‘inFamous 2′ Trailers Show Off Pre-Order Bonuses

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Infamous 2 Pre Order Bonus Trailers

A while back we brought you news about the inFamous 2 Hero Edition, which featured several exclusive powers along with Cole’s signature messenger bag. Those who don’t have the money to shell out for the Hero Edition can still get in on the fun, because now those exclusives will be available for pre-order from separate retailers.

Amazon, Wal-Mart and GameStop will each have their exclusive inFamous 2 power and they’re hoping that these signature moves will push extra units come launch time.

Amazon will be offering the 24K Gold Amp weapon, and Wal-Mart will have the Electrocution Grenades. Finally, GameStop will be handing out the Lightning Hook as their pre-order bonus. Along with the news comes a few videos of these powers in action to assist in the decision making process.

First up we have the 24K Gold Amp from Amazon. We don’t have any other details other than the fact that its gold, so whether the device is more powerful than the standard amp, or if the change is merely cosmetic is unknown. While gold is pretty to look at, many might pass up pre-ordering with Amazon for some of the more functional powers. Maybe this new amp gives Cole flashier moves? Check out the video:

Next up we have the Electrocution Grenades from Wal-Mart. Unlike normal grenades, these electrocute enemies while holding them in place, ensuring they’re in the blast radius when it explodes. Check out the Electrocution Grenades below:

Last we have the Lightning Hook from GameStop, a personal favorite not only for bringing the enemies to you, but the weapon is also reminiscent of an old PSOne title Wild 9:

The first inFamous featured pre-orders tailored to the good and evil sides of Cole, but this time it seems Sucker Punch decided to go with abilities that everyone can utilize without going down a particular path.

Gamers can get all of these powers in one package if they order the Hero Edition. Though for those who are just interested in the game they can still get a special ability for pre-ordering.

Which power are you most interested in? Do unique weapons really have an impact on what retailer you purchase your games from? Regardless of which bonus people go with, PS3 owners will have some awesome abilities to play with this summer.

inFamous 2 takes Cole’s powers to the next level when it launches exclusively for the PS3 on June 7th.

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  • Simon Kane

    That really depends if the PSN network is back up. I pre-ordered LA Noire and am rethinking switching that pre-order to Xbox 360.

    Sony is really losing a lot of business and it might even make me decide to trade in my unit if it doesn’t get back online by June 1.

    I have a draw full of PS3 games that i can’t really play all their features. I have actually gone back and tried to complete metal gear solid 4 during the downtime.

    • Justin

      You should be ashamed to call yourself a PS3 gamer! Just because the network isn’t on you would actually spend that much money? PS3 has a much better lineup of games this year too. This proves that you would choose to buy your way out of a situation instead of being patient. Do you really have only games that are only fun for the multi-player? Get Uncharted 2 or Portal 2 (if you don’t already have them). You also said you went back and *tried* to complete MGS4. Is the one of the best games ever really that gut wrenching? MGS4 is a masterpiece in every way and it goes to show that you don’t know good gaming.

      • Puam

        …Amen Justin.

  • matt

    Yea, dont be surprised that people who hacked the psn work for microsoft, or are supporters of them

  • Steve

    Don’t you get all of these with the Hero Edition?

    • Strandli

      Yes you do.