25 Characters That Need to Be in ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’

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25 Characters That Need to Be in 'Injustice: Gods Among Us'

Injustice Gods Among Us Roster After a surprise announcement just prior to E3 2012, Injustice: Gods Among Us is finally being revealed and detailed. But with NetherRealm Studios taking on a universe as full of amazing and powerful characters as the DC Universe, it's shocking that only six have been confirmed. These characters we speak of are too numerous to possibly count, but whether it's a unique personality or promising blend of skills we think could be perfect for Injustice, we've managed to pick out our favorites. Now that we've had a chance to play Injustice for ourselves, there is no doubt that the developers are approaching both heroes and villains with the utmost and respect and commitment to existing lore. With that in mind, here is our list of heroes and villains we think must be brought to life in the game's new aesthetic. We have our own favorites that didn't make the list, but all of our choices represent fantastic fighters who we also think would bring something special to the combat.

Green Lantern

  Injustice Gods Among Us Green Lantern Savvy Green Lantern fans will notice that Hal Jordan is not pictured in the provided image. While the inclusion of GL is almost a certainty - since he's one of the heroes with a film franchise bearing his name - the feature film did enough damage. The modern-day backup is John Stewart, and while we would be thrilled to see another incarnation of that character, we can't help but hope for Guy Gardner. The man Geoff Johns refers to as the "DCU Sh*tkicker" is the only Lantern whose power ring constantly sparks, due to his eagerness to unleash its power. Anyone familiar with Gardner knows that he's one of the only 'good guys' who would jump at the chance to beat Batman into a pulp. While all Lanterns share the same basic mid-ranged attacks and melee strength, Gardner is undoubtedly the most brutal of the human officers. Add in his wise-cracking, and he'd offer the depth and personality that Hal Jordan never can in video games.


  Injustice Gods Among Us Wildcat Once a world-class heavyweight boxer, Ted Grant, like many superheroes of the Golden Age, turned his unique skill set to stopping crime under the name of 'Wildcat.' Donning a black catsuit and his usual wrappings (sometimes with claws in place) Grant relies on his boxer's agility and fierce striking to punch even the most supernatural enemies into unconsciousness. NetherRealm would have options though, as Grant's son Tom has also taken up the 'Wildcat' moniker, in a more literal sense. His metahuman DNA allows him to turn into a were-panther at will, taking his father's training to more lethal heights. Seeing as Grant trained Bruce Wayne in the 'sweet science,' he packs quite a punch. The character design, speed and all-melee fight style is something we'd love to see in Injustice. Because, let's be honest, every fighting game should have a man in a catsuit.

Green Arrow

Injustice Gods Among Us Green Arrow Even though bows have become the 'it' weapon of late, Green Arrow has been wielding one for decades. Oliver Queen may be known as much for his outfit and moral dilemmas as his potency with trick arrows, he's as deadly as they come. With a new TV series based on the crimefighter, it's also a safe bet that Warner Bros. will push his inclusion. And they'd be right to do so. We've made our case for why Green Arrow deserves his own game, but seeing how Injustice would match Queen's ranged attacks against melee fighters has our interest piqued. He would be dangerous using the bow as a hand-to-hand weapon as well, but seeing what kind of redesign he'd receive alone would be worth including.

Black Adam

Injustice Gods Among Us Black Adam It was clear that someone from the Captain Marvel family would make our list, and we're convinced Black Adam is the downright baddest. The man single-handedly brought on World War III, so dealing with the other villains and heroes in the game would be a walk in the park. Using his god-like strength or devastating lightning - brought on by a cry of, you guessed it, 'Shazam!' - Black Adam would be one character who lives up to the game's name. Throw in a Khandaq fighting stage with stone pillars and statues to tear apart, and you're set.

