Halo: Reach Can’t Top Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox Live [Updated]

Published 4 years ago by , Updated September 25th, 2010 at 5:40 pm,

Halo Reach Xbox Live Numbers

[Updated: An update to Major Nelson’s blog reports that Halo: Reach has beaten Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox Live every day since launch. Scroll down for the full update.]

Not so fast Halo: Reach. You’ve had a big debut, claiming that your Xbox Live presence surpassed Halo 3, and had the most concurrent users online – but you brushed over another fact.

While Halo: Reach was the top online game from the Halo franchise, Reach was unable to top Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 for the week of September 13th through the 19th.

Though Reach was released on the 14th, and swiftly took the title of Biggest Entertainment Launch of 2010, Modern Warfare 2 was not going to let up its stranglehold on the Live market share. On his blog, Live guru Major Nelson was able to clear up the confusion listing MW2 as the number one Live game of that week. Since that posting, Reach has been number one on Live every day, so do not worry Reach gamers your dutiful play time has been noted.

The Reach numbers only contained six days of data, but the tight battle between the two mega-FPS franchises, hints at how popular the Call of Duty franchise has become.

Call of Duty Black Ops is just around the corner and it’ll be interesting to see how the new FPS effects the massive numbers of Reach and Modern Warfare 2Black Ops’ online offerings are the most diverse yet. That said, don’t underestimate the power of Halo dominance on Xbox. Expect perhaps some downloadable content, very likely map packs, to help combat the inevitable onslaught of Black Ops. Some might find Reach to be a shallow pool with very little substance, but those millions and millions of gamers that have devoted 5,901 years worth of time to the game are certainly finding much to enjoy.

If both Reach and Modern Warfare 2 had been released around the same time, which would get the lion’s share of your attention on Xbox Live?

Update: As mentioned in the article, Modern Warfare 2 has beaten Halo: Reach for the week of September 13th through the 19th; however, a correction from Major Nelson suggests that Reach has beaten MW2 every day since release – with wide margins. We touched on the fact that these totals were calculated with 7 full days of Modern Warfare 2 and only 6 for Reach – the extra day was enough to put MW2 on top for the week, even though Reach has handily won each day since launch.

As a result, expect Reach to dominate the top of the charts for September 20th through the 26th.

Halo: Reach is available now for the Xbox 360.

Source: Major Nelson [Updated]

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  • hudson

    i just dont belive it. i play both and dont see mw2 above
    200k very often, but reach has been in the 500k’s alot. ive even seen it hit 900k.

    • JayNicko

      as much as i love and live for halo reach, it has NEVER hit 900k EVER…

  • http://gamerant.com Rory Young

    Numbers seem a little sketch to me, but then again I do know way too many MW fans that will never switch.

  • KanTstandYa

    halo is not nearly as fun to playa s mw2, takes way way to long to kill some one in halo. thats its only flaw in my opinion they just need to make it for realstic and it will just as good.

    • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

      I have problems with both. MW2 is ridiculous with the killstreaks. Constant vehicle attacks from above isn’t fun.

    • yourmom

      that would beat the purpose of halo. i see alot of cod fans that say that, but they need to realize that halo takes more skill that cod because of the shields and how you use your equipment (such as grenades,guns,and then the new armour lock etc. takes way more skill than that of cod.

  • http://gamerant.com Andrew Dyce

    I like the ability you have in Halo to react when someone is attacking you though. In MW@, if someone sees you first, even if you’re facing eachother, 99% likelihood that they kill you.

    In Halo, If I’m more accurate, use proper weapons for the situation, use grenades, or retreat only to ambush, I can turn the fight around. That’s actually the reason I love Halo over MW2.

