Will Irrational Return to the ‘BioShock’ Franchise?; Ken Levine Talks Potential Sequel

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Irrational BioShock Future Talk

With two highly anticipated pieces of story DLC still in the works, nobody would blame developer Irrational Games for trying to keep the focus, right now, on BioShock Infinite. However, as most gamers are curious what the developer might do in the future, the topic was broached in a Reddit AMA with Creative Director Ken Levine and Burial at Sea Level Designer Andres Gonzales.

And, surprisingly, Levine was very candid about the future of the BioShock franchise, admitting that the series could continue under publisher 2K Games but that Irrational might not be involved. That doesn’t mean Irrational is done with the BioShock franchise either, though, they will just need the right idea to bring them back.

In the AMA, Levine wrote:

“In terms of more Irrational BioShock games, it’s way too early to say. It will ALWAYS be dependent upon us having an idea that we’re in love with and excites us. IF we don’t have that, I suspect it would be another studio making one, if there was one to make. But I can’t imagine doing it if we weren’t in love with the idea.”

What that idea might be is unclear, but we’d suspect it will be much harder to conceive based on the way Infinite ended. And with Burial at the Sea taking players back to Rapture — albeit, in a noir context — the two BioShocks Irrational delivered now feel like companion pieces more than ever.

At the same time, BioShock 2 (developed by 2K Marin) turned out much better than gamers expected, and the Minerva’s Den DLC is an exceptional piece of post-game content. So, there’s no reason to think that another developer wouldn’t be fully capable of delivering a worthwhile BioShock story. Not saying that they will, but simply that BioShock 2 showed that a dev can take over from Irrational’s lead and deliver a fully competent game.

As far as Irrational’s future is concerned, the answers are much less clear. Whether it’s a third BioShock game or a completely new IP we don’t except any news will hit any time soon. As most fans know, they are a developer that likes to take their time, and other projects will keep them “indisposed.”

After finishing work on Burial at Sea Parts 1 & 2, however, Ken Levine — the main driving force behind the BioShock franchise — will be off working on a feature film script for the Logan’s Run remake, which will presumably keep him tied up for some time. For now, it’s all about Burial at Sea, which based on the first 5 minutes, looks pretty special.

Do you want Irrational Games to make another BioShock game? Or do you think they should move on to something completely different? What about another developer taking over the franchise? How do you feel about that?

Source: Reddit (via OXM)

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  • BrutalvikinG

    Irrational Should Do Another “bioshock” game. In fact, what I would love to see is Irrational doing a remake of System Shock 2. With their Flavour and Style, and come on, cyberpunk!

    • Quantx

      The System Shock franchise is dead. While 2K owns the rights to the code, EA own’s the title; therefore, neither can do anything with the series. :(

  • MunkeyBum

    Bioshock Infinite was terrible. The sooner they start concentrating on a new game the better.

    • jam99chgo

      NO NO IT WAS GREAT!!!!

  • jwalka

    how about this time around you don’t spend so much time on the game and keep changing it to an extent where your team starts leaving, maybe that way you can deliver a really good game with neat mechanics, more depth and a very deep and engaging story (not one that is only considered good b/c of the twist at the end) 😛

    the infinite they showed prior to the butchering they did a year or so towards release would have been epic, large scale and more adventurous, instead we got call of duty in the sky* (with magic powers that they didn’t explain) 😛

    *in the sense that all we did was run from shooting range to shooting range mowing faceless henchmen down, just like in cod 😛

    • GM

      While the combat was rather annoyingly repetitive, I loved the entire story of Infinite, mainly because of Elizabeth. The plot wasn’t nearly as “deep” as some other games, sure, but it was for sure engaging and I always wanted to know what happened next.

      • AZgamer

        *spoiler… kinda*

        I just wanted to go to Paris… Thought that would have been cool.

      • jwalka

        they didn’t explain things like the songbird, what happened during the revolution (in which booker dies) etc etc, i would have preferred DLC centred around those 2 events rather than a battle arena and going back to rapture for the 3rd time =.= rapture is cool and all, but it just feels like ‘been there done that’, regardless of what the new ‘twist’ is =.=

        • AZgamer

          In my opinion, it wasn’t really necessary to explain Dead Booker’s revolution. I actually thought it was self-explanatory, but I must have missed an important detail, or rather, lack thereof.

          But think about it: Paris DLC

  • Marcus

    I am currently playing ‘BioShock: Infinite’, and I think the game is rather boring. I am also use to playing rpgs, so that might be a contributing factor. Outside of just killing enemies, ‘BioShock: Infinite’ doesn’t have anything to offer. I think the first ‘BioShock’ was one of those ‘once in a franchise’ success stories. ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic’ is kind of in the same boat.

    • AZgamer

      See it’s sort of the opposite for me. I played Infinite, and thought it was really good. I had never played a BioShock game so I thought I should at least go pick up the first one (I ended up purchasing the Ultimate Rapture Edition that came with the first one as well). Strangely enough, I felt Infinite was better, even though I keep hearing people say the first was.

      I do agree with you about Knights of the Old Republic though.

      • GM

        Funny, that’s exactly what happened to me 😀

        • AZgamer

          Glad I’m not the only one then, haha 😀

  • Luca

    They should do one in space

  • Devin

    I am a big fan of the Bioshock series. I always get pumped for a new one. I am in love with rapture, and I will always want more. The hole concept is wonderful. What I want the most is to step into big daddy shoes for a second time with the new next gen unreal engine. If it ever happened I would be all over the collectors edition. Over all they need to make a new game and I now for a fact that all the bioshock fans will love a new game in the world of rapture.

  • John

    Another Bioshock game would be fantastic. I loved everything Infinite had to offer, i’m also curious how burial at sea part 2 is going to be, especially what kind of ending is going to offer, maybe that’s when we know there’s an expected future bioshock later in the years or that’s it for infinite and moving on with a brand new franchise.

  • Scearas

    I feel that they should make a sequel to Bioshock 2.