‘LEGO Batman 2′ Pre-Order Deals Unveiled

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LEGO Batman 2 EB Games And Gamestop Pre-Order Offers

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes has been eagerly anticipated by many gamers since its official announcement. However, while the initial roster does feature such DC megastars as Superman, having only three heroes to choose from does seem a bit underwhelming. Luckily, if players want more characters to choose from, EB Games and GameStop are offering to give them just that.

First off, for those who are into collecting LEGO figures, a pre-order of LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes will include a special Lex Luthor figure, exclusive to the pre-order deal that can’t be bought anywhere else. This is somewhat similar to a previous pre-order deal for LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, which included an exclusive Jack Sparrow figure.

In terms of actual game add-ons, there are two DLC packs that can also be included with a pre-order. The first includes five villains that will be playable from the start: Superman’s counterpart Bizarro, Shazam’s archenemy Black Adam, Aquaman villain Black Manta, and two Flash villains in Captain Cold and Gorilla Grodd. These five can only be played via this DLC pack.

The other pack includes five more heroes for the player to use: Batman’s former ward Nightwing, current Robin and son of Batman Damien Wayne, stage magician and frequent Batman ally Zatanna, fellow Gotham City superhero Katana, and easily-recognizable Justice League member Shazam. Like the villains pack, these can only be played by purchasing the pre-order deal.

Lego Batman Nightwing Shazam

A lot of comic book fans have been looking forward to this game since its initial leak, so it’s not surprising that EB and GameStop would jump on the opportunity to attract potential buyers. And while having special deals with pre-orders is nothing new, there have been situations where any DLC packs included just wind up as regular DLC further down the line. So gamers would have to look at this and wonder if they shouldn’t just wait, or take the risk and make the pre-order.

Some comic book fans might be wary of the game as well, as the overall design choices for the characters, the characters included in the DLC packs, and the renaming of Captain Marvel to Shazam are hinting that DC is attempting to sell people on their rebooted continuity. Whether or not it’s successful remains to be seen, but what that says about DC as a company is up for discussion.

Will you be pre-ordering from EB or GameStop?

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes will be coming out this summer for the PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS, and Vita.

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  • Joaquin

    Only 3 playable characters? I remember reading somewhere that it was 50!? Damn… Well it looks like it’s going to be a fun game anyway.

    • jwalka

      they’ve confirmed that there will be a ton of known and less known heroes and villains available to play as, just like previous lego games. i assume the writer has only seen the initial trailer and assumes (like i originally did) that the game will be limited to 3 characters.

  • GameCollector44

    Oh please no..first Capcom, now Travelers Tales?

    “We start with three characters, but you can BUY more through DLC. Yes, this goes against how the LEGO games are, but screw you, we’re the developer.”

    This doesn’t instill confidence in me.

    • jwalka

      info isn’t correct, there are a ton of unlockable characters to play as (just like in previous lego games). one would think that there are only 3 b/c of the trailer but that’s not true (dev’s said themselves that there are over 100 playable characters(most which will be copy/paste of one another in terms of abilities)).

      • GameCollector44

        Oh, thank God. That makes me feel greatly more comfortable in a purchase. The article is a bit misleading in that regard. :/

  • jwalka

    it really comes down to whether these characters are copy/paste (like all previous additional characters in these lego games) of other characters or if they have exclusive abilities – will there be 20 characters that have wonder woman’s lasso and flash’s speed or are these guys gonna stand out from the crowd ?

    i’ll probably end up getting both (if i even choose to buy the game for its expensive price) b/c i know the people that work at my local eb 😛 however if i buy online then no DLC for me (which doesn’t matter if they’re copy/paste characters) 😛

    • EastOfTheAnduin

      Amazons and Best Buys preorders both come with the “Heroes” dlc pack. Amazons also comes with a $5 credit, but only good towards another LEGO game. :(

  • Ghost519

    From what I read in Gameinformer, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg, and Aquaman will be playable.

  • Yuri

    I am really excited about being able to play as Superman! That’s going to be awesome!

  • dan

    Nightwing is pre-order only? Bogus. Just freaking bogus.

  • Paulo

    Capt. Marvel’s character is legally forced to be called Shazam in every single piece of marketing due to Marvel owning the trademark on the name. He can be called Capt Marvel inside the comics but never on covers of toys. Nowadays DC renamed him to simplify things and all but calling him Shazam here is not really evidence to pushing the rebooted continuity specially since both Superman and Nightwing appear in their classic looks (red trunks and blue insignia respectively). Still, nice info, thanks for the news on the game.