‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’ Revealed for PS4; First Footage!

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With the Killzone trilogy on the table, it’s clear that Guerrilla Games has produced one of Sony PlayStation’s bestselling series. With fans eager for a new addition, today was deemed the best time to introduce the world to the next Killzone game, which left the number-structuring of past titles and is simply called Shadow Fall.

During the PlayStation Live Meeting today, Guerrilla Games revealed the series’ first foray onto the just-announced PlayStation 4, letting the world get its collective first glimpse of the all-new Killzone: Shadow Fall. The game may mark the first time Guerrilla Games has pushed a Killzone game as a launch title, but even if it comes out post-launch, the series has long been used as a heavy-hitter to drive console sales.

The nearly 8-minute-long video clip shows a full-on assault taking place at Vekta City, with several squads of the Helghan Army touching down and beginning to reap havoc on both ISA soldiers and civilians alike. As combat rains around the battlefield and explosions ripple through the air, the player can be seen fighting his way through the city and using a variety of execution moves, like jumping from an overhead ledge and knifing an unsuspecting Helghan soldier below. Bullet-time styled sections take place, slowing down the action to the point where individual bullets can be heard. The video concluded after a dramatic, if not stereotypical, hanging-by-a-rope flying sequence.

The game takes inspiration from the cold-war era, with Berlin cited as one of the biggest driving parallels as the Helghan forces attempt to preserve their way of life. Despite the chilling plotline, the visuals of the game were surprisingly colourful, showing off the PS4’s capability to render large scenes in real-time.

No release date for the game was announced, but the playthrough certainly showed a solid amount of polish to the title. We’ll keep you posted as more information becomes revealed.

What do you think, Ranters? Are you excited for Killzone: Shadow Fall?

Killzone: Shadow Fall is currently in development for PS4.

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  • John

    Oh my god.

  • Varteras

    Gorgeous looking game. I hope we can get some more substantial information on it and hopefully people can get some hands-on time at E3. One thing I will say though, the character animations looked a little stiff. Nothing that can’t be cleaned up but I just found it a little odd that they would try to use a “look at our muscles” clip of a game and not make it look perfect for the whole few minutes.

  • Ryuhza

    God, the Facebook comments section makes me feel physically sick. I don’t even know why I bother.

    Looks nice, though at times, the person in control really bothered me with their motions.

    • Varteras

      A lot of people had overblown expectations of what we would see tonight so many of them are just acting out because they didn’t get everything they wanted in 3 hours. Sony couldn’t blow their wad before the convention season takes off. People really should have gone into this meeting expecting nothing more than an official announcement, a tentative release date, and some teasers which is exactly what we got. Now, if Sony goes into E3 or Gamescom and doesn’t deliver some serious punches then I will be perfectly understanding of people complaining.

      • Varteras

        Two hours. Excuse me.

      • Ryuhza

        Yeah, I just hate how childish everyone acts about it.

  • Vampet

    Looks simply amazing. I was already predicting a Killzone game to be shown on the PS4, but I was still blown away by this trailer. The explosions, detailed characters, beautiful environment and the particle effects were outstanding. THAT PARTICLES!

  • Michael

    Looks on par with Crysis 2 with high-res texture mods and such. I agree with that one guy that said that PC games will always outperform consoles, but at least now we aren’t going to have PC games that were forced to be dumbed down for the consoles and slap on some higher res textures for the PC version. Now the PS4 and Xbox 720 will set the minimum bar for games to come, and PCs will soar past it. At least these consoles have move and Kinect. For some reason no one is making good use for the PC version of Kinect for PC games.

    • dethfuse

      keep trollin trollin trollin

      • Varteras

        Developers feel the same way about consoles when compared to PCs. In fact, there is an article about one of the guys from Crytek, I believe, saying pretty much what Michael just said. So I suppose developers are nothing more than trolls too?

        • Michael

          It was the developers of crytek that i was agreeing with. Perhaps you saw something different. Which article was that?

          And while PCs will always have the best graphics, the consoles are being more innovative right now, with kinect and move and touchscreen/pad controllers. Why aren’t developers coming up with similar stuff for PCs?

          And one thing that has been a factor in consoles outdoing PC sales most of the time is local splitscreen multiplayer. I have yet to see a PC game that has local splitscreen multiplayer. With machines twice as powerful as next generation consoles, why can’t we have that? That is a major factor in the success of consoles, really.

          • Varteras

            Are you talking to me? Because I was agreeing with you and explaining to Dethfuse why nothing you was said was you being a troll.

          • Varteras

            nothing you* said

            Ugh. Too early in the morning.

  • HelghastUser


    As a fan since the beginning, the gameplay in the trailer left me overly…Underwhelmed..

    Visually of course it’s what I Expected it to look as with all of Guerrillas games. Everything else was just something else. It didn’t feel/play like Killzone. It just looked like one…

    On a sadder note, the people in the audience must’ve felt the same because all there was after the trailer was silence..

    • Varteras

      Which was kind of odd to me considering that they cheered for virtually everything else.

    • Atomic Gumshoe

      I believe it was still hooked up to the PS4 sound when it came back to the audience which is why it was COMPLETELY silent except for the sound of the menu selections. You would think people would clap even if just to be polite.

  • George

    Not acting out or being a dick etc, but I genuinly don’t see why this couldn’t have been on the PS3? I noticed graphical enhancements in Watchdogs (which is awesome) but not this…

    • dethfuse

      haters gonna hate

    • Varteras

      Deth, don’t call people trolls and then act like one yourself.

      George, I can quite easily understand why one would look at this new Killzone and wonder why it’s a big deal visually. I’m going to assume you’re using Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 as a comparison. First, the particle effects are an improvement over those two games. The models are slightly more detailed and the lighting effects are more accurate. Most importantly is that the game appeared to be moving at 60 fps.

      If you recall, the two Killzone games released on PS3 could only run at 30 fps with intense moments actually dropping the framerate at times even though the game was supposed to be locked at a constant 30 fps. Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 were created to be the pinnacle of PS3 visuals but the system wasn’t powerful enough to handle such visuals at full speed.

      Considering that launch titles, assuming this new Killzone is one, are typically not well beyond what we saw the best of in the previous generation it’s not at all a surprise to not immediately see improvements. However, the fact that Shadow Fall is an improvement at all and is running at ‘max’ framerates is to show that the PS4 can render such a gorgeous looking game by today’s standards with no issues.

    • Atomic Gumshoe

      There are lots of little things, the particles the lighting the shadows the reflections the materials, all nothing mind blowing but also all those things add up and actually do take a decent amount of additional power to run. I believe we are going to reach the graphics asymptote pretty soon. Eventually models can only be so many polygons, shadows can only be so accurate, and textures can only be so high rez to where you really won’t be able to tell the difference anymore.

  • ATG

    This game looked simply amazing to me. Now that I know the console specs I can upgrade my PC in another year or two.

  • Chris

    Not sure if i saw, but was there destructible environments? I dont mean the tower exploding, i have to agree that did look pretty nice, afterwards as well, but after BF3 used even minor destruction, i figured with the new engines that could be reasonably easily implemented. I could be wrong and this isnt a criticism.