‘Humble Indie Bundle 5’ is Full of Amazing Games

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Once again it’s time for the new Humble Indie Bundle, a recurring sale of five indie games bundled together and sold at a price that you literally can’t beat elsewhere – because you get to set it for yourself. Gamers interested in purchasing the current bundle can set a price – whether it be five cents or ten thousand dollars, and even choose where each cent of the money goes through three categories: the developers, charity, or the Humble Bundle service.

Giving control to the gamers has proven to be a successful formula with each of the bundles, gathering hundreds of thousands of sales per bundle. With the fifth outing having surpassed 200,000 sales at the end of its first day, it’s looking like the Humble Indie Bundle 5 is going to be another success.

All five games that come included in the Humble Indie Bundle have met extremely positive reviews, and their soundtracks are also included in your purchase. Containing the popular indie titles Bastion, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Limbo, PsychoNauts and Super Brothers: Sword & Sorcery, the package seems to have no ‘weak link’, with each title adding tremendous value to a bundle which would be hard to turn down even at a high price.

Humble Indie Bundle 5 Games

While paying any amount will net you four games in the bundle, Bastion is the only one you have to meet a qualifier to get. In order to receive Bastion in the bundle, you must beat the average donation price, which at the time of this article is around $7. Bastion garnered a rare perfect review from our own Andrew Dyce, and also won our Best Indie Game of 2011 Award. Suffice to say, it’s probably worth beating the average donation to get Bastion included in the bundle, especially considering it’s valued at twice that amount on Steam.

Once you’ve purchased the bundle, you’ll get an email sending you a unique URL where you can either download the games and soundtracks individually, or receive Steam keys for each title. Of course, if you’re feeling generous you can always gift the bundle to a friend!

To check out the Humble Indie Bundle 5 for yourself, just click here.

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