Kevin Pereira Leaving ‘Attack of the Show’ and G4

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Kevin Pereira Leaves Attack of the Show

In another major blow to the network that enveloped TechTV, Kevin Pereira has announced that he will be leaving Attack of the Show and its network, G4TV, after E3 concludes in June.

This news comes shortly after the departure of Adam Sessler, the co-host of X-Play, and one of the original members of the TechTV team long before its merger with G4. Although the network has gone through countless revisions over the past several years, G4 remains one of the only channels with any real focus on the video game world.

Attack of the Show is all about pop culture, but video games are a common topic, and Kevin Pereira has been a huge advocate of the gaming side of the station since his early days at the G4. For those who never watched G4 prior to the merger, video games were once the primary focus. A majority of its schedule was dedicated to shows with hosts discussing games, playing games, reviewing games, and generally obsessing over video games. Pereira worked his way up quickly, eventually hosting both the weekly video game news show, Pulse, and the competitive gaming show, Arena.

According to the story at, the channel will be celebrating Kevin’s long career with a month dedicated to looking back at his time with the network. His last day on Attack of the Show will be May 31st, but he plans to stick around for E3 coverage from June 4 – 7. While he’s been mostly tight-lipped, Pereira did give a little hint as to where he’s headed next – i.e. creating more “television shows, interactive applications and live experiences.”

“I plan to turn my attention to full-time with my production company Super Creative and live touring nerd-carnival leetUP.”

Adam Sessler was a staple of TechTV, and over the years has become one of the most respected games journalists in the business. Similarly, Kevin Pereira has remained one of the most recognizable faces on G4 for ten years, through the good times and the bad. It is a shame to see him go, but we cannot wait to see where he ends up next.

Ranters, how do you feel about Kevin Pereira leaving G4 so soon after his colleague? Will G4 be able to replace their most popular hosts? Let us know how you feel in the comments below.



  • JD

    Its going to be hard to replace KP, at least with Adam they kinda have been phasing him out half of the shows with Blair, so there will be less impact. With AOTS I think they are going to have troubles. I think they lost a fair bit of viewers when Munn left and they didn’t get someone stable in there. I think it is worse to replace KP then Munn was. If they got Hardwick to step in people would accept that but other then that he is going to be very hard to replace.

    • Foxtrot

      A pretty good analysis.

      1. XPlay: While Blair Herter may not be “level up” yet with the experience or cred of Adam Sessler, in some respects Blair presents better on TV. I’m not talking about looks: Blair can be articulate, charming, and funny. I think XPlay could survive.

      2. AOTS: Dicier. Kevin Pereira has been THE Man ever since “The Screen Savers” morphed into “Attack of The Show” circa 2004. He’s so good at what he does he seems irreplaceable. That said, I agree, Chris Hardwick is about the only known quantity who could possibly step into his shoes… but likely wouldn’t, even if offered. Hardwick is building his own little empire at the moment (The Nerdist, podcast, YouTube Channel, book) and is doing quite well.

      As for the female co-host, I think AOTS already blew the call with Candice Bailey. Look, she’s a beautiful girl, and sweet, and that definitely counts, but she doesn’t really bring anything else (or enough of anything else) to the table, even after well over a year at the helm. In my own personal opinion, they should have chosen Alison Haislip – also great legs, but she could have traded sharper volleys with Kevin, IMO.

      In any case, G4 has its work cut out to save these shows.

      • apsutter

        Could not agree more about Alison. I was rooting for her and then they went with Candace. She is so painful to watch. Candace can barely read the teleprompter and stumbles over her words constantly. Plus the girl seems as dumb as a box of rocks. That’s why I loved Alison because she’s this cute nerdy and genuinely funny and smart girl. My boyfriend and I both watch the show and get so annoyed and fast forward through a lot of her talking.

        I could actually see Matt stepping in for Kevin. He’s been on a lot lately and he’s always good for a laugh knows his stuff when it comes to tech. And am I the only one who thinks Blair is annoying?

      • Stephen Collins

        I agree; they made a HUGE mistake with Alison Haislip; first by under-using her, then by not making her co-host when Munn left. It’s not surprising she left…

    • Rick

      Candice will do just fine,put Sarah in full time.

