‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Alternate Costume Unlock Guide & Video

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New 52 Superman Costume Injustice Gods Among Us

Now that Injustice: Gods Among Us is available at retail, gamers are veraciously tearing through the latest NetherRealm Studios fighter in search of hidden costumes, easter eggs, and other unlocks. If the title’s Mortal Kombat pedigree is any indication, it may be some time before every single secret is revealed – especially with DLC characters like Lobo on the way.

Nevertheless, players already have plenty of modes to conquer – and, as a result, bonus content to unlock. Given the extensive gameplay offerings in Injustice: Gods Among Us along with an iOS companion app – not to mention numerous retail exclusive pre-orders – figuring out how to acquire all of the alternate costumes and skins would be a major undertaking. Fortunately, the Internet has already done the majority of the leg-work – compiling the various tasks necessary to unlock everything from Flashpoint Wonder Woman, Batman Beyond, to New 52 Green Lantern.

At this time, some of the most sought-after costumes in the list will be unavailable to those who did pre-order from a specific retailer; however, like most exclusives, NetherRealm will eventually open up any pre-order DLC outfits for purchase through digital marketplaces (PSN, XBLA, etc.).

Batman Beyond Costume Injustice Gods Among Us

The pre-release DLC incentives for Mortal Kombat were made available in costume packs a few months after launch and there’s no reason to think that the developer won’t follow the same path with Injustice: Gods Among Us – especially since publisher Warner Bros. Interactive eventually made every piece of Arkham City pre-order content available for post-launch purchase. Frankly, there’s too much money to be made from DLC like the Arkham Asylum skins or the “Red Son Pack” to not make them widely available for purchase.

Here’s the full list of known Injustice: Gods Among Us unlocks – along with how to acquire each one. The list was originally compiled by Segment Next but, since the time of that posting, a few new details have been revealed, so we’ve updated the guide accordingly. If you run across a costume that we haven’t listed, share it in the comments!

Aquaman: (Two Skins)

  • Regime Aquaman — Unlocked through the Archive
  • Flashpoint Aquaman — Obtained by purchasing the Season Pass

Ares: (One Skin)

  • Regime Ares — Unlocked through the Archive

Bane: (Two Skins)

  • Regime Bane — Unlocked through the Archive
  • Knight Fall Bane — Obtained after you download and rate the iOS version of the game

Batman: (Five Skins)

  • Insurgency Batman — Unlocked through the Archive
  • New 52 Batman — Found in the Special Edition of the game
  • Blackest Night Batman — Obtained by pre-ordering Injustice from Best Buy
  • Arkham City Batman — Obtained by pre-ordering Injustice from Walmart
  • Batman Beyond — Unlocked by purchasing a Batman card for the iOS version of the game

Black Adam: (One Skin)

  • Regime Black Adam — Unlocked through the Archive

Catwoman: (Two Skins)

  • Regime Catwoman — Unlocked through the Archive
  • Arkham City Catwoman — Obtained by pre-ordering Injustice from Walmart

Cyborg: (One Skin)

  • Regime Cyborg — Unlocked through the Archive

Deathstroke: (Two Skins)

  • Insurgency Deathstroke — Unlocked through the Archive
  • Flashpoint Deathstroke — Unlocked by buying the Season Pass

Doomsday: (One Skin)

  • Regime Doomsday — Unlocked through the Archive

Flash: (Three Skins)

  • Regime Flash — Unlocked through the Archive
  • New 52 Flash Skin — Unlocked by linking a WBID account to the game
  • Elseworld’s Finest Flash — Unlocked by getting 3 stars on all S.T.A.R. Lab Missions

Green Arrow: (Two Skins)

  • Insurgency Green Arrow — Unlocked through the Archive
  • Arrow — Obtained by being one of the first 5,000 people to vote in the pre-release Battle Arena promotion

Green Lantern: (Three Skins)

  • Regime Green Lantern — Unlocked through the Archive
  • New 52 Green Lantern — Unlocked by finishing a bonus battle in the iOS version of the game
  • Yellow Lantern — Unlocked by winning one Ranked Match

