Is ‘The Last of Us’ Teasing the PS4 Release Date?

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The Last of Us VGA 2012 Trailer

While gamers anxiously await a release date for the PS4, one of Sony‘s last big PS3 exclusives may have spilled the beans. Tucked away in a scene from Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is a ‘Mandatory Evacuation Notice,’ which clearly mentions the date October 17th, 2013.

Now, while this date could mean anything in the context of Last of Uspost-apocalyptic setting, we’d like to believe there is something deeper. Could we be looking at the release date for the PS4?

It’s hard to tell. Sony did mention a Holiday 2013 release window for the PS4, which makes October a little too early for a console release. For a point of comparison: the PS3 released in mid-November – a date that’s much closer to the “Holiday” timeline. Still, stranger things have happened.

Another likely possibility with the date is a trailer release date for the next Naughty Dog game. As you might remember, Naughty Dog teased The Last of Us in Uncharted 3, so it only makes sense that The Last of Us might tease Uncharted 4 — the next-gen version of the flagship Sony franchise.

Check out the image below [Click for high-res version]:

The Last of Us PS4 Teaser

Or maybe it’s just a date in a video game, and it has no bearing on the PS4 or a future Naughty Dog release. But that would take a lot of the fun out of it.

Unfortunately, October 17th is a full 6 months away, which means by the time that date comes around a lot of gamers will have forgotten the subtle clue. Moreover, with The Last of Us slated for a June launch, very few will probably even be thinking about Naughty Dog’s game amidst all of the next-gen hype.

That being said, if Sony does announce October 17th (or potentially the 18th depending on how you want to interpret the sign) as the PS4’s release date, Naughty Dog can point back to this scene and say, “I told you so.”

What do you think the sign’s date means? Will the PS4 launch before or after October 17th?

The Last of Us is set for a June 14, 2013 release exclusively on the PS3.

Source: PS3 Center

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  • the mighty avenger

    i wouldnt rule this date out just yet even though its 6 months away. lets not forget that uncharted 3 teased the last us long before the last of us was even announced so who knows. hopefully its a teaser date for uncharted 4. naughty dog can do no wrong right now. i cant wait for the last of us already pre ordered my survival edition! sadly the post pandemic was sold out in my town so that sucks but excited for this game!


      I would rule it out. Electronics get released on tuesdays, not thursdays.

      • Joer

        And this means what? When you want to stand alone, you stand alone… for this reason alone, a Thursday makes a lot of sense, tradition aside.

        • MATT DUNN

          They wouldn’t do that because they would want a HUGE first week sales number, and releasing it on thursday only gives them 3 days for week 1 sales numbers.

          • The mighty avenger

            Who says anything about a game release date? I’m Just thinking it could a teaser for uncharted or their next project.

  • boogoo

    I’m not sure they would plan out anything that far ahead unless it was something major. I wonder if there’ll be any other easter eggs in the game though.

    • The mighty avenger

      I love Easter eggs in anything so I absolutely hope so! Haha

  • Ryuhza

    It seems to fit the bill. The cross generation titles all release after that date.

  • Shaide

    I think you are looking too much into it. Most games have dates plastered throughout it. If not on walls or signs, then on newspapers. However, dates are even more common in Zombie or apocalypse games. Why? Because it adds to the story. It lets you put a date to an event.

    Sure, the date is pretty close for an apocalypse setting, but that doesn’t mean anything really. Walking Dead takes place during the here and now, and though the series “Revolution” takes place 15 years in the future, the events that lead up to it(IE, the power going out) occurs during the modern day(Though a date to my knowledge has as of yet been given, though i havent watched the last 3 episodes yet, so that might have changed)

    Could it mean something? Sure. It’s doubtful, but the possibility is there. That being said, it could also be the date that they plan releasing a particular DLC that an artist is excited about…or it could be the designers upcoming first anniversary. It literally could be anything including(And this is important), nothing at all.

  • Ironbatman

    Just a little heads up if you guys at Game Rant check comments. I was with a Sony rep last month testing out the new demo for The Last of Us and he told me Naughty Dog was working on Uncharted 4 but they don’t want to announce it right now because The Last of Us is their baby right now and they want it to sell well. This was at a Gamestop Employees only event which is how we were able to play the demo.