Sucker Punch Believes ‘Infamous 2′ Could Only Be Made on the PlayStation 3

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Infamous 2

Developers have been adding fuel to the fire that is the battle for supremacy between the Xbox 360 and the PS3 for some time now. Now it looks like Sucker Punch, developers of Infamous 2, are putting their two cents in. While it might not seem like a big deal, with each console having established solid fan bases, what the developers have to say is rather interesting.

In an interview with CVG, Darren Bridges, game designer on the highly anticipated sequel, says that since it does not possess the horsepower contained within the Cell processor there is no way that Infamous 2 would be possible on the Xbox 360. He does go on to clarify that the development team hasn’t worked with anything but the PS3 and is only speaking in relation to the processing power of the two consoles and nothing else.

“Maybe it can be, but we just don’t feel like the other console has the horsepower to carry this off.”

He does believe that bringing the larger, more graphics heavy games like Uncharted 2 to Microsoft’s console is possible and that once that leap has been made then the door to bringing Infamous 2 to the console is wide open. By using the Cell chip contained within the PS3, the development team has been able to create a game without feeling bound by the limitations of hardware.

“That’s good for us because we don’t have to play to the lowest denominator of the consoles. We’re playing to the PS3 and we’re making a game that we can make, technology isn’t limiting us. We can focus on the specific things that the PS3 provides and tailor everything on the technology specifically for it so that we can squeeze every drop out of it.”

To me this sounds like Sucker Punch proving themselves as loyal developers for Sony’s console. It doesn’t paint the Xbox 360 in the greatest light but it restrains from making some of the obvious jabs that many developers have been prone to in the past. Infamous 2 does look like it is pushing the PS3 pretty hard with its lightning effects and the sprawling locale of New Moray, but that doesn’t exactly suggest that an Xbox 360 port is impossible. If you are a fan of the console you are developing for, showing your enthusiasm is one thing but comparing said console to one you haven’t developed for is sure to anger some fans.

What do you think of Bridges comments about Infamous 2 being only possible with the power of the PS3’s processor? Do you think this is Sucker Punch cozying up to Sony or picking a fight with Microsoft?

Infamous 2 will be available only on the PS3 in 2011.

Source: CVG

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  • Cole MacMercer

    LONG LIVE THE POWER OF THE PS3!!! inFamous was on PS3 as an exclusive, and its only befitting that the sequel be an exclusive as well!! =)

  • Dwayne Holder

    We’ve heard devs say this before, and I believe Bridges when e says it is possible to bring the game to xbox. I dont think he’s picking sides but think he’s speaking truth.

    If people want Uncharted and InFamous in xbox there’re going to have to deal with a scaled back version.

  • Ray

    Actually it does mean its impossible. The games size alone is likely to exceed that of a single DVD9. You cannot make an open world game such as this on multiple discs.

    So Yes. Porting Infamous 2 to the Xbox would PROVE Impossible.

  • Andrew Dyce

    Hard to say the limitations, since developers have done magic in the past. I think it was smart of him to point out that in ONE aspect of the game’s design, they were able to do more. Rather than bickering over which cars are better because of the transmissions, we should listen to what was said: when designing for just one console, you don’t have to worry about making a game that needs to be able to achieve the same quality of everything on any platform.

    But hey, with all of the big exclusives Microsoft landed this year, I won’t be upset if PS3 fans get their chance with inFamous.

  • Ian Sieben

    I think that this is bs I mean prototype did it so why can’t they sure don’t get me wrong infamous is a good game but they should make it multiplatformed because what about all of those people that don’t like the playstation system’s or in general just don’t like Sony system’s they should bring it to the 360 and my friends and family agree with me

    • Kyle

      You’re comparing Prototype to Infamous. Infamous would more than likely be able to be made multi-platformed, but according to what they said (using a unique section of the PS3’s processor or whatever) it wouldn’t be able to be done on 360.
      And your point on wanting it to be on the 360 simply because you (or others) won’t want to get a PS3 would be the equivalent of me saying that Halo or Gears of War should also be on the PS3 because I don’t want to buy a 360.

      On another note, I watched a 360 red ring the other night while at my friend’s place, and I had to laugh, and he had to agree that 360’s are unreliable.

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