Harley Quinn: (Two Skins)

  • Insurgency Harley Quinn — Unlocked through the Archive
  • Arkham Harley Quinn — Unlocked by purchasing a Joker card for the iOS version of the game

Hawkgirl: (One Skin)

  • Regime Hawkgirl — Unlocked through the Archive

The Joker: (Two Skins)

  • Insurgency Joker — Unlocked through the Archive
  • Arkham City Joker — Obtained by pre-ordering Injustice from Walmart

Killer Frost: (One Skin)

  • Regime Killer Frost — Unlocked through the Archive

Lex Luthor: (One Skin)

  • Insurgency Lex Luthor — Unlocked through the Archive
  • Kryptonite Lex Luthor – Unlocked by completing S.T.A.R. Lab Missions

Nightwing: (Two Skins)

  • Regime Nightwing — Unlocked through the Archive
  • New 52 Nightwing — Obtained by reaching Level 30

Raven: (One Skin)

  • Regime Raven — Unlocked through the Archive

Shazam: (Two Skins)

  • Regime Shazam — Unlocked through the Archive
  • New 52 Shazam — Unlocked by completing all Star Lab Missions for Shazam

Sinestro: (One Skin)

  • Regime Sinestro — Unlocked through the Archive

Solomon Grundy: (Three Skins)

  • Regime Solomon Grundy — Unlocked through the Archive
  • Boss Grundy — Complete a Classic Battle tournament on any difficulty and with any character
  • Red Son Solomon Grundy — Obtained by pre-ordering Injustice from GameStop

Superman: (Five Skins)

  • Regime Superman — Unlocked through the Archive
  • Godfall Superman — Complete the game in Story Mode
  • Red Son Superman — Obtained by pre-ordering Injustice from GameStop
  • New 52 Superman — Available in the Collector’s Edition of the game
  • Prison Superman — Unlocked by beating all battles in the iOS version of the game

Wonder Woman: (Four Skins)

  • Regime Wonder Woman Costume — Unlocked through the Archive
  • Red Son Wonder Woman Costume — Obtained by pre-ordering Injustice from GameStop
  • New 52 Wonder Woman — Available in the Special Edition of the game
  • Flashpoint Wonder Woman — Unlocked by buying the Season Pass

Of course, descriptions don’t exactly do the costumes justice, so check out the video below – showing all of the available skins (including the defaults) in action:

Keep in mind that the list only includes announced alternative costumes and skins – meaning other secrets or DLC packs could add to the list down the line. Most skins are unlocked through the in-game Archive along with others that require certain goals or challenges to be met – such as completing the story mode, wining ranked matches online, and scoring a certain amount of stars in select Star Lab Missions.

As mentioned several of the costumes are currently unavailable – unless the game was pre-ordered from a specific retailer. Still, in addition to those pre-launch exclusives, a few costumes require legwork outside of Injustice: Gods Among Us  – i.e. purchasing the special edition and season pass as well as syncing with the companion iOS game.

Archive and challenge-based costumes and skins will require gamers to spend a solid amount of time with Injustice: Gods Among Us but expect any external DLC (via iOS app, pre-orders, and special editions) to be made available for purchase in the not-too-distant future.

Wonder Woman New 52 Costume Injustice Gods Among Us

In the meantime, make sure to check out our list of 25 Characters That Need to Be in Injustice: Gods Among Us for ideas about who else might show-up as DLC.

Which alternate costume is your favorite? Have you found any new skins that aren’t on our list? Share them in the comments below!

Injustice: Gods Among Us is available now for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Coming soon to Wii U.

Source: Segment Next

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  1. I figured the exp system in this game wouldn’t go far in terms of costume unlocks. Pretty much correctly assumed a lot would be obtained from other means aside from actually playing the game.

