Hideo Kojima Interview Promises ‘Metal Gear Solid 5′ Details

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Hideo Kojima Metal Gear Solid 5 Details Interview

Hideo Kojima is the type of developer gamers love to hate, not because he doesn’t create incredibly engaging titles, but because he is constantly teasing them with potential entries in the Metal Gear Solid franchise. And, unfortunately, Kojima is at it again, this time dropping hints about Metal Gear Solid 5.

Official PlayStation Magazine UK has the interview, which doesn’t release until some time next week, but what they have revealed is that Kojima is sharing his ideas about MGS5, making it seem much more of a possibility than it has in the past. This, of course, doesn’t confirm that there will be Metal Gear Solid 5 — oftentimes developers like to hypothetically talk about a project just to placate an interviewer — but we sure hope it does.

Obviously Kojima will have the most unusual of tasks when approaching Metal Gear Solid 5 because he will be, for the first time, competing against an entry in his own franchise, but one not developed by him. Metal Gear Solid: Rising is still coming (a Spike VGA reveal should tip the scales finally), and if it doesn’t release soon, we may see Kojima talking about MGS5 while gamers are salivating over Rising.

In fact, Kojima shares his candid thoughts about Rising in the interview — whether he approves of its direction or not. There’s sure to be a ton of interesting tidbits coming from Kojima next week, but we’re most excited to hear more about MGS 5.

Official PlayStation Magazine UK’s interview with Kojima hits store shelves at the end of this month, but the publication promises to reveal choice excerpts from the developer (hopefully ones that confirm Metal Gear Solid 5 is happening) very soon. And, if you want to look backward before looking to the future, the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is available in stores today.

What do you hope Kojima’s vision for Metal Gear Solid 5 will be? How interested are you in Metal Gear Solid: Rising?

Source: Official PlayStation Magazine UK


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  • King

    Wait I’m confused, will mgs5 be released roundabout the same time as rising???

  • ATG

    I’ll be buying both, I love the MGS series.

    • Vin

      I’ll be buying the HD collection, Rising and MGS5.
      I think I just had an org- nevermind.

  • mxcnrd

    i hope it’s another story, a spin-off or brand new saga.. And i hope it’s not Metal Gear Solid 5, but rather “METAL GEAR.” MGS4 was a great finale for the solid snake saga.

  • CarollinaKid

    but i love snake soo much

  • frthyfjhgh
  • Raidenwins

    I hope it’s a prequel, perhaps something between Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. I want to play as Solid Snake again and I thought MGS4 ended the story very well so it’s a prequel or a re-make of one of the above two games.

    I don’t want another game with Big Boss and I don’t want to play as Raiden.

  • Graverobber

    Kojima doesn’t want some crappy game that he didn’t even make to be the last mgs title, especially if it’s not snake being the main charachter. So he has to make another mgs.

  • emile1234

    I hope he’s not working on MGS5 as MGS4 was a near perfect finish to the series. Aside from that I hope he gives ZOE 3 the attention it deserves.