Deathstroke the Terminator

Injustice Gods Among Us Deathstroke We don't need to construct a compelling argument: any DC fighting game should include Deathstroke. Slade Wilson, master of guns and swords has long been compared to Marvel's Deadpool, but there's no debate as far as wew're concerned. The ideal of human strength and physicality, a genius in all forms of combat, it goes without saying: nobody is as deadly as Deathstroke. No human anyway. Seeing as he's bested Batman every time they've gone head-to-head, not to mention taken on the entire Justice League, the vast cast of supernatural and magical beings on hand for Injustice might finally offer him some competition. If not a fighter, then Deathstroke must be included as the final boss. Could you imagine how he'd fight with two eyes?


Injustice Gods Among Us Comet As the reincarnation of the original Captain Comet a.k.a. Adam Blake, Comet possesses all of the Silver Age hero's strengths, and more. One of the first metahumans ever written - a decade before Marvel explored the notion - Comet is the absolute peak of human evolution, gifted with telepathy, telekinesis, and clairvoyance. What this means in terms of combat is that Comet can fly, fire psionic blasts, manipulate objects, create psychic barriers, teleport, and fire bursts of mental energy as electricity or fire. If that fails, he also has a pistol to go along with his strength and endurance, once rivaling that of Superman. While the lackluster ending of Mass Effect 3 only heightened our desperation for Comet's Mystery in Space to be made into a game, we'd settle for a chance to see how well his myriad gifts and attacks would translate into gameplay.


Injustice Gods Among Us Azrael Jean-Paul Valley holds a unique place in the Batman mythology, and serious fans know him as one of the most important. As a member of the Order of St. Dumas, Valley was a genetically modified and brainwashed soldier, living as a normal civilian, who then became the embodiment of angelic vengeance upon donning his ever-changing armor. Mental state aside, Azrael is gifted with the superhuman speed and strength that would measure up against the deadliest heroes and villains of the DC Universe. Equipped with full body armor, flaming swords that detach from his wrists to be propelled at enemies, and a marked interest in firearms, Azrael isn't lacking ordnance. After a brief appearance in Batman: Arkham City, we're convinced he needs to make the transition to playable character.


Injustice Gods Among Us Darkseid The sole ruler of Apokolips, Darkseid is the embodiment of evil and totalitarianism in all its forms. As one of Jack Kirby's New Gods, Darkseid enjoys immortality, and has spent his hundreds of thousands of years honing his cruelty and brutality in battle. Capable of increasing in size, traveling at super-speed, and even traveling through space and time, Darkseid is easily among the strongest characters in the DC Universe. His main weapon would inherently be the Omega Beams fired from his eyes and hands, meaning he's dangerous at range and up close. He punches like a god, after all. Darkseid has appeared in previous NetherRealm titles, but the new art style being used for Injustice would certainly do a great deal for one villain whose appearance has remained somewhat... stale for a few decades.

Black Canary

Injustice Gods Among Us Black Canary

Known as much for her costume as her abilities, Black Canary a.k.a. Dinah Lance is more than a pretty face and impressive physique. A master martial artist and brilliant tactician and combat leader, it's been claimed by some in the DCU that Canary could even best Batman in combat if necessary. Even with this supreme combat training, Canary's namesake powers are her most lethal - and least used - abilities. Canary's sonic scream allows her to shock, deafen, incapacitate and at times even completely destroy her enemies. Whether through directed blast in conjunction with melee attacks, or simply unleashing her voice on her opponents, Canary would prove to be a devastating fighter in video game form.

Red Hood

Injustice Gods Among Us Red Hood There are few characters with as troubled and contentious a past as Jason Todd, now known as the Red Hood. As the only Robin who ever died, Todd has now become an embodiment of the same kind of justice and mission that fuels Batman's crusade against crime and violence. The only difference is Todd's willingness to murder and torture in the process. As Red Hood, the criminal underworld must fear a man as gifted and undetectable as Batman, but without any moral restraint. In terms of gameplay, Red Hood would fight much like Batman, having also been trained by the League of Assassins led by Talia al Ghul. Add in knives, guns, grenades, and razor-sharp batarang and you've got a version of Batman or Nightwing that seems pulled out of NetherRealm's other franchises.