  2. I can’t get the Like this App one to work. I went into best buy today and installed/logged in and rated it , thne played the 1st level, and I did’tn see the unlock on my “unlocks” list :(

  3. Hey I beat nightwing in the story and I didn’t get his new 52 look? Weird.

    I got the flashs just by logging in.

    • Sounds like that one might not have been right – a different source says it unlocks after reaching Level 30.

    • I’ve read everywhere else that you unlock New 52 Nightwing once you hit Level 30. Hope this helps! :)

    • you need to be level 30 or 32 to get it.

  4. Yeah, uh, how do you access the archive? I have been trying to find it and don’t know where it is. Is it in the game, iOS, or the website or something?

    • In bonus features. From the Main Menu

  5. When they rig the system. Sometimes you gotta rig it back.

    I usually preorder the game at multiple locations.

    Places like Best Buy and GameStop print the codes on the receipt. So I go home. Use the codes and then return the game.

    I’ve got like the only “Mom&Pop” video game store around the corner from me. I like to take my business there. But they never get any pre-order bonuses.

    So I buy the game, get the free stuff and then return them for my money back. Everyone wins

    Though, I did get the Season Pass, so I assume they’ll give it all out with that eventually…. But, who wants to wait for that.

    When I unlocked the NightWing New52 at level 30, and Boss Grundy after beating the Classic Battle ladder, I’ve got to admit. I got super excited that they packed the game with extra content instead of the DLC route.

    But after reading what little they had available it makes me sad.

    Now they go as far as saying you need an I-Whatever to get other costumes too. I like the idea of making your IoS more interesting. But come on, I forked over $60 for the game, another $15 for a season pass. Now I’ve gotta get a $500 phone with a $100 a month bill to get some cool costumes.

    Getting a little outta hand now

    Anyone got an Iphone I could borrow?

  6. Dear GameRant,

    This list… Thank you

    Dear NetherRealm,


    COME ON!!!!

  7. I actually hate how (Whoever was put in charge) made some of the most sought after skins impossible to get unless you’re an iphone sheep or preorder the game 6 times. Nothing wrong with having an iphone, but DEMANDING you have one or else you don’t get batman beyond…that’s weak WB. How bout an android app? Windows phone app?
    It’s bad enough we have to ay, track down, and jump through flaming hoops for any of the better skins. (Some of these almost impossible misison requirements aren’t worth the headache for just a simple skin… how bout a character or 2?…this is a big hurdle we’re jumping for some color change…) Get your crap together!

  8. i just pre ordered the game but i want new 52 superman, is netherrealm going to have a dlc for it later on in the ps store.

  9. No reason for me to buy the game.I like working for my unlocks not having to pay for them.Some of the unlocking methods are terrible.The people that brought in to this are making it harder for gamers to gain an upperhand against foolishness like this.The game does look good but having to buy a season pass to get some of the costumes or using an IoS device is ridiculous. Don’t think I’ll ever buy a NR studios game ever again and WB games is a cancer to gaming.

  10. I enjoyed reading Ben’s post. To be honest, I like several of the alternate costumes more than the original. Especially characters like Harley Quinn or Nightwing. But I only have one question. Why couldn’t they have a character creation mode? It would’ve been cool if I was able to create my own hero or villain.

  11. So I think its b******* that you can only get certain skins, icons, portraits, badges and trophies if you have an iphone. I hate anything that’s made by apple ever since I was young and tried using a Mac when I prefered a PC so today if it is anything relating to apple, I don’t want it so why can’t there be an app for android users?

  12. So I think its b******* that you can only get certain skins, icons, portraits, badges and trophies if you have an iphone. I hate anything that’s made by apple ever since I was young and tried using a Mac when I preferred a PC so today if it is anything relating to apple, I don’t want it so why can’t there be an app for android users?

  13. It said first time it didn’t publish and so I tried again now to find it published twice so my bad for that.

  14. how do i change a regime card….. cant do it

  15. It makes me sick to now that you hAVE to buy injustice and having to buy season pass then get an iphone but about the phone i might get one in like five months but untill then ive lost my crave for the game……..

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