‘inFAMOUS: Second Son’ Announced for PS4

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After a relatively slow start, the 2013 PlayStation Meeting finally started to gain some momentum, and what better game to rev things up than with inFAMOUS: Second Sonan upcoming addition to the inFAMOUS series on the PlayStation 4.

Nate Fox of Sucker Punch Productions presented the title, starting with an eerie introduction about the price we pay to feel secure in our society. This is all, of course, foreshadowing the world that players will be thrown into with Infamous: Second Son. Security cameras are stationed in every corner of a dark, dilapidated city (Seattle, WA), while officers monitor everything from a control room. Add in some armed patrols and security checkpoints and you’ve got what appears to be a seriously oppressed populous.

While the world appears to be under the microscope of DUP, a mysterious organization in charge of said security, there are those that aren’t into the whole 1984 vibe. Enter the series’ newest superhuman, a dude with a beanie and chain bracelets, who reminds ol’ DUP that they are, “Not in control.” The game’s new Cole? Perhaps. From what is shown, his powers appear fire-based, similar to inFAMOUS 2‘s Nix. A Cole and Nix love baby? Also perhaps. (Probably not)

Infamous Second Son Trailer PlayStation 4 Meeting 2013

Since the trailer is purely cinematic, there isn’t a lot to draw upon. Not a single character is named and only one superhuman is shown, but perhaps there are more. His powers might also be the result of another Blast, which is how Cole and others gained their abilities. What we also don’t know a lot about is how it will play on the PS4, or how it will utilize the system’s new controller. Sony and Sucker Punch will likely release more information in the near future as the PS4 has been dated for sometime in holiday 2013. Also, Infamous was totally on our PS4 Event Predictions list, as was Killzone: Shadow Fall and Watch Dogs. Not bad. Go us.

No word yet on when inFAMOUS: Second Son will release, but hopefully it’ll be a PS4 launch title.

Be sure to stay tuned to Game Rant for more on today’s PlayStation Meeting.

inFAMOUS: Second Son is currently in development for PlayStation 4.

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  • Varteras

    The inFamous games were really good but they just fell short of being really high profile. Hopefully this one takes the franchise up a notch.

    • dethfuse

      100% disagree. Infamous is one of the greatest series all time for this current generation.

      • Varteras

        100%? Wouldn’t that mean I said the games were terrible?

  • Bishop

    I *really* liked the fist two games, but all I have to say is that this game’s got some explaining to do…I really wanted a continuation with Cole! (A real inFamous 3).

    This better either be one of those side game that some companies do to bridge the story for two of the main games in the series or do a really good job of explaining how their world works in a post inFamous 2 status quo.

    SPOILER ALERT: All people capable of having super powers according to the games’ own mythos die (currently considered cannon ending) or they all live, ban together into an evil army and take over the world (currently considered non-cannon). I’ll consider it BS if they just ignor all that. So how the heck does this game fit in?

    But what the heck? If it still looks good enough I’m still gonna end up playing it.

    • Bishop

      Dang it *first in the first line not fist…

    • Varteras

      There are several different ways they could explain how people are having super powers in a post inFamous 2 (cannon) world. It could be that the device wasn’t 100% effective as they originally believed. It could be that this takes place just far enough in the future where the same condition is reappearing in people. They could also go with the idea that this is something different than before even if the results are relatively the same.

      I guess it just depends on what you’re willing to accept. If you ask me, the original inFamous plot ended too soon anyways. I wouldn’t be opposed to a continuation even if it does give a bit of a middle finger to the ending of the second game. This could also be a different world altogether.

    • dethfuse

      Beat Infamous 2 on both Hero and Infamous and you’ll see why a sequel is nearly impossible.

      • Varteras

        I did but thanks for making assumptions. You know what the best part if fiction is? It doesn’t have to conform to any rules including what someone thinks is impossible which is why I gave multiple possibilities of how a sequel could be explained if they really wanted to go that route. I doubt they will but stranger things have happened.

        • Varteras

          Of* fiction

  • eli53

    This jus made it a priority to get the ps4

  • Varteras

    According to the wikipedia article on the inFamous series this game is, in fact, a sequel to inFamous 2 as it takes place 7 years after what happened with Cole MacGrath.

  • Babbage

    i cant believe no one has addressed the name of the title yet? the whole first game was based around the organised crime gang called the “first sons” clearly that must mean something? and lots of security means they are aware of the Delsin Rowe’s powers and its set 7 years after cole, so maybe cole is the enemy? or someone else came from the future to tell delsin to fix what cole didn’t?

    • Varteras

      I noticed that too but I wasn’t really going to bring it up in some debate over whether or not the game is a sequel because I knew it would just start some little battle of ‘you can’t know for sure’.

    • http://gamerant.com Curt Hutson

      Good catch and interesting theories. I’m definitely excited to learn more.

  • El Flaminco

    It could just be (and this is a complete guess) that the RFI killed all Conduits will active genes. Maybe people with a dormant conduit gene can survive the RFI.

    • Varteras

      Um, excuse me. What the hell do you think you’re doing? There is no room for reason on the internet. Take your logic and get out! We don’t like your kind around here and I had better not see your…avatar…around these parts again!

  • interferon

    The dude sounds and looks like mark wahlberg
    Just sayan

  • InFamous Fan

    I just hope that this will be for ps3 as well. Have they actually officially announced that its a ps4 exclusive yet? Or maybe they’re planning to make it for ps3 as well? Is there still hope? I hope so….

  • InFamous Fan

    I heard that is was a ps4 exclusive only. I’m very disappointed…. What is sony thinking? Make a ps3 version!

    • InFamous Fan

      Why is it a ps4 exclusive? What is sony thinking? Make a ps3 version!