BioWare Confirms ‘Knights of the Old Republic 3′ for Next-Gen

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Knights of the Old Republic 3 April Fools

[Update: April Fools’! Sorry, We Want This To Be True As Well!]

When Electronic Arts first announced their exclusive licensing deal with Disney for the Star Wars property, many figured it was only a matter of time before EA subsidiary BioWare and the galaxy far, far away reunited. Now, Electronic Arts has made it official: BioWare will develop Knights of the Old Republic 3!

BioWare developer Max Rebo has confirmed the news, saying that it has always been in the company’s plans to return to the franchise that made them a household name.

Moreover, Rebo shared his excitement over working with the new consoles, and how leveraging the power of both the PS4 and the Xbox One will help make Knights of the Old Republic 3 a massive game, at least 100 times larger than the first KOTOR.

“We are excited to announce that BioWare is currently in the midst of development on a new Knights of the Old Republic title. When Electronic Arts first came to us with the news they were acquiring the Star Wars license, we knew exactly what we wanted to do, and now we are pleased to share that news with our fans. We can’t wait for gamers to see what BioWare has in store for them in the fall of 2014″

For years, gamers have been clamoring for KOTOR 3, but BioWare has always seemed slightly reticent with regards to the idea. They did deliver The Old Republic MMO, which they say was like Knights of the Old Republic 3 through 9 packaged in a single online experience, but most fans didn’t fully believe that to be true. Even more so after playing the game. If anything, The Old Republic only further increased fans desires for a new Knights of the Old Republic.

Knights of the Old Republic Screen

We knew for quite some time that BioWare was working on some form of Star Wars game, alongside DICE and Visceral Games, but that was it. Only DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront was confirmed as in development, with the other two developers’ projects laying in wait.

However, when BioWare’s name was dropped in connection with Star Wars, most hoped that they would deliver Knights of the Old Republic 3, but it was still far too early for EA to say anything official. Now that the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, all signs are pointing towards a full reveal at E3 2014.

Are you happy that BioWare is making Knights of the Old Republic 3? Were you hoping they might use the Star Wars license for something different?

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