Batgirl Confirmed as ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ DLC Character; General Zod & Scorpion Rumored

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Batgirl DLC Injustice Gods Among Us

For weeks, gamers have been enjoying epic superhero versus superhero action with Injustice: Gods Among Us – answering the classic question: “who would win in a battle between Batman and Superman”? Of course, the victor depends on the respective gamer behind each iconic hero, but with over 24 (and counting) fighters to choose NetherRealm Studios‘ latest fighter provides a rich arena for comic book-inspired brawling. Players have the option of choosing from entirely human combatants (like Batman or Joker) t0 super-powered beings (such as Superman or Ares) – not to mention a wide-array of fighters that fall somewhere in between (“zombie” Solomon Grundy or Lex Luthor in a battle suit).

Nevertheless, with the announcement of a season pass that will include 4 post-release DLC characters, fans of the game (as well as DC Comics) have kept busy speculating which other heroes and villains might make an appearance. After the official reveal of Lobo (who will be available on May 7th), we’re now getting unofficial confirmation that Batgirl will be available at a later date.

The Batgirl reveal comes from a Xbox Live Marketplace leak – not a developer announcement. That said, the video, which you can see below, clearly shows that, for a brief time, Batgirl was listed on XBLA (the listing has since been removed) – as a 165MB add-on. 165MB might sound like a lot for a single character but, keep in mind, the DLC fighters will also include their own S.T.A.R. Labs missions.

Check out the video below to see the Batgirl confirmation – as well as catch a very brief sneak peek at the character’s mug shot (which you can also see above):

Unlike the Lobo leak, which provided a complete look at the character model, followed days later by an official full length Lobo gameplay trailer, we can only speculate about Batgirl for the time being. Based on the headshot, the default Injustice: Gods Among Us costume appears to draw from the classic 1960s TV version played by Yvonne Craig. Though, it’s possible that, like other characters in the game, Batgirl will receive alternate skins (such as a new 52 variation) not just color variants.

Yvonne Craig Batgirl TV DLC Injustice Gods Among Us

Confirmation of a playable Batgirl character will, no doubt, be exciting for fans of the comics but the news also adds further credence to an unconfirmed report that, weeks back, uncovered game code suggesting the four season pass characters would be Lobo, Batgirl, General Zod, and Mortal Kombat‘s most iconic fighter, Scorpion.

Check out the unconfirmed DLC code video below:

Since General Zod is the main antagonist in this summer’s highly-anticipated Superman reboot, Man of Steel, it would make a lot of sense to see the character  in Injustice: Gods Among Us – especially considering what a large part Superman plays in the game’s storyline. Similarly, Superman quickly became a fan-favorite fighter in the game – and a tweaked variation of his combat style should provide a fun alternative for fans of heat vision and super-strength.

Given NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat pedigree, not to mention the non-canon choice of Freddy Krueger in MK 9, it’s highly likely that the yellow ninja will be included. If the rumor is true, response to Scorpion will undoubtedly be mixed – since NetherRealm fighting game faithfuls will be eager to use the “Get Over Here” harpoon on DC superheroes. Regardless, the character might be a disappointing addition for comic fans that were hoping for another fan-favorite DC character instead, such as: Darkseid, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter, or Azrael, among others.

Man of Steel General Zod DLC Injustice Gods Among Us

For now, Lobo and Batgirl are the only two DLC characters that we can confirm but, since that season pass DLC code list is currently 2/2 – it’s a strong possibility that Zod and Scorpion will fill-in the final two spots. No official date for Batgirl or the other DLC characters has been revealed but, as mentioned earlier, Lobo hits virtual stores on May 7th. In the meantime, make sure to read our Injustice: Gods Among Us Alternate Costume Unlock Guide to see all of the available variant skins  – and check off any you may have missed.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is available now for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Coming soon to Wii U.

Source: Event Hubs [via Destructoid] & MK Ice vs Fire

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  • COREY_1993

    never buying a season pass again. this was my first and its my last.

    SERIOUSLY! ****ING SCORPION! like there isnt enough DC characters out there.

    in would accept ZOD if superman wasnt in the game zod could easily be a costume! and Batgirl! another batman character and no better female characters like zatanna.

    no wonder they showed off lobo first.

    • The_Philosopher

      Who buys a season pass without knowing what content it will bring?
      You have no reason to be upset, that was a high risk high reward blind purchase (the risk was completely unnecessary, when you can just wait until the content is revealed, then make your decision)

      The Gears of War 3 Season pass is still available, as you can see there is no rush to purchase it before knowing what you’re buying.

      • COREY_1993

        first first of all i expected this to be a DC character season pass. secondly i expected fav favs like martian manhunter or blue beetle or dr fate.
        thirdly i thought they would put in more unique characters, not characters that can be dlc, batgirl and zod.

        i only got the season pass cause of lobo, i would not have got it without a character and i though they would put in characters that are more interesting.

        also, 4 characters for the price of 3. dont worry though. i aint buying a SP again like i said.

