing, the game is slightly lacking when it comes to its writing and voice acting. Aside from brief vocal appearances from Clark Gregg (a.k.a. Agent Coulson), the rest of the cast is filled out by soundalikes that are mostly hit or miss with regards to tone and delivery. Similarly, the sharp, comedic writing that usually makes these LEGO games so charming is sorely lacking here. The dialogue between the game’s various heroes, while sometimes chuckle-worthy, is especially disappointing, especially considering how well TT nailed the dynamic between Superman and Batman in LEGO DC.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Review - Cast

As most fans know, LEGO games are only as good as their playable characters. Luckily, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes has all the requisite heroes and villains that fans could want. Everyone from Loki to Black Panther to more obscure characters like Squirrel Girl and Beta Ray Bill makes an appearance. Obviously, some characters — like Iron Man, Spider-Man, and many of the X-Men – get more time in the spotlight than others, but chances are your favorite character is playable in some respect.

What’s more, the game does well to recreate the various powers and abilities of the Marvel heroes, from Spider-Man’s “Spidey Sense” to Hulk’s combination of intelligence (in human form) and pure strength. Each hero feels unique in certain aspects, but most fall into a few straightforward roles. For example, there are those heroes who are strong, those who are smart, those who can dig, and those who climb. Players will have to mix and match these various abilities to progress through the game’s dozen or so levels, and to defeat the many villains peppered throughout, but, in most cases, the necessary combination is fairly obvious. That doesn’t diminish the gameplay’s appeal, though, because there’s nothing like switching between various Avengers team members.

The game also features many of Marvel Comics’ iconic locations from the Daily Bugle to Stark Tower, all of which are well represented in LEGO form. TT Games has perfected their signature brand of level design, combining more traditional CG elements with those that look like handcrafted LEGO pieces. And if you have the opportunity to play LEGO Marvel Super Heroes on a next-gen platform, we highly recommend it.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Review - Gameplay

If there is one word to describe the LEGO franchise thus far it’s consistent. The experience from one game to the next is certainly familiar, but no less appealing, especially with the right brand bolstering the end product. Some might argue that the past few LEGO games have honed in on a formula that doesn’t change much from game to game, and while those criticisms are certainly valid, it’s hard to deny these LEGO games are hugely popular.

And by partnering that solid LEGO brand with Marvel, TT Games has found what is likely their most successful formula: combining a diverse cast of characters with their tried and true gameplay tropes. Fans of anything Marvel has created in the last 75+ years will come away from LEGO Marvel Super Heroes satisfied, as will those who regularly turn up for and enjoy TT Games’ LEGO releases. The game by no means introduces any fundamental changes, but it’s charming, well designed, and endless engaging all the same.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes is out now for the 3DS, PC, PS3, PS4, Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Game Rant was provided a PS4 copy of the game for this review.

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4 out of 5

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  • hanzo

    I love this game. The only qualm I have about it is I really wish it had an online co-op. Esp since you have to work as a team anyways. Itd make it just that extra bit more fun. But I love the game none the less

  • Dethfuse

    Game looks interesting. I’ve thought about renting it. I just don’t know how long of a game it is.

    • CapcityAdam

      Like all of the Lego games, the play through on story mode is pretty quick. You can beat it in a day or two of game time. However, beating a level in story mode unlocks the level for free play and characters you will need to truly finish a level. Maybe 25% of the Lego games are the story mode, the other 75% are the unlockables in free play mode. Totally worth the long haul with this series considering all the unlockable characters are superheros that each come with their own unique powers. Did I mention there are close to a 100?

  • http://screenrant.com boogoo

    I had a good time with this game. The main campaign is great and the visuals are pretty damn gorgeous. My main complaint would be the side missions in New York get reeeally tedious and grinding. They aren’t essential but they’re a pain in the butt if you want to try and get 100% and unlock every character.

    • http://twitter.com/antaormina Anthony Taormina

      Yeap, that’s pretty common for LEGO games nowadays. I’ve kind of given up on trying to get 100% because there are so many games and little reward.

      • http://screenrant.com boogoo

        I could count the number of games I’ve 100% completed on one hand. And that hand could be missing a few fingers. I’ve tried to be the type of gamer that digs into every nook and cranny of a game and earns every trophy/achievement but… laziness.

  • Teal

    I’ve been looking forward to this review! I’ve never played a lego game before, but I was really excited about the prospect of Marvel and X-men all being together! I get pretty giddy every time I see a video from this game… I loved lego as a kid, and have enjoyed the new marvel licensed sets (I have wolverine and Iron Man proudly standing together on my shelf!) I’m glad its well liked, IGN was positive too

    Would you really recommend it on next gen? I don’t have a PS4 yet, and I’m not dying to get one, also not dying to play the game. I wouldn’t imagine it would be that different tho, but I’m not a hardcore gamer.

    • http://gamerant.com Anthony Taormina

      I would definitely recommend it on PS4. The textures and frame rates are much better and the load times are minimal.

      If you are a Marvel fan, especially X-Men or the basic Avengers I highly recommend the game.

  • http://www.suicidalwombat.com Chris P

    I am really enjoying the game and the review is pretty spot on. The only issue that I have with it is the horrendous camera problems when playing co-op. Other than that it’s good stuff.