‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Adds Killer Croc; Riddler and Penguin Teased

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Injustice Gods Among Us - Killer Croc

As the full roster for Injustice: Gods Among Us is being revealed piece by piece, gamers are slowly nearing the big picture. It’s been about seven months since Injustice was revealed, and since then we’ve been introduced to more than a dozen different heroes and villains that will be joining the fold, with another one announced earlier today.

While past reveals have either been major leaks, or planned releases staged around major press events like E3 and Comic Con, today’s character reveal came straight from the horse’s mouth: Ed Boon’s Twitter. NetherRealm Studios‘ Creative Director has never shied away from teasing fans with Injustice: Gods Among Us content, but today her took it to a new level by unveiling a new character via an in-game image.

Who did Boon reveal you ask: well as you can see above it is none other than Killer Croc — one of Batman’s nastier villains. In the image, Croc is seen palming The Flash’s head like a baseball.

Curiously, the image also features The Penguin and The Riddler in the background, but it’s unclear if those Batman villains too will be playable fighters. As much as we’d like to see how NetherRealm can adapt both characters to the already diverse roster, it’s hard not to notice some Batman favoritism going on.

More likely The Riddler and Penguin are background characters in one of Injustice‘s stages. Many of the game’s stages are built around iconic DC Comics locales — like the batcave for example — so it makes sense that characters who populate those various universes would appear in the periphery.

If those background characters could interact with the fighters, however, that would be pretty interesting. NetherRealm’s other popular franchise, Mortal Kombat, was known for having some interactive stages, so it makes sense that Injustice would feature a similar design choice.

Speaking specifically to the addition of Killer Croc we’re interested to see how NetherRealm adapts him for the fighting game. The title already boasts a lumbering villain in the form of Solomon Grundy, but we could see Croc being a little more agile option.

What do you think of Killer Croc joining the roster for Injustice? Would you like to see two more Batman characters — specifically The Riddler and Penguin — join the fold?

Injustice: Gods Among Us releases April 16, 2013 for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

Source: Ed Boon — Twitter

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  • jeremy

    Looks like the exact same models from the Arkham series.

    • Yomal

      Ikr it’s kinda bothering me ‘why’

  • COREY_1993

    wow, this is fantastic. i never thought they would use Croc and im so happy they did. looks exactly like Arkham games version too. i think this room may be arkham asylum stage and the backround characters are just that.

    did you guys see Captain Marvel (now known as SHAZAM) image? he looks great too. also doomsday and hawkgirl gameplay images have been seen.

    I was not going to buy this game day one but ive been reading the comics and they have sold me, its is brilliant and what a last issue huh.
    Day one purchase for me unless a game more interesting is revealed in that month. ive limited my self to one full price game a month.

  • TheUncannyCranston

    I know two people have already mentioned it but I really like the fact that they’ve got the Arkham look going here. I’m terrible at fighting games but being a DC fanboy I’ll be picking this up early just for the sake of playing around in the DC universe some more.

  • Mr.Highway

    I really really want this game, but I do have a bit of a problem with it. It seems like there are WAY more Batman characters than characters from other series. I just hope that we get a bit more balance.

  • jwalka

    besides the pants and skin texture, this doesn’t look that similar to croc from AA, this version has a completely different facial structure as evident by the nose/upper lip area, and he/it has human looking eyes as opposed to those big things he had in AA.

    i wont be getting this, but it would be nice to see a balance of characters from each characters ‘world’, i’m getting pretty tired of seeing batman and superman villains take the lime light… with that being said, it would be BA if they added man bat 😀

    • COREY_1993

      i think your opinion of their being too many character is down to opinion but all the characters, maybe excluding Harley Quinn are all important and probably all factor into the story heavily.

      • jwalka

        i fail to see how penguin could be a threat to anyone when the ‘god’ characters take over the DCU (story wise). guys like grundy and croc could be left out entirely if they wanted to get picky and only have a select few of each characters villains in the game. i dont mind a big roster, but it seems that all the characters fall under specific play types (the big dudes being grabbers whilst small guys like quinn and flas hbeing about speed).

  • hanzo

    Main problem.. I could see penguin blocking with his umbrella when superman punches and that would never be possible. The Riddler and penguin are not “fighters” they are thinkers. They would be good sideline helpers (throwing a rubber duck down to make flash trip or something) but to put them in as fighters is awkward to me.

  • Ford Prefect

    As it’s been said, those are indeed the character models for Arkham City. I’m a little puzzled as to why they would straight up take from that game without changing the model and place into a new game. Everyone has a new look for the game, even Joker and Batman. So why not Croc?

    • jwalka

      look carefully at the model and then look at the AA model of croc, they ‘look’ similar oat first glance, but are pretty different.

  • COREY_1993

    just watched gameplay… this whole thing is just a cinematic sequence of croc beating up of the character with penquin and riddler before you transition to another part of the stage. i cant say im disappointed because i never thought croc would be a character but i was pleased when i saw him because i thought he was on the roster.

    makes me wonder if that doomsday picture was gameplay or just a conematic transition of a stagel

    • The_Mad_Titan

      Can you send me a link to this gameplay?

      • COREY_1993


        (oops, caps were on.)

    • KDude!

      That was actual gameplay of him

      • COREY_1993


        • COREY_1993

          wait, are you talking about doomsday?

  • Chris

    Just Riddler please.

  • KayDude

    Don’t get y’all hopes up its jus a stage interaction a very awesome stage interaction wit the arkham city look of each character

  • Walter R Zabel Jr

    I also saw hawkman the 52 one fighting lex in one of the trailer. i can’t wait for this game and find out who else willshow up.the uk get a red son dlc with there preorder .we will have to wait for the dlc .

  • KDude!