Injustice Gods Among Us Arsenal Once known as Speedy, Green Arrow's sidekick, Roy Harper would go on to carve his own spot in the world of DC's finest. Having previously carried on the legacy as 'Red Arrow,' Harper has once again adopted the Arsenal persona, bringing his expertise in archery to combat alongside throwing knives and firearms. Add in clubs and other blades to his costume, in addition to his metallic right arm, and Arsenal more than lives up to his name. Another character wielding a bow might be seen as overkill, but given the rest of the character's design, it seems that mid to close-ranged attacks would be where Arsenal shines. We've also long believed that there just aren't enough Domino masks in modern fighting titles, so consider that a bonus.

Lex Luthor

Injustice Gods Among Us Lex Luthor Sure, sure: being the smartest man in the world won't win many fistfights against Kryptonians or Apololiptians. But you know what will? Enormous green battle-suits. It's no surprise then, that billionaire magnate Lex Luthor has built more than a few over the past decades. Whether powered by Kryptonite or not, Luthor's mechanized suits have always been the stuff comic books are made of. After playing the demo at E3 2012, there is more than enough room for a large, slow-moving powerhouse. Lumbering around as Solomon Grundy wasn't an experience that every player will enjoy, so the massive melee fans should at least have a character that's cool to look at.


Injustice Gods Among Us Aquaman No superhero is picked on more often than Aquaman. Yes, he used to be depicted communicating telepathically with marine life, and would grow weak if removed from the water for extended periods of time. It's also true that his most notable skills don't translate particularly well to combat. But what shouldn't be overlooked are the features of various incarnations of the character which could all be drawn upon by the developers of Injustice. Razor sharp trident? Obviously. Metallic hook for a hand? Why not. Replace said hook hand with a magical one capable of spraying enemies with scalding hot saltwater? That too. Or focus on his ability to control and shape water into anything he chooses. It might be difficult to make Aquaman as lethal as others on our list, but the guy deserves some respect.


Injustice Gods Among Us Lobo There's a good chance that even those who have never heard of Lobo have seen a picture of him. The death metal space biker that just won't die really can't, and that combined with his taste for violence makes it a no-brainer to include him in Injustice. The guy is so deadly he hasn't been able to slake his thirst for blood with just DC's world of heroes and villains. To be honest, Lobo's personality and character in general may be a bit dated at this point. Regardless of whether or not he is as culturally relevant as the rest of our list, his combat built around a wrist-mounted cannon and chain is something that none of our other choices make possible. The design certainly fits with NetherRealm, and a new team may be just what Lobo needs to be more badass than ever.


Injustice Gods Among Us Kilowog Before you poozers claim that we're placing Green Lantern twice on our list, Kilowog is not like every other Lantern. As a massive alien warrior, the fighting style he employs in comics - and presumably in the game - is completely different than what's used by the relatively weak and diminutive humans. While other Lanterns fashion constructs out of their power ring's energy, Kilowog is most often seen unleashing raw power beams with a loud "CHOOM" (the only Lantern whose ring actually makes a sound). Aside from that, Kilowog's shield and endurance are his best assets, used to cut the distance between he and his foe: then let his massive fists do the talking. This mix of energy blasts and melee attacks should play completely different from the other Lanterns, making Kilowog the perfect match for another ring'ed being that will appear later in our list.

The Joker

Injustice Gods Among Us Joker How could the clown prince of crime not make an appearance in Injustice? Harley Quinn is already confirmed, and Batman is obviously going to be expecting an appearance. Some might doubt Joker's ability to stand up to actual superhumans, but the Salvation Run series showed that his unwavering appetite for murder and blood can surprise even the proudest of supervillains. Pistols (joke or not) and poison flowers would be extremely likely in Joker's combat, but more than anything we'd love to see the laughs that NetherRealm's sense of humor would bring with the character. Hopefully a new design for Joker is already in the works at the studio, since the time seems right for him to show that he's got more going for him than a winning smile.


