‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Lex Luthor Trailer Teases Story

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NetherRealm Studios‘ forthcoming fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us is a DC Comics fan’s dream — a chance to put the smack down on some of the DC universe’s most reviled super villians. Or conversely it’s an opportunity for a role reversal — a chance to play as the Joker and really beat the crap out of Batman.

As the game’s roster continues to grow — in the lead-up to the game’s April 16th release date — the reveals of new characters has become a three-fold process. First a leak suggests a new character is on his or her way to Injustice: Gods Among Us, then NetherReam confirms the news with either a verbal announcement or screenshots, and then a trailer is released.

In the case of the most recent addition, Lex Luthor, we have reached the third phase of the process — the trailer reveal — however, in this case, the footage of Luthor in action is relatively short. Check out the trailer above.

Earlier in the month it was discovered that both Lex Luthor and Bane were joining the fold, and while Bane is still waiting for his turn to shine, we can more clearly see how NetherRealm envisioned Luthor.

Since this is a fighting game, one that requires balance, Lex Luthor is rocking a very involved mechanical suit, presumably to better match him against the likes of Superman or Wonder Woman.

Lex Luthor Injustice Gods Among Us Trailer

Along with providing our first glimpse at Lex Luthor in action, the trailer also teases a grander story, something we’ve been wondering about since Injustice was announced. Mortal Kombat 9 was able to take a fighting game and outfit it with a pretty engaging story, and we expect that NetherRealm is looking to do the same thing with Injustice.

Ed Boon has even teased a grander narrative, one that presumably explains why all these heroes and villains are occupying the same space and fighting each other. But what we really want to know is why Superman isn’t just beating everyone.

What do you think of NetherRealm’s design for Lex Luthor? Who would win in a fight: Lex Luthor or The Joker?

Injustice: Gods Among Us releases April 16, 2013 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

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  • Dante

    Ahh yes the story will make sense of why Harley Quinn can fight Superman…and win?!??

    I seriously doubt it – this game & a story just don’t mix. What – does everyone have Kryptonite?

    This is Mortal Kombat skinned with DC characters just like that lame Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, which as I recall had a “story” too.

    2 weeks post release this game is on life support.

    • Trev

      Superman isn’t only weakened by kryptonite. As comics have depicted he can be weakened by magic and when the sun isn’t showing. As to the story, it will be infinately better than mkvsdc because the 2 unmatching universes had to share a storyline whereas injustice is straight DC lore. 2 weeks post release this game will strive.

      • COREY_1993

        yep, aqua man can beat superman… not many people know that. robot chicken has destroyed that character yet anyone that has read the new 52 comics the only comic worth reading is aquaman, its soooo good.

      • Dante

        So Harley Quinn has magic? Or she just fights at night? (Which I think you’re playing up quite a bit – he needs to be out of the sunlight for quite a while, not overnight – Superman at night – guess what – still super.)

        As to the story being “straight DC lore” that’s just my point – if it was straight DC lore a question like “how does anyone in this game just not get beaten up and down the screen by Supes?” could be answered but we all know the answers are ridiculous –

        They’re all magical? It exists on Night world? They all have Kryptonite? Superman is actually just Superguy – all the looks but none of the powers?

        SOME of these characters fighting Supes would actually be interesting, but nonetheless one-sided (Except Batman who we all KNOW has Kryptonite…always…LOL), but Harley freakin’ Quinn?

        • Gabeler

          I think you’re missing the point of the game. Did you complain this much when they released “Super Mario Smash Brothers” because Kirby could swallow Solid Snake, the ultimate soldier? Did you feel that SMSB degraded Solid Snake?

          Provided you cared at all, you probably *did* find that to be completely bogus. Heh, but guess what? It’s a party game. The characters are designed so that you can play against your friend as your favorite character and actually stand a chance.

          I get it, you glorify Superman because he’s a popular, powerful, and well liked. But if they made this game to your liking, it would be called “Injustice: Because Superman is Overpowered”.

          And you would play alone, because your friends got tired of you winning every game with the same character.

          • Brandon

            I think he has a problem with it because it should be called:

            “Injustice: Because Superman is UNDERPOWERED compared to everyone else (The Joker could take on Superman with only magic or kryptonite, but in this game he uses none of them, and can still win)”.

          • Dante

            I think you’re actually missing the point – they have said this game has a story.

            Did Super Smash Bros attempt to explain Kirby & Solid Snake existing in the same plane by saying it was magic?

            No – they just left it alone – no story – no reasoning. Why? Because they knew the reasoning would be stupid. (i.e. “Solid Snake opened a portal to fluffy pink marshmallow land using a Metal Gear Ray.”)

            Same thing with this game, but wait, they have an actual story that supposedly explains why these characters are fighting – and guess what – its’ reasoning is most likely stupid. Why? Because the DC Universe storyline constrains them to it.

            As for glorifying Supes – he’s got to be one of my least favorite characters they’re using in this game.

  • Red

    That Lex Luthor picture looks like an action figure.

  • COREY_1993

    i will get this when its £20… probably a month after release just like tekken tag 2. also i am only getting this for the story, i dont like the mk mechanics (dail combos) very much. also i hear this game has back to block hich should be interesting.

    the only think that can make me get this day 1 is a demo and how different it is from mk, other than that… £20 then ill buy

  • digimass

    Why does LEx Luther have to be in everything DC related. I know he is supposed to be imported but he is just plain annoying.

    • JT

      Hooray, someone with the same opinion as me! Back to back, friend, we’ll defeat this fanboy scourge!

  • angel Zaragoza

    WOW – stop trying to make everything realistic its a fighting game. If i took that logic i would have never played mario games lol. Just enjoy it for what it is. – now lets hope that GOKU will be a secret character to settle the superman vs Goku dilemma lol – Not like it matters Batman beats them both LMAO

  • KDude!

    ^ Thank you. Y’all are bein critics and ain’t even played the game yet. NRS always had a way of making stories understandable. So wat if it has da same graphics not everybody likes everything to be cartoony and animated. In the end ur still gonna get da game or demo play it get addicted and then buy it. Don’t hate on such a great product jus cus u ain’t make it ;-/

  • Shalkowski

    @Dante Dude, you don’t know anything about the f*cking story and you are already beating it to Hell. Boon said they will explain everything. Enough said. How you are getting mad about that is unbelievable. Its like asking for something you really want and getting it but you are mad that you got it. That doesn’t make sense. And saying that this game WILL NOT succeed is pure ignorance and an absurd assumption. Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t make it wrong or bad. And acting like you already know everything there is about the game (when in reality you don’t)does not make you correct. Your opinion is yours, and I respect that, but flat critisizing something that no one really knows that much about yet; is unacceptable. How about you wait for the damn game to come out first.

  • Kyun Morris

    ^ sweet come back!! Ppl like dat have been criticizing NRS for the longest about this game yet most haven’t even touched it. The ones who have seen mk never touched mk already judge injustice jus because of da way it’s graphics are similar. To jus put down another persons work and call it trash and it hasn’t even came out yet that’s jus spreading personal propaganda and it takes away their hard working money. Unless u have a personal aggression wit NRS then ok state ur facts but if u don’t put a sock in it. All dat complaining about the story the graphics the glorifying superman wat does that have to do wit this game wen it has other important characters and such? If the game gets da lowest ratings then u can talk ur trash other than that ur alone on dis one dude