‘Phantom Pain’ Reveal Scheduled for GDC; More Crazy Theories Surface

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Phantom Pain Reveal GDC

Earlier this week, we hypothesized that The Phantom Pain would finally be confirmed as either Metal Gear Solid 5, or part of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. We were led to believe such a reveal was forthcoming after Geoff Keighley announced he had an exclusive interview with Phantom Pain developer Moby Dick Studio‘s CEO Joakim Mogren.

However, the interview that transpired further fed the speculation and mystery surrounding Phantom Pain, and sent MGS fans even deeper down the rabbit hole. Now, there are some theories circulating that suggest Mogren isn’t actually a real person, but is a creation of Kojima’s Fox Engine. (Yes, really)

But before getting that far ahead, let’s first address the Keighley interview (which is now up on GameTrailers). In it, Mogren showed up in a full facial bandage, obviously to hide the fact he’s not a real person.

When prodded about Phantom Pain and any perceived Metal Gear Solid 5 connections, Mogren deflected questions like Wonder Woman in a drive-by. He did, however, reveal that all the details surrounding Phantom Pain would be uncovered at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference.

He also showed some new screenshots from Phantom Pain, but at a glance they look like screen caps from the Phantom Pain trailer, not anything new. Basically the interview was a complete waste of time, and only further convoluted the mystery.

Now here’s where things get really weird. Over on NeoGAF a new theory is circulating that suggests the Mogren we see in the interview is in fact a creation of Kojima Productions‘ Fox Engine. We are not kidding, there are several forum pages dedicated to explaining whether or not a person is “real.” That’s how far we this has gone.

Joakim Mogren Bandage Face

It’s hard to judge, but it is true we never see both Keighley and Mogren in the same frame, and something does feel pretty “off” about Mogren in general. That could, however, just be from the fact the interview is one big PR stunt, and is only meant to stoke the fires of curious fans everywhere.

That said, it seems really strange that Keighley would be in on the joke for this long. Something tells us that Kojima has been playing everyone all along, that the Mogren who showed up is just some paid actor, and that at GDC we’ll get the big confirmation.

Picture this: a bandaged person, claiming to be Mogren, comes out on stage. He removes the bandages, only to unveil that “he was Kojima all along.” And then a new trailer rolls. Sound like a Metal Gear Solid 5 reveal? We think so.

Are you tired of the Phantom Pain mystery? Or do you enjoy Kojima playing with fans’ minds?

Source: GameTrailers, NeoGAF

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  • Varteras

    Like I’ve said before, I find this whole stunt fairly amusing.

    • DarthMalnu

      I agree… hopefully this won’t end up being a Dead Island, where the marketing was cooler than the game to most folks (though I absolutely loved Dead Island). I wish more games were promoted this way.

  • Daniel Carlson

    Great for promoting the game

  • Vampet

    Have you already heard the theory that the bandaged man is Cliff Blezinski? Pretty interesting and a possibility maybe? Here’s the source article I read:

    • DarthMalnu

      I thought you were mad when I first read that, but thinking about it and seeing the comparisons, it is quite a compelling theory. If you gaze into the abyss, Cliffy B also gazes into you…

      …and then I tried to form a “Cliff Blenietzsche” joke, but I just couldn’t make it work.

      • Vampet

        Right? I didn’t believe it at first either, but now it seems more likely.

      • http://Gamehermits.wordpress.com Josh Calkins

        How about “CliffyB is the extraordinary individual who perceives the will to power, acting ouside the boundaries of preconceived notions of morality. He exists in a state of being that is beyond good and evil. He is the übermensch! At least in his fevered dreams…”

        Well I assume it’s Kojima, since nothing else makes any sense. Glad he’s having some fun. Considering the meticulous madness that can be unearthed in his game creations, I certainly wouldnt put it past him. Who among us hasn’t experienced his odd sense of style and humor? Perhaps while slipping in seagull turds or standing under a twenty foot pee stream. Or perhaps when bandaging your hero in the menu, spinning his frame around for clear views, only to return to the game and have your little Snake barf in dizziness. Or how about the jazz radio station for your espionage easy listening? He’s a funny guy, and he seems to have plenty of time, somehow, to concoct more weirdness than most game makers ever attempt. There are very few names I can see on a box that make me want the game, but Kojima is right up there with Miyamoto when it comes to expecting deeply engaging projects built with ingenious creativity and a deep love of the material.

        By the way, the remastered (HD) Zone of Enders disc with both games on it is lots of fun, and getting cheaper last I saw. If you like being a fighting sci FI robot, then check it out!

        • http://Gamehermits.wordpress.com Josh Calkins

          Called it! Became too obvious at some point…

  • boogoo

    What the fudge is going on…

  • Mr Friday

    It is all pretty obvious how it is going to play out. It is not an original IP. My proof being that the company Moby Dick studios is not listed as attending, presenting or exhibiting at GDC 2013 as presented in the video. Also no one by the name Joakim Mogren is speaking or presenting. Konami is listed as attending. Kojima is listed as presenting. The presentation is called through the eyes of the FOX engine.It focuses on Ground Zero’s. At the end He introduces Joakim and we see it/him/Snake? rendered in the FOX engine. That actor is real the Joakim we see at GDC won’t be.

    • Berty Jones

      Joakim is obviously an anagram of Kojima; that’s enough proof for me. I don’t know what Mogren is though.

      • Mei Wei

        Mogren has the word “Ogre” in it.

        As in, Project Ogre, Kojima’s project for the Fox Engine.

  • ethan

    I remember when people were actually excited to find out….they waited so long, no one cares anymore.

  • http://inuboy1000.webs.com/ Inuboy1000

    It makes sense. If it is MGS5 it should be on PS4, PC, 720 and Wii U. If it’s on PS3 and 360 that’d be even better as well.