Injustice Gods Among Us Catwoman There was a time when Catwoman was characterized as a particularly eccentric cat-burglar (hehe), and nowhere near the level of combatant that Batman is. All of that changed with Batman: Arkham City, where Selina Kyle became a master of martial arts, whips and gadgets of her own. Rocksteady's updated take on Catwoman was as refreshing and polished as Batman was in the previous game, and demands more attention. Our ears are still ringing with the punishing sound of Catwoman's whip, and her bolas, caltrops and slicing claws are potentially more dangerous than Harley Quinn. If the femme fatales of the Batman universe are fair game, then there is no way that Catwoman should be left out in the cold.

The Tattooed Man

Injustice Gods Among Us Tattooed Man Alright, Mark Richards loses points for originality when it comes to monikers. Still, 'The Tattooed Man' is one of the coolest minor characters in the DC Universe. As a former Marine who went missing in action, Richards learned the art of sin-grafting - inking the sins of those he killed into his skin - before taking on his mission of redemption. The side effect of this art is that anything tattooed onto Richards' body can be brought to life. Dragons, tigers, snakes, barbed wire - you name it. Seeing that kind of ability in action would be a treat, especially if the tattoos were chosen based on combat effectiveness. The choice for us was between Richards and Double Down, whose skin consists of playing cards thrown as slicing projectiles. The gameplay is the same, and a concept that we think would work well in the game's new aesthetic.

Big Barda

Injustice Gods Among Us Big Barda In the world of strength and prowess in combat, they don't come any bigger or badder than Barda. A New God herself, Barda was raised to defend Darkseid as the leader of his female guard. Now that she's turned to good and come to Earth, she remains one of the most powerful women in the DC Universe. Immortal and possessing super-strength augmented by her Apokoliptian armor, Big Barda would be able to stand tall over most of the heroes and villains in our list. That's not even including her deadly 'Mega-rod' used for melee attacks, or the Apokoliptian technology that grants her the ability to fly and unleash supernatural forces of gravity on her opponents. Her costume design may imply she'd be more at home in Marvel vs. Capcom, but deserves a chance to show the good side of the New Gods in Injustice. If for no other reason, Barda should be on hand to show that Wonder Woman doesn't have a place atop all strong, women warriors.

Captain Boomerang

Injustice Gods Among Us Captain Boomerang While the original Captain Boomerang, Digger Harkness, was a somewhat odd member of The Flash's rogues gallery, his son is far more deadly. Owen Mercer began to follow in his estranged father's footsteps, learning the ways of the boomerang. Of course, razorangs and various other specially-equipped boomerangs make his loadout more suited to the type of combat Injustice will showcase. What makes Mercer even more deadly is his mother, a speedster distantly related to Barry Allen. Mercer eventually learned to use his bursts of super-speed in conjunction with boomerang throws, making the already powerful throwing weapons more than deadly. Superspeed mixed with throwing projectiles - that happen to be boomerangs? This combat must be featured in Injustice for reasons that should be completely obvious.


Injustice Gods Among Us Atrocitus As the leader of the Red Lanterns, it would probably be simplest to describe Atrocitus as having the same powers as any of the Green Lanterns, but with serious anger management issues. The red power ring wielded by Atrocitus turns even the least intimidating creatures into blood-spewing rage demons bent on tearing life apart, so their leader obviously has potential. Combining Atrocitus' physcial strength and brutality with the red power constructs his ring makes possible would provide a terrifying answer to Kilowog. Atrocitus's bloodlust would mean said constructs would likely be along the dismemberment and evisceration lines, as opposed to giant boxing gloves favored by human Lanterns. Posed only as the villain of Green Lantern comics, it would be interesting to see just how it would feel to command that type of power and rage.

