Keldeo Gets New Form in ‘Pokemon Black 2′ and ‘White 2′

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Pokemon Black 2 White 2 Forms

News on Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 was missing in action during E3 2012, leaving North American fans without so much as a hint to when the pair of sequels will make their way over here. That being said, some new details are beginning to pour in as Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 both near their release in Japan. One such detail is the confirmation that the previously unobtainable Keldeo can not only be caught, but it will also have an additional form exclusive to the two new titles.

Following the trend established by Kyurem and its two new forms (Black Kyurem and White Kyurem), Keldeo will also have a unique ability to change its appearance ever so slightly. The new look for the legendary Keldeo has been titled the ‘Resolution Form’, and the process required to earn the form is a lot more strenuous then that of other shapeshifting pocket monsters.

To unlock the new version of Keldeo, gamers must unite the unicorn-looking beast with the three legendary Pokemon Terrakion, Virizion and Cobalion. After taking them all to a forest in Sangi Town, Keldeo will learn a new attack called ‘Secret Sword’, and once it knows that move it’ll transform and remain in its Resolution Form. To revert the creature back to its original stature, all trainers have to do is delete move Secret Sword.

Despite controversy over Nintendo’s unwillingness to make these Pokemon games for the 3DS, Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 are easily two of the most anticipated handheld games coming this year. Both titles are on track to launch in Japan on June 23rd — much to the delight of importers — so fans can expect plenty of new details later this month.

Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 are scheduled to launch in North America this Fall exclusively on the Nintendo DS.

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  • jwalka

    yes we must all buy this game for a new form to the 100th legendary in the series… these ‘legendaries’ are starting to look less epic and more like something from neopets 😛

    i think gamefreak needs to hire new artists b/c the series looks more and more childish and weird every year 😉

    • Hunter

      The weirder the better IMO lol. I think they have have the opposite problem in that the pokemon are too ordinary and not weird enough. I conquer with the new artist statement however.

      • jwalka

        the thing i liked about gen 1 was that they where somewhat believable – a yellow rat, fierce birds of pray etc now it’s all weird stuff like garbage bags and candles, i mean wtf are these guys smoking (or not smoking) to come up with suck boring, dull and lazy designs ?

        pokemon was good all the way to ruby/sapphire/emerald (in terms of creature designs), they need to hire new artists b/c it’s dead obvious that the current ones are loosing their touch.

        • ChrisHex

          well, some pokemon look good. for example, Giratina, Lucario, Gigalith and Scolipede look awesome.

  • LunoYoryiki

    ….i would love to work for them…heck ive worked on making some of my own pokemon(need to tweak them a bit)……

    • jwalka

      nice stuff (i really like the style of the swordfish), but they seem very familiar (elemental dogs are like eves forms, electric panda is like electebuzz). design wise they fit into the pokemon world (they have the simple look of the older pokemon which is good) but like i said, they seem awfully familiar, especially if i can see which pokemon might have given you inspiration 😉

      on the whole though, good work. do you do digital painting as well b/c i’m sure they would be looking for someone that can draw/design both ways (plus it helps at making your work look more professional and neat :)

      • LunoYoryiki

        …thanks…and yeah…ill see to it giving them some changes so they dont look like said inspirations….and i hope to learn to work in that style….thanks for the feedback!!! (^n^ )

    • Riley Little

      Those are pretty solid! I could see a lot of those actually being Pokemon in the next set of games.