  • Fresh

    Impossible to have show flow without KP. G4 better renegotiate that contact and keep him……. He is G4.

  • SeabeeGR

    ok, G4 is officially dead to me :-(

  • Gary Mann

    Leo LaPorte might be looking for a TV gig. Who says you can never go back?

  • bio

    First Adam sessler now Kevin? Its only a matter of time before they rip the station completely off the air.

  • Rob Keyes

    This is pretty insane with the timing. I’m very curious as to who will step in to replace them.

    • Brian Sipple

      My thinking is that Spike, already having Geoff Keighley, might approach Sessler and KP and try to expand their gaming coverage.

      They’re at least carried by most cable and satellite providers.

      • jacob

        I could see Kevin doing that but not Sessler.

      • Androol

        How much of a difference is there between Spike and G4? Not much, that I can see. Wouldn’t really want them going there, and the article makes it sound like Pereira wouldn’t want a new TV gig; at least not for the time being. As for Adam, I’d rather see him end up with some gaming website(s) — start one himself, and/or or join an already existing one.

  • jacob

    Let’s have Webb leave next and just shut down G4, although I doubt she will leave till they turn the lights off because I think she is married to of the producers of G4 or something of that nature. Yeah there is truly no point in watching G4 now with the Sess and Perriera gone, I’ll just to stick to watching their E3 coverage and checking out their site.

  • navybluesilk

    I can’t believe I literrally expected Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira to host these shows forever…I never thought for a momement that they might have individual dreams and goals outside of just providing me tech news and entertainment! I think they are both really irreplaceable. I’ll be surprised in G4TV stays on the air. This seems like the beginning of a complete phase out. I will truly miss this channel, no one else has been as dedicated to providing me the news I really care about.

  • Geno

    I liked KP but sometimes he creeped me out,I won’t miss that.When he wasn’t being creepy he was an excellent host and celebrity interviewer.I’m not worried about him because he already has another job lined up.From what I’ve read,the new host wil have major gaming cred.No worries for G4.

  • Bravo2010

    Wow, this really sucks. AOTS isn’t a show without Pereira. He was one of the most entertaining personalities on TV. AOTS is one of the only show’s I watch, they can ALWAYS find another pretty female cohost but there’s only one Pereira. I hope G4 can find a way to keep him or they might as well cancel AOTS now.

    Anyways good luck to Kevin, and many thanks to all the years I had watching the show.

  • Troy

    I’ll give the show a chance but its like 2 1/2 Men without Charlie Sheen eventually you will realize it will never be the same and give up. I LOVE Candice and Sarah but when they host when Kevin was out, it just doesn’t work.

  • Nick

    Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood, now that’s a dynamic duo.

  • zed

    I’ll miss KP for sure. He’s the creepy arsewhole to the strait person (Candace) that makes for good TV. But clearly he’s smart and a damn good drummer!

    Nick is right though .. Sara Underwood could fill that spot .. she throws the raunch and such that would be a good mix with Candace. Also she represents Oregon in all our glory

    so as long as they keep Sara i’ll keep watching


  • Hunter

    IMO it’s only a matter of time before the network flops after these losses. they were having enough trouble with them, and since it’s safe to safe most of their viewers were long time fans they could loose a lot of them with their hosts. Unless they have some really amazing people lined up they are in for some trouble.

  • fapper!!!!

    the channel sucks anyway. I HOPE THEY FUKKKIN DIE!!!!!!! MUHAHAHAHA

    • FTP

      Your a little bitch that probably isn’t making half of what they make in a year haha so just keep talkin kid

  • Chaos707

    I’m glad he’s leaving. G4 is barely about gaming anymore, KP leaving is a step in the right direction for him.

  • doober

    G4 blows donkey dick now I hope it fails and everyone gets laid off

  • Troy Williams

    I see KP has a new job,good for him.I havent watched Aots since he left,no offense intended but candice never clicked.Granted i liked her better than vince neal[errr]allison H,although i did like the scene she did in the road warrior when she rode around on the back of wez,s motorcyle,pity about the boomerage in the head…