  • Esgar

    I’m sorry guys but I played halo first and before mw2 and now that I played mw2 . Mw2 is funner in my opinion

  • John

    I like that get to use all the weapons in Halo even with a low rank, I never understood the reasoning for giving better players even better weapons, it makes the first few days of MW2 really suck

  • jwalka

    halo is boring,i just don’t find it as fun as the CoD series (i only play CoD4 sometimes), its just long and boring imo, and not as rewarding (armours don’t even do anything). i’ve literally lost interest in the game and only play every so often (when my little bro nags me to). had they added more content and more rewards for both levelling and kills then i might have just been more into the game, but as it is halo reach is a long awaited update for halo 3 (multiplayer wise)

  • Esgar

    Mw2 is faster and yes you have to be at a higher rank but that’s what playability is all about .don’t hey me wrong I like halo but I love mw2 again in my opinion

  • Girl Gamer

    Everyone has different opinions whether they like Halo or MW. Personally I absolutely LOVE <3 Halo. Halo let's you have a chance at killing someone, and your not going to be killed- in One or Two shots. Mw; chances are when another person see's you first there's about an 90% chance you'll be killed in 2 seconds. In both Halo and Mw- though you both need to have good control when your shooting someone. Mw also, has less of ways to kill people and you can't costumize how you look, or create any maps. Halo you have vehicles, air type- vehicles- and a HUGE range of weapans, unlike Mw- Lol i know, My brother plays Mw ALL THE TIME- and he bought the legendary pack for Halo Reach and he is loving it. ..! <3 <3 <3

    • Girl Gamer

      And Yes.. HALO: REACH can top Modern Warfare…

    • Anonymous

      your post gave me cancer…

      anyway, all the people complaining how easily they get killed in cod games obviously don’t understand the mechanics, map control and tactics implemented within this type of fps

      also all the people complaining about halo and how it is unrealistic are equally just as bad at fps gaming and don’t understand the mechanics of the game, I mean seriously your a cybernetic super human with thick-ass armor with energy shield technology, and you expect 1 bullet too put you down? thats retarded

      tl;dr if you learn too play games they’re not so bad

  • Esgar

    Halo is slower than mw2 therefore mw2 is fun .my friend told me to buy halo reach but I just cannot buy it .i don’t think halo its fast. We can go on which game is better but the bottom line is mw2 is addictive.sorry mw2 fan

    • LOL

      ‘Halo is slower than mw2′

      do you have any idea how stupid that sounds? the only thing faster in mw2 is how easily you die…

      in halo reach there are more players in the game, better graphics, you stay alive based on skill not chance and luck

  • Esgar

    I played halo and mw2 and I like mw2 simple as that I’m going to spend the money on what I like .i wish I liked halo too but I don’t sorry

  • hbkraptor

    Lemme “reach” for my wallet, n drain my life savings to play another dull colored game, YEA!

  • PeeInHerButte

    I was not excited for Halo Reach one bit, but my buddy got it and I tried it out and could not put it down. Beat the campaign within a couple days twice, once on normal then on Legendary which is so fun. The Online is lacking playlists and maps for the moment, but they hold back on that anymore so they have some Downloadable Content to throw at you quickly. And should work out great for competing with Treyarchs Black Ops. Thats the game I’ve been looking forward to since I first read about it, but now I dont think its going to top Reach. Unless that wager system turns out to be fun and that would add alot of motivation for playing it regularly. Luckly both companies marketing techniques are benifiting us for the moment to bring us these remarkable games, but Bungie left Microsoft and all the main guys walked away from Modern Warfare to start Respawn, I just hope we keep getting these top shelf games every year.

  • your son

    Halo reach is the last of the halo series right ? Ifc its above why stop at reach? Bungie will make another game different names yes but that will kill the halo feel .i don’t know of I make any sense

  • JayNicko

    its very simple, MW2 was fun, back in the day…but now its old and repetative, H:R is new and smooth and feels so much better than MW2.. i DONT want people to switch from MW2 to H:R, people should just stick to there own game

  • your son

    I sick at mw2 and I still like it better than halo reach lol

  • your son


  • Balukas

    Halo reach is the same as Halo 2/3 u play games you win u get 50, general whatever. Mw2 u keep playing you get cooler gear but not necessarily better gear, all the upgrades have drawbacks which is what balances out the game, iv been playing halo since ce and it’s the same with very little reward anymore. Halo playing with people you know is more fun than mw2 tho

  • Your son

    Halo reach. Is on top the only reason is that mw2 is like 10 months old