Kinect: Space Requirements & Cost of Ownership Charts

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Playing Kinect

Yesterday’s anticlimactic announcement of Kinect’s retail price has lead to all kinds of Kinect discussions in every corner of the internet. Today’s Kinect talking points include the amount of physical space necessary to use the system, and Microsoft’s charts detailing the total cost of ownership for each console manufacturer’s motion control option.

One of the long-standing concerns about Kinect is just how much space players will need when using the motion control system. Certainly, every demo of the system so far has dedicated a fairly significant chunk of real estate to the experience. Will the system even function properly in smaller spaces?

Now, thanks to the pre-order page over at Amazon, that question has been answered.

“What will you need to play Kinect?”

“You’ll need any Xbox 360 console, a Kinect sensor, Kinect games and 6 feet between you and your television for play space.”

A six foot space requirement, which is not mentioned on Microsoft’s Kinect page, pretty well limits the system to the living rooms and family rooms of the world. If you’ve been playing your Xbox 360 in your bedroom, or live in a dorm or a small apartment, it looks like Kinect is not an option for you.

Space aside, the real Kinect issue continues to be price. I, like many other people, am of the opinion that Kinect’s price is too high. Microsoft, however, insists that an Xbox 360 with Kinect is the cheapest way into motion gaming — and they’ve got a chart to prove it. Have a look.

Kinect Chart

There is a second chart for current system owners who would like to upgrade. Here it is.

Kinect Chart

Both charts are based on some semblance of feature parity, though liberties do seem to have been taken. Does either Wii bundle really need the $100 Balance Board? Furthermore, neither Move bundle actually requires the $60 in navigation controllers. All things being equal, shouldn’t the Xbox 360 system bundle include a $50 Xbox Live Gold Subscription? After all, both PS3 and Wii feature online gaming and Netflix streaming. Parity is parity, right?

Personally, I find this whole line of reasoning on Microsoft’s part to be misguided. At this point, the price is what it is. Microsoft should quit wasting time comparing themselves to the competition. Kinect’s success or failure from here on out depends largely on the quality of its games, and Microsoft had better make sure that those games are damn good.

Well, let’s hear it – what do you think about the Kinect space requirement? What is your take on Microsoft’s “Cost of Ownership” charts?

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  • Jon Lavallee

    I have the space in the living room… but no space in my wallet for it.

  • Jago

    It looks like the girl in the red shoes is about to “stomp the yard” on that blondes foot lol. I actually do have the space for this aswell but not sure on how good this is in the first place cause 150 bucks for something that might have glitches detecting me accurately is sorta not cool in my opinion… Especially if i’m dancing to MJ.

  • jwalka

    don’t have the space and i don’t care, waste of time and money imo. if i want exercise i’ll go outside and practice martial arts or go for a walk, it’ll be healthier and way cheaper.

  • lostn

    Wait a second… in that E3 Milo demo, Claire was standing right in front of the screen moving her hands and causing ripples in the water… Was that demo a fake?

    • Yannis

      Nice question lostn. I’ll have to repeat that question as well.

  • Nick

    I am a bit intrested in the kinect however, if your room dose not match the 6 foot requierment, will that meen you cannot use it? dose it meen that you will run into the tings around your room?

  • Steve

    If your also considering other variables then….
    PS3 & Wii do not offer voice recognition.
    PS3 & Wii require more devices for REAL motion games (i.e. EA Active) and you can still cheat. Therefore Kinect is the only REAL motion gaming system.
    Wii requires an added adapter for good wifi connection.
    Xbox requires the most playing space.
    Xbox is the only game system that requires payment for Online gaming.

    So each system has it’s drawbacks. I own all 3. So in my opinion…
    Online Gaming- PS3
    Family Time- Wii
    “Exercise”- 360
    Ease of use for kids- 360
    Game Costs- All kind of suck