Rejected ‘inFamous: Second Son’ Powers Revealed in Glass & Wire Design Images

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Infamous Second Son Powers

One month after the release of inFamous: Second Son and gamers are still enjoying their superpowers (not to mention the gorgeous visuals of virtual Seattle). As promised, Sucker Punch Productions has delivered a steady stream of free post-release content in the form of cross-medium “Paper Trail” missions – as Delsin Rowe investigates a series of mysterious murders (via Second Son and viral internet marketing pages). Of course, gamers who have already completed the campaign have an entire other side of the Karma system to explore – not to mention plenty of unique in-game trophy objectives to complete.

Given solid sales for the game so far, Sucker Punch will, no doubt, have good reason to get started on the next inFamous series sequel. Still, in spite of all the game’s features, which continue to expand thanks to the studio’s commitment to stamping out bugs and introducing new options (especially for photo-savvy players), it’s hard not to wonder what ideas, characters, and missions failed to make the final cut?

Now, thanks to a posting over at Second Son concept artist Levi Hopkins’ personal portfolio, inFamous fans are getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse at a few additional powers that were, at the very least, pitched as possible additions to Delsin’s arsenal.

According to the images, Smoke, Neon, and [a power we won’t spoil here] were not the only conduit abilities that Sucker Punch had considered – since Hopkins’ drew-up mock powers for Glass and Wires as well.

Check out the images below (click to enlarge):

Infamous Second Son Wire Powers Infamous Second Son Glass Powers Reflective Wall Infamous Second Son Glass Powers Cocoon Infamous Second Son Glass Powers Caltrops

The images provide interesting insight into the game’s development process – especially given similarities between the Wire and Neon powers as well as Glass and Brooke Augustine’s Concrete ability (also the weapon of choice for D.U.P. officers). It’s certainly possible that early in the design process, Sucker Punch had an idea of the kind of materials they’d like to see included in the game, along with how each should function in combat, ultimately choosing elements that could be blown-out for more variety as well as look stunning on the next-gen PS4 hardware.

Based on the drawings, both the Glass and Wire powers look exceptionally cool. Glass follows a lot of the same gameplay principles that have been present since the beginning of the series in inFamous – with projectile shards, bomb-like caltrops, and a fortifying cocoon shield, wrapped up in a slick green-crystal visual aesthetic. Yet, Wires is probably the more regrettable reject, given that the snaking design could have opened-up new avenues for gameplay. The drawings seem to indicate that Wire creations might have allowed Delsin to melee from a great distance or even root-out enemies that were entrenched behind cover.

Infamous Second Son Neon Power

Whether these designs were simply a first step in evolution of the finalized conduit abilities or actual powers that Sucker Punch planned to include late into development is unclear but, without a doubt, there are some genuinely inventive ideas depicted in the images. Hopefully, Sucker Punch can revisit one (or both) whenever they fire-up development on the next inFamous title.

In the meantime, make sure to check out the rest of the inFamous: Second Son gallery at Hopkins’ personal page – which features a glimpse at early renderings for several familiar in-game assets.


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inFamous: Second Son is now available exclusively for the PS4.

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Source: Levi Hopkins [via VG24/7]

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  • COREY_1993

    awesome stuff.

    i really want a delsin vs cole sequel and delsin would have coles powers when they fight. i would love it if delsin was the bad character while cole was the good. and instead of these multi choice moments you would just be the cole is you wanna be good and delsin if you wanna be bad.

    i just thought delsins infamous ending was really effective and shocking. building on that would be great imo

    this wont happen since second son brought in so many new people that it wouldnt make sense for them and its pretty clear for having hardly any easter eggs that they wanna be done with the last games.

    i just wish second son story was more crazy and comic book like like the first 2 games. time travel, crazy monsters and a massive battle. SS just didnt have that but it was a brilliant game none the less.

    • Anonymous

      You do know that Cole sacrificed himself to save the world from conduits, yet it failed, and he died?

      • Storm2356

        Actually, he didn’t fail. What he wanted to do was save the world from the Beast and the plague, which was caused by Ray Field energy from Ray Sphere blasts. The RFI eliminated all Ray Field energy on Earth, and took care of the Beast, so Cole accomplished what he set out to do.

  • X

    If you played the game you would know this they mention it a few times

    • Ben Kendrick

      Played the game twice for the Platinum. Mentioning the powers in an audio log is one thing, designing visual assets for the game is a whole other thing. Sounds like they probably toyed with the idea and then threw them into the audio files for fun.

  • hanzo

    “lets do a cool GLASS power with shards and caltrops”.. “no thats lame.. lets keep it to neon lights ok? we want our customers to feel like majestic unicorns running across the skyline”

    This game is fun to a point but the “fully destructible” environment was not. The graphics and basic gameplay is the only reason I really kept it for as long as I have. Not a fan of the storyline really or main character.

  • reno2200

    There’s an audio file in the game discussing the potential powers the DUP were going to use before they settled on concrete. If memory serves, the ones listed were paper, glass and wire. I think the guy speaking even says that glass was one they very strongly considered.

    It’s pretty cool to see what those powers could have been but I would have loved to see them in action. I love the look of the ‘dash’ moves in this game.

  • Homeless monkey

    Aren’t the conduit powers supposed to be based on elements? Neon is in the periodic table, and smoke comes from fire but is sort of a questionable element, but [REDACTED], the second to last power you get is no where close to elemental status! Concrete is the only obvious elemental power in the game. However, glass comes from sand, which is sediment, which is an elemental object! Wire mettalic, which is also an element, and paper is flattened tree fibers, which comes from nature, which equals one key word: ELEMENT! I understand they were probably trying to make the powers fit the industrial setting, but I mean [REDACTED] powers! Seriously! They should have considered what comes from nature, and what comes from the earth before developing the powers.