James Bond ‘Skyfall’ Game In The Works

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Skyfall 007 - James Bond movie tie-in video game

The next contender in the popular “sky” title trend (next to Skyward Sword and Skyrim) is Skyfall, the new James Bond game tied to the upcoming movie of the same name.

According to Empire, the new Bond movie will take place fifty years after the events of Dr. No and — AND will have a video game accompanying it. As we all know, a good game based on a movie is about as rare as a golden gun — but Bond movie-based games are occasionally pretty good.

GoldenEye was particularly phenomenal, teaching gamers new ways to shoot people in the face, along with what an AK-47 and proximity mines were. Outside of its educational value, it was a revolutionary console game when it release for the Nintendo 64, earning itself a place in history as a literal game changer, in terms of shooters. They even remade it for the Wii, with an HD re-remake also debuting this year, bringing the classic to a new generation of gamers who learned to cheat with Oddjob. How does the latest remake compare to the original? Read our GoldenEye 007: Reloaded review to find out.

Activision will be taking the project reins again as they hold the Bond games license and have released three Bond games already. Will Skyfall have the license to thrill players the same way GoldenEye did? Nothing is sure at this juncture since Activision is being more tight-lipped than her majesty’s secret service –but you can be sure there will be plenty of fancy cars, clever dialogue and martinis.

This year will also see the 007 movie franchise celebrating its 50th anniversary, thus the pressure to impress is heightened. So, Activision will have their work cut out for them — that is if they take the project seriously and take this opportunity to perhaps replicate the genius that was GoldenEye. If not? Well, live and let die.

What do you think, readers? How high or low are your expectations for the next Bond game?

Skyfall will be released when that classified information is available to the public, most likely to every major platform.

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Source: Empire Magazine [via VG247 and thesixthaxis]

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  • trex4u

    how much you want to bet there’s gonna be another Bethesda lawsuit?

    • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes


    • Convex10wolf

      Not sure if your being sarcastic or not however they can’t sue for using a name if the game is the same then I can see some grounds for being sued.

  • emile1234

    is anyone suprised by this at all, I know I’m not. As long as the game is of a high quality Than I won’t care.

  • Spider-Abu

    If it’s like Blood Stone and even longer, count me sold, I would be pretty dissappointed if it’ll be an FPS…but if it turns out to be like how Goldenye 007 RELOADED with PSMOVE is on PS3, that wouldn’t be bad either as I loved the demo of that game, just need to get the $$$ to buy it. I LOVED Bloodstone though, it was a really thrilling ride. 😉

  • lee brandin detroy

    so, they are going to make a JAMES BOND “”SKYFALL”” game for xbox 360 ,and for ps3 in the works, this is going to be so cool, but i want the game to be with my female fattales.like, tails/tailsko as a agent for sonic hedgehog aka female sonic in the game ,yes,do it,for the sake of all female kitsunes of japan and of japan’s yana temple,and for tokyo,japan, and oh, give her all guns, and some body armor, and with shadow hedgehog aka female shadow hedgehog in the game as a bond villan with a dress and all guns, and body armor, and i think that will be great,thanks guys,yes, this is some cool and great and fantastic news,yes it is,