‘LEGO Batman 2’ Trailer and Screenshots Highlight Man of Steel

By | March 15, 2012 at 3:45 pm  

While many of Traveller’s Tales‘ LEGO properties capture a certain amount of fan nostalgia, none has worked as much magic as LEGO Batman. Sure, LEGO Star Wars and Harry Potter did their thing well enough, but they never really stretched the base formula enough to make a sequel feel warranted.

LEGO Batman 2, on the other hand, feels like the game that DC Comics fans have been waiting for. Taking not just iconic Batman heroes and villains but now DC Comics‘ heroes and villains, this promises to be one of Traveller’s Tales most successful LEGO titles yet — and we have a new trailer and some screenshots.

In the trailer, Traveller’s Tales doesn’t mince words, they cut right to the chase, to the character that fans are anxiously waiting to see get the LEGO treatment. Of course that iconic hero who will be joining Batman and Robin as they try to take down the Joker and his cronies is none other than Superman.

Check out the trailer:


Although not much is shown in terms of gameplay it does appear that Superman will provide players a tiny bit of open world flight. Our guess, based on the pattern of level design, is that each section of LEGO Batman 2 will feature the dynamic duo teaming up with a new superhero, meaning Superman won’t be showcased throughout the entire game.

Another point of note is the game’s use of voice over (Mark Hamill‘s in fact), which is a first for the entire LEGO franchise. It’s not quite clear whether the inclusion of voice is meant for the trailer or if it is something new that Traveller’s Tales is bringing to LEGO Batman 2.

Part of the appeal of the LEGO games has been its use of pantomime and physical humor to bring levity, but if it means hearing more Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy then we’re all for it. Among the other superheroes reported to be joining the mix are Green Lantern and Wonder Woman who, we figure, will get their own trailer reveals in the coming months. All in all, this game is shaping up to be just as much fan service as Arkham City.

What do you think of Superman’s inclusion in the world of LEGO Batman 2? Do you think that the series should adopt traditional voice acting?

LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes is targeting a Summer release date on all major platforms.

Source: The Sixth Axis