  • ColdSc

    I’m happy with Batgirl, Zod and Lobo but Scorpion was a really bad choice for me. Like everyone says, there’s dozens of DC characters that people will flip out for and buy the season pass in an instant. Scorpion was deg a misfire.

  • SuperheroCombatant

    Sooooooooo, no Red Hood? -.-

  • The mighty avenger

    Yup this is why I didn’t buy a season pass.
    Bought the la noire one and was extremely disappointed so ne’er again and I’ve meant it.

    Zod could be. Skin and honestly so can batgirl. I hope they changed her fighting style to make it different enough from batman.

    Not a fan of lobo but his trailer was pretty awesome and was a never a mk fan so scorpion is kinda lame.
    The more I think about te less I like them as dlc cuz when I first read the list I was pretty excited and then I thought about it.

    We need red hood
    Black canary
    The cheetah

    Skins we need
    Every new 52.
    Tom hardy bane
    Henry Cavill superman
    Bales TDK suit
    I would like a arkham city nightwing

    I FINALLY got my arrow skin for this game an it is awesome!! Love it. Only gripe is I wish his personality was based on the shows cuz it’s cool his voice is his but idk
    Wish he would say” you have failed this city!” As his finishing Line

    • joker 16

      they shud definitely add in red hood and I also think they shud give him a red X alternate costume. lobo is awesome too. but cheetah, definitely not. she mite as well just b a costume for cat girl. we don’t need a second cat or a second bat. we need more unique charactors than that. and I swear if I see a single person say that they want hawke man, they r just rlly retarded. ur choices of alternate costumes r good ideas tho. but if theyre gonna make batgirl, it shud just b another costume for batman or something. canary doesn’t sound like that good of an idea either. martian manhunter is a great idea. power girl seems cool too or maybe poison ivy. scorpion is a terrible choice. ill b pissed if they make him a charactor

      • joker 16

        o and it wud also b rlly awesome if they were to make captain hero from drawn together a costume for superman

        • The mighty avenger

          At joker

          Yeah I can see what you mean about cheetah but I still want black canary haha I really like power girl though

          I know people are gonna say it should e a skin but I want super girl in my roster. I would actually take the time to learn her. I’d probably play as batgirl offline but idk I’m still sticking to arrow and nightwing online.

          For super girl I want a Lara vandervoort smallville skin haha I really like skins and I hope they keep them coming.

  • JT

    So stupid. Why have a poll if you aren’t goin to pay attention to it, NRS? We don’t need another bat-character, Zod should be a skin, and even though I’m a huge MK fan I don’t care for guest characters. DC has so many good characters, this is disappointing

  • Q

    Who knows? Maybe they’re planning more characters. But yeah, if that’s all we’re getting, then I’d be a little upset. It’s like Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 all over again in terms of roster choices.

    As for me, dlc isn’t important. I don’t buy dlc unless its something I really like and want. In this case, I’d probably get Lobo and Batgirl and I wouldn’t buy anything else. Maybe a couple of skin packs too.

    That’s one reason why I never get a season pass for any game. You’ll never know what you get until its too late.

  • Batman

    UGHHHHHHHHHHHH. I was going to buy a season pass, but nope. Not now. The ONLY appealing character happens to be lobo, the other three are horrible choices. Where are the unique fighters, the ones that people will actually buy the DLC just to get?

  • Teancum

    Clarification: XBLA is XBox Live Arcade, which is not the same thing as the XBox Live Marketplace, which you might abbreviate as XBLM. Huge difference.

  • Dc gamer

    Is there a way NOT to download Scorpion even if you got the seasson pack? I dont want him in my roster

    • brandon keown

      me either nor will i fight any one that uses him

  • brandon keown

    well let me put it this way. did mk 9 have a guest dc character? then y is scorpion im my dc game? being video game consumer i take pride in the games i play. sure its a free market and its just business. i still am going to complain as long as the voices of we the consumer are not heard.

    • ChrisTypeR

      Yes, Freddy Krugger as the article says.

      • shoaibnaq5

        Read his comment before you post a blind reply. He clearly said “did mk9 have a guest DC (AS IN DC COMICS) character.” Freddy is not and never was DC. I also hate the fact that Scorpion is in this. I mean Martian Manhunter, Zatanna, Dr. Fate, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Plastic Man, etc. the list just goes on. So many cool characters that could have been in this. No wonder Lobo was first so they could sucker people’s money for seasons pass lol

  • DIRF97

    I’m disappointed with all the choice in DLCs… If they already had Cyborg, Raven, and Nightwing they shoulda started with Beast Boy and Starfire right there.
    Since they’re both heroes
    add Black Manta and Poison Ivy after. Aquaman’s in desperate need for his own archnemesis and if they’re going to add another batman character they should keep it diverse, like Poison Ivy.
    But Netherrealm doesn’t listen, so whatever. $15 I don’t need to spend :)

  • Matthew Hickman

    Freddy is totally canon