Black Lightning

Injustice Gods Among Us Black Lightning As the first African American superhero to earn his own DC title, Jefferson Pierce a.k.a. Black Lightning could have been brushed aside when the 1970s came to a close. But due the natural badassery of Pierce, and his unique skill set, the character has endured, and made his way to the upper echelons of superheroes. Slick costume and attitude aside, Black Lightning's combat options are more than deadly. Able to manipulate electrical and electromagnetic fields at will, Pierce is not only able to form impenetrable walls of energy, but unleash almost limitless amounts of high voltage electricity upon his victims. Whether up close or at range, Black Lightning's unique attacks would offer a visual and aural treat that blades and guns just can't compare to. Match that with Pierce's athleticism and hand-to-hand fighting skills, and he could quickly become one of the favorite fighters featured in Injustice.


Injustice Gods Among Us Cyborg It might be sacrilege to claim that Cyborg is basically Robocop only better, but... he is. With a body that is more than half metallic and mechanical at this point, Cyborg a.k.a. Vic Stone is one of the DC heroes that is tailor-made for combat. With lasers, sonic cannons, projectiles, grappling hooks, jet boots, and overall superhuman abilities and strength, Cyborg is every type of weapon rolled up into a metal body. If Gunjack was Iron Man, then Cyborg would be War Machine. Obviously the developers would need to come up with some way to balance the character, most likely through delayed cool-downs for Vic's more potent attacks. Even if that's the case, we'd love to see how that system would play out in moment-to-moment combat. Rule #1: if you're designing a fighting game and can add a cyborg, add one. You won't regret it.


Injustice Gods Among Us Hawkman As the current incarnation of Hawkman, Carter Hall (or Katar Hol, depending on who you ask) is gifted with enhanced physical strength, along with armor and wings constructed of the mysterious Nth Metal, granting the wearer the gift of flight. Due to the reincarnation elements of Hawkman's fiction, he shares a common bond with all those who claimed the title before him. What this means is that his proficiency with archaic weapons and tools of warfare exceeds that of modern ones. Hawkman prefers clubs, maces, spears, claws, or even massive blades in combat, leaving his enemies little chance of survival when combined with his movement and strength. In terms of gameplay, Hawkman's savagery up close, and the ability to dive-bomb and close distances quickly make him a serious threat. At long range though, all bets are off. We sincerely hope we get to see how these theories would play out in a three-round fight.


Injustice Gods Among Us Firestorm In the world of superhero alter-egos and disguises, Firestorm: The Nuclear Man is a phenomenon all its own - all their own? Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch may be two normal people when separate, but when combined, form the hero known as Firestorm, capable of creating and altering matter and energy. As a merging of multiple identities, Firestorm's internal monologues have always been crowded, not to mention at odds. But the most recent version with Raymond and Rusch occupying the same body, but swapping out at intervals has us interested. The thought of both men combining before a fight, and offering the chance to change styles (and appearances) during a match is too good to resist. Power beams, superhuman strength and flight are all there as well, but it's the flip-flopping of movesets that has us hoping The Nuclear Man will bring some serious comic book nerd cred to Injustice.


Injustice Gods Among Us Roster The DC Universe is far too big to allow every character a chance to step in the ring, but there are certainly a few who gave us pause. Ultimately, their names had to be dropped in the name of gameplay innovation or variety over fan service. Still, there's a few names on our honorable mentions who we still think deserve a shot. Honorable Mentions: Martian Manhunter, Power Girl, Supergirl, Hawkgirl, Clayface, Scarecrow, Nightwing, Doomsday, Booster Gold, Red Tornado, Mr. Terrific, Double Down, Citizen Steel, Wonder Twins, Robin, Red Robin, Doctor Mid-Nite, and Gorilla Grodd. Injustice: Gods Among Us releases in 2013 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U. Hopefully more of the roster will be revealed along the way. Let us know which characters you think should appear in Injustice's final roster! Follow me on Twitter @